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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    ROFL, any rules Obama put into NN needs to be removed. Nothing Obama and his administration did wasn't good for #America! They are great for the #Democrats because they can ban any Conservative sites. #WakeUpAmerica
  • Game dead before it even started?

    Have to agree, this is one game you need to stay away from.
  • Seven hundred and twenty bucks for the A2? Go **** yourself, Chris.

    Mikeha said:
    People still follow this game?
    That's just it, there is NO GAME!
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    You guys think it's great to have Government regulate internet.

    Bet, you think VA is doing a LOT of good for our Veterans?

    More Government isn't the answer and never will be. But keep spreading the liberal talking points, luckily majority isn't listening.
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Kefo said:
    MaxBacon said:
    Kefo said:
    No because the CIG knights will try to crucify you to your channel and probably stop watching right after and you’d lose revenue. 

    However if you take CIG’s side and your video is all about how the judge fucked up or how Cryteks lawyers are just reaching for anything then you will have an already rabid fan base watching your videos which will lead to revenue plus you will more then likely have said rabid fan base throwing money at you because they love that you are siding with CIG.

    So yes money totally plays into the equation and sets the bias. 
    Oh lol, every piece of controversy and drama about SC gets high views, not the opposite, just see the media outlets always with negative press on SC always trending.

    I'm not picking a side and saying "oh his opinion is the right opinion", I'm just seeing the informed views we have around on the matter. And the fact is, most of the views given on this whole lawsuit from informed people, do overall favor CIG and not Crytek in multiple points... Even the article you linked before of not being biased that also reviewed the case, but now they're biased?! hmmm!
    I’m starting to think you’re just picking random sentences from the CIG Defense handbook and cobbling them together because you’re not making a lot of sense in your reply to me
    Well, the way am reading CRYTEK and responses from CIG, I feel sorry for Max and others, because it's really starting to look like things are going CRYTEK's way. I believe Max and others really had faith in Roberts telling the truth about how Star Citizen/SQ42 was being produced.

    It would be hard for anyone to start realizing they well could have been duped. Not saying they were just starting to look that way.
  • Does Star Citizen deserve its hate?

    Eldurian said:
    Yeah, going back to the SWTOR analogy all you could see in local on the day of release was people griping about the bugs. I remember when I first tried LOTRO in beta it lagged so bad that I concluded it was crap, tried it again a year later and it became probably my favorite theme park title.

    When people gripe about buggy alphas and betas and even buggy releases it makes me wonder what game they've ever played that would meet their standards at that stage of development. When we are talking major unaddressed issues multiple years after release like Mortal Online or something then they might have a point.

    SC has it's bugs like any title but it's far from a title like Pathfinder Online that was subpar even for an alpha.
    Yep the doors wouldn't open, players could stand in door ways and block people. It was a mess, yet was fixed relatively fast. Because they had publishers pushing them to fix it.

    SC hasn't that problem, they can leave a game breaking bug as long as they wish. No one is behind them pushing them to get things running correctly. 

    Just pointing out it's a little unfair to compare. When both are run differently from the top down.
  • Why is this site so negative?

    I ran across this site years ago http://rantsrefugees.proboards.com/ guess they made it when people couldn't complain about Asheron's Call 2. Looks like it is pretty much dead. So gaming sites like this with good debates about gaming is better than just a rant site I guess!

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    YashaX said:

    But as I said above, equally as bad as ISPs controlling things, is the government having control of the internet. As seen by Europe and Venezuela.

     1) Net Neutrality doesn't mean the government controls the internet; it helps keep the internet free from the meddling of govt or companies.
    2) Europe and Venezuela are nothing alike. I can only assume that you have been listening to too much Fox and Friends or similar propaganda.
    I have one warning on me for last statement I made about NN. How can you allow this topic to go on and allow only one side? There is no way to show what he said is wrong other than getting political.