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  • Is it pay to win?

    I swear P2W is used too easily and has almost lost it's meaning because it is so misused.

    People should be arguing if the monetization system as a whole is fair. Using P2W is so loaded that noone is going to generate good discussion because they will be arguing on definitions.

    Is the monetization fair? Yes 

    Many comments so far illustrate this point. The fact that it is similar to EVE Online's system should make it clear that it is acceptable. Some comments are arguing that it isn't because it can be manipulated, but this is a problem with low player numbers or low diversity if a guild is controlling the market, and needs to be fixed through more elaborate means and regulation of the market as a whole once actual release happens. Remember at this point in time, nothing matters, there will be a server wipe on July. The devs will likely fix what they can now, but there might be unforeseen issues in the future, just like any real-world economy. 

    EVE had/has an economist hired to work on this. In the real-world, market manipulation is not fair either, and regulations come in to fix it. But the fact is that the concept of fairness, if they implement anything like EVEs system, is at the forefront of the current system.

    This game "could" just eliminate free-to-play players and go subscription only as well, but they have devised a system to boost player numbers, since having more players are bringing in value that isn't monetary to them. The gold conversion is tied to the economy, which is linked to how subscriptions work. It may all seem complicated, but all economies are, and this one is fairer and more controlled than real-life. The fact that you can also lose your items in this game, means value has associated risk/reward.

  • Why do PvP'ers want PvE'ers in their game?

    lashlash said:

    lashlash said:

    skadad said:

    Can someone list the successful open world free pvp with full loot games? 

    You have to define successful. I define successful as a game that is sustainable, therefore having the development budget and game maintenance being able to be sustained by the playerbase and revenue they generate for the game. This way, you can control for niche games that are successful, not just chasing the games with the most players (which often can fail even with a huge playerbase due to their huge costs).

    Games that fit this bill, which are then successful:

    * EVE

    * Gloria Victis

    * Mortal Online

    Heading towards success:

    * DarkFall: Rise of Agon (since it was released proper May 5, already has a big playerbase and always had a dedicated community)

    As a separate category, games which have high hype levels, development has progressed to a decent level, and look to be sustainable in the future:

    * Crowfall

    Future, likely a ridiculously big budget attempt (finally):

    * New World (By Amazon, might be 5 years until release though)

    You should add to this Vendetta Online; it fits your criteria and I've been steadily playing since 2003.  Not many games, AAA or otherwise, can claim that kind of longevity. 

    I can also think of one PvE only MMO that may not be doing so well: Ascent the Space Game.

    At any rate, as I implied in my earlier post, I find the PvP / PvE debate somewhat endless and unproductive; game designers ought to focus on presenting a believable world; focusing on presenting tropes is how genres will sometimes become stuck in a rut, unless you are straight up going for satire. 

    The original post I was replying to specified full loot. Vendetta online does not have this?

    It does.

    If I am careless, a pirate could destroy my Behemoth XC carrying a 200 megawatt toroidal hyperplasma reactor and claim it for herself.

    Equipped items will usually be destroyed when the ship goes, but not always.  Cargo survives in space for up to 15 minutes.

    Cool. Thanks for the data point. 
  • Get in on the Unlimited Free Trial During Season 3 - The Exiled - MMORPG.com

    In the first two weeks, there was 16,000 or so players who tried the game as well. Source: https://steamspy.com/app/332650

    Concurrent isn't the whole story, since every player doesn't play 24/7, and this game doesn't require much of a time investment by design.

    Of course there was a pay wall as well for Early Access previously, but that was mainly to avoid alienating their Kickstarter backers. Now I guess they decided they wanted to open up the game more and stress test again (since they had massive lag problems before which thy fixed).

    In terms of cash flow, we don't know for sure, but using Early Access as your only form of revenue isn't standard and not encouraged. It's mostly supposed to be for feedback in the development phase, a step further than a Kickstarter.

    Development for games like this take a long time, so there is always another cash input somewhere else. My guess is a mix of investors and the government, since it's a German developer. Some Kickstarter and Early Access sales probably to show some matched sales from investors, which is a common thing in Germany and funding milestones.

    Edit: Got rid of the weird breaks in formatting