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  • ArcheAge - Past, Present & Future Insights with Merv Lee Kwai - MMORPG.com

    I didnt play this game because its ptw.
  • Epic Announces 7M Participants in Week 1 of Battle Royale Mode - Fortnite News

    omg, pls support paragon .
  • Over 127,000 Steam Copies Sold According to SteamSpy - Black Desert Online News

    Anireth said:

    Joreel said:

    And within​ a month 17,900 will stop playing it as they discover the game is though graphical beautiful, a boring grind-fest...

    So like 99% of the other MMOs, or 99,9% of the so called "AAA" MMOs? At least BD is cheap right now, unlike e.g. ESO, and it doesn't have a sub, unlike FF XIV.  Of course, there are games like BnS who are F2P, so BD still loses out..

    Yes it does not have sub like ffxiv but it has cash shop with cash shop battle stat bufs which ruin the game, it destroys the escapeism aspect for me when I have to think I need to buy items online to content in pvp.
  • Lineage 2 Revolution Headed Westward - MMORPG.com News

    Been playin' it slowly for two weeks now and can't wait for western release.

    I'm never playing another ncsoft again, they deleted 2 of my accounts because they changed servers and I wasn't active at the time and didn't know because I changed emails, I realized the pay to win model of Aion was in the works upon the release of Aion because they had this empty floating bottle at the start of dungeons and once it went pay to win it gives bufs to those at purchase presiege pack, and upon returning to Aion my first month there is a strange npc selling enchanted gear for millions I bought the gear sold my other gear I was basically broke at that point, this was after a player told me to just buy that gear right,
    then I went on the site and see if its a part of a quest the site makes it seem like if you enchant it to a certain lvl even more the gear transforms into even a better gear right but it
    said if you fail the gear goes to original form like you get to keep the gear without enchants.

    The next day I see myself with no gear, standing there with boxers, they even make the gear seem like its a part of a daily gift you get for playing aion for a full month on the last day of the month you get mythic gear.........right.......... to get those gears enchanted so you could keep them you would need to spend I assume at least $300 on cash shop it is insaneeee this , I'm done with NCSOFT, I'm sure other games are less harsh then this, there is an option that you could buy your sold gear back from merchant but it reseted , they wont let me buy my old gear I sold to npc back they wont reimburse me either , this is because they want to keep this model of apathy alive,they believe the weaker ones will go straight to cash shop buy some omega enchants and sell them to the auction house - (broker) or whatever they wanna buy from cash shop, they are going to do the same thing to this game and nay other game they make.
  • Sources Claim Disney Has Reached Out to Ubisoft & Activision About Star Wars Games - Star Wars: Batt

    Disney killed the expanded universe right when I was about to delve into it, I hope this shity loot box company hits them where it hurts and starts creating games based on the expanded universe because I'll play no matter the loot boxes and you guys know you will too!