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  • Crowdfunded MMORPGs [STATUS]

    GLORIA VICTIS  [Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: -$100K*
    Dev: early 2012
    Original ETA: March 2013
    --- Steam reviews: 66%. +60,000 copies sold on Steam. Mostly self-funded.

    Crowdfunding: +$100K
    Dev: 2011* 
    Original ETA: April 2013
    --- Successful KS campaign in 2012. Internal studio conflicts. Cancelled in 2015.

    Crowdfunding: -$50K
    Dev: 2012* 
    Original ETA: mid 2013

    --- Unsuccessful KS campaign in 2012. Cancelled in 2013.

    CITADEL OF SORCERY  [Pre-Alpha]*
    Crowdfunding: ?
    Original ETA: June 2013
    --- Unsuccessful KS campaign in 2012. Crowdfunding on their website.

    Crowdfunding: +$150K
    Dev: 2010*
    Original ETA: 
    November 2013
    --- Steam reviews: 62%. The game is now owned by the creators of HeroEngine. Relaunch planned for 2017.

    Crowdfunding: +$30K
    Dev: 2009*
    Original ETA: January 2014

    --- Steam reviews: 69%. ~1,650 copies sold on Steam.

    THE STOMPING LAND  [Cancelled]
    Crowdfunding: +$100K
    Dev: 2012*
    Original ETA: March 2014
    +150K copies sold on Steam. Successful KS campaign in 2013. Cancelled in 2015.

    ELITE: DANGEROUS [Released]
    Crowdfunding: +$1,7M
    Dev: 2012
    Original ETA: March 2014

    --- Steam reviews: 72%. +1M copies sold on Steam.

    Crowdfunding: $11M
    Dev: early 2013
    Original ETA: October 2014
    --- +3-year delay on Alpha. Steam: 56% positive reviews.

    STAR CITIZEN  [Alpha]
    Dev: 2011
    Original ETA: November 2014

    --- Persistent universe in design. Many core systems still in production.

    LEGENDS OF ARIA  [Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: +$100K
    Dev: November 2013
    Original ETA: March 2015
    --- Successful KS campaign in 2014. Beta planned for 2017. (FKA Shards Online)

    LIFE IS FEUDAL  [Beta]
    Crowdfunding: $0*
    Dev: 2011
    Original ETA: 2015
    --- Steam reviews: 69%. +400,000 copies of Your Own sold. Unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign in 2013.

    BOUNDLESS  [Pre-Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: +$350K
    Devlate 2013
    Original ETA: late 2015
    --- Steam reviews: 68%. Crowdfunding on their website. (FKA Oort Online)

    CITY OF TITANS  [Pre-Alpha]*
    Crowdfunding: +$675K
    DevDecember 2012*
    Original ETA: November 2015
    --- Beta now planned for late 2018. Crowdfunding on their website.

    Crowdfunding: $4,4M
    Dev: early 2013
    Original ETA: December 2015 
    --- Beta 1 planned for 2017. Core systems in production. Major graphics upgrade and systems overhaul in 2016.

    Crowdfunding: +$1M
    Dev: 2011*
    Original ETA: January 2016
    Financial struggles, mass layoff in 2015. Successful KS campaign in 2012. May relaunch.

    THE EXILED  [Early Access]
    Crowdfunding: +$30K
    Original ETA: July 2016
    --- Steam reviews: 45%. 18K copies downloaded on Steam. Unsuccessful KS campaign in 2015. (FKA Das Tal)

    Crowdfunding: +$2,5M
    Dev: 2012
    Original ETA: Q3 2016
    +200K copies sold on their website. Launch planned for mid-2017.

    Crowdfunding: $12K
    Original ETA: November 2016
    --- Unsuccessful KS campaign in 2014.

    Crowdfunding: ~$100K
    Dev: 2011*
    Original ETA: 
    December 2016
    --- Successful KS campaign in 2015.

    CROWFALL  [Pre-Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: $3,4M
    Dev: mid 2013
    Original ETA: December 2016
    --- Soft launch planned for 2017. Eternal Kingdoms and Campaigns in production.

    IDENTITY  [Pre-Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: +$400K
    Dev: 2014*
    Original ETA: December 2016
    --- 3 main modules in design or in production. Successful KS campaign in 2015.

