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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    ROFL, any rules Obama put into NN needs to be removed. Nothing Obama and his administration did wasn't good for #America! They are great for the #Democrats because they can ban any Conservative sites. #WakeUpAmerica
  • Game dead before it even started?

    Have to agree, this is one game you need to stay away from.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    You guys think it's great to have Government regulate internet.

    Bet, you think VA is doing a LOT of good for our Veterans?

    More Government isn't the answer and never will be. But keep spreading the liberal talking points, luckily majority isn't listening.
  • EA Ranks as the Fifth Most Hated Company in America - MMORPG.com News

    Albatroes said:
    Wow even more hated than Comcast or Verizon? Impressive guys, keep it up!
    Agreed, didn't see that coming. Shocked CNN didn't make list, so hard to really take list serious.
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Kefo said:
    Crytek is going to rake CIG over the coals with this. 

    I wonder how much they will be awarded(if any) and I'm sure the lawyers will have fun going through CIG's financials in order to determine how much they actually owe Crytek lol.
    That could well be a cornerstone of Crytek's lawsuit.

    They could be betting on the fact that CIG don't want their financials picked-over in open court, so the chances of an out-of-court settlement could be good here, regardless of the merits of Crytek's claims... ;)
    The firm and lawyer heading the case with CryTek doesn't fool around and when they take a case it is never about settling out of court. Read up on these lawyers for CryTek, they don't take cases they will lose. They want everything on record and open and get every penny from CIG they have left. This is the end for Chris Roberts and Star Citizen.

    On upside, we at least will be able to look at books and see how much they used or wasted. Also be interesting to see if anyone from CIG gets jail time.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    I wish that Ajit Pai would take a long walk off a short pier.  The USA voted-in these type of people, & those that would place them into these positions, so we're sadly getting what we deserve.  The USA will be taking a couple of steps backwards the next few years upon multiple fronts & this will probably be just one example.
    I would respond but I was told politics aren't allowed here so I can't state what I wanted too......

    Oh man that is exactly what the 2015 rules will do to Americans! I won't be responding to this thread again. You can head over and debate me on Utube Net Neutrality threads!
  • Why is this site so negative?

    Warlyx said:
    happy people are playing not posting :P
    This ^