    PANTHEON: ROTF  [Pre-pre-Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: $?
    Dev: 2012*
    Original ETA: January 2017
    Unsuccessful KS campaign in 2014.

    REVIVAL  [Cancelled]
    Crowdfunding: $?
    Dev: 2012*
    Original ETA: 2017
    --- Development indefinitely suspended in early 2016. May relaunch under the name Theleston.

    Crowdfunding: $2,2M
    Dev: 2014*
    Original ETA: December 2017
    --- A MUD, an offline demo and a web-based portal "Kingdoms of Elyria" planned before launch.

    SAGA OF LUCIMIA  [Early access]
    Crowdfunding: $?
    Dev: early 2014
    Original ETA: 2018*
    --- Mostly self-funded.

    DUAL UNIVERSE  [Pre-Alpha]
    Crowdfunding: +$700K
    Original ETA: December 2018
    --- Successful KS campaign in 2016. Alpha originally planned for 1st half 2017, now delayed to September 2017.

    Crowdfunding: ?
    DevOctober 2015
    Original ETA: ?
    --- Crowdfunding on their website.

    *may be inaccurate

    Feel free to add / correct information about crowdfunded MMORPGs below.

    The games are listed in chronological order of original ETA.
  • Camelot Unchained - Beta incoming any time soon?

    Realizer said:
     It seems like people forget how long it takes to make a game when you aren't simply modding existing assets sourced elsewhere, versus actually making it from nothing. WoW wasn't made in the 1 year press cycle it had. They worked on it for years before anyone even knew about it. 

     If no one knew about Camelot Unchained till last month and all of a sudden they announced beta within 6 months, no one would say anything about the time it took. 
    CSE decided to put december 2015 as estimated release date when they asked people to fund a portion of the game development. The discontentment comes primarily from that I guess. If they had put december 2019, those who would have backed would have known what to expect from the beginning and we wouldn't even talk about it. If you order a hamburger at the restaurant and the cook says it's going to take 10 minutes, but after 25 minutes you still haven't got it and the cook has been telling you 100 times that "it's coming soon!" [censored the rest of my little story ^_^]
  • Dark and Light - Early Access Impressions - It's Rough Right Now, But There's Hope - MMORPG.com

    Ozmodan said:
    Should never been released to steam in this state.  Most of your early adopters will reject it and probably never go back to it.  Dumb move by Snail.
    56% of the reviews from english speaking players are positive on Steam, which isn't disastrous for a game that just launched in early access.
  • Will A:IR Reignite AAA MMORPG Development? - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    Jet packs, mini-gun, flying sailboats, dragons, magic, mech robots...

    Mixing too much stuff imo... I'll pass.
  • From an old vet ... this looks like the real deal

    Kyleran said:

    [...] But going on radio silence for long periods of time, never the right approach, unless you plan on suddenly announcing, great news guys, we'll be launching beta 1 next Tuesday...surprise!

    I think that it's the exact opposite of radio silence. They're allowing us to directly see (and be part of) the progress through updates, newsletters, live streams, Alpha testing, forum posts, etc.

    They even created a page showing extremely detailed information about where they are and what is left to do before we get into Beta 1.


    Also they've recently added a new card for the Dragon Circle:

    "As a Backer, I want to enter a siege scenario, complete objectives, and have the outcome factor into my player's progression."

    All the items from this card so far are marked as completed. 

  • Five Things We Want from New World - The List

    Filbur said:
    Looks like the game got cancelled. The listing on Amazon.com is gone and the “leaked“ video reminds me of the time when 38 Studios and Project Copernicus fell apart.
    6 days ago they've updated their job posting page for Sr. Rendering Engineer (New World) and they're apparently still looking to fill certain positions for NW.

    A few months ago there was a job posting on amazon.jobs for video editor/creator or something to create a trailer or marketing material for New World if I remember correctly.

    My impression is that the leaked video is dated and wasn't a trailer meant to be released to the public, just something quickly assembled to work with when creating the real trailer(s).

    edit: damn the job postings seem to have been removed... bad omen =/
  • Five Things We Want from New World - The List

    Filbur said:
    The listing on Amazon.com is gone [...]
    Someone on reddit found the new listing: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078YF9KW1