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  • The Biggest Problem With MMOs Summed up In 4 Minutes


    I think this is the message AAA game designers really need to here. Especially the "Safe is risky" part.

    Every time someone comes to me excited about a new MMO the first thing I ask them is "How is it different from (closest sounding MMO I've played)?" And if the meaningful difference described in their answer sounds less like a whole new game and more like an expansion for another game, I generally won't even try it.

    AAA MMO designers need to stop squabbling over the target market that wants WoW or something close to it, and determine what the largest target market unsatisfied by current MMOs is. And if they market is satisfied they need to find the next market.

    "Niche MMO" shouldn't be a dirty word. There is practically unlimited design space to be explored by the MMO industry. AAA companies need to stop "playing it safe" and then wonder why their game goes F2P a few months after release every time. A well done "Niche MMO" with a sizeable niche is going to attract more customers and far more DEVOTED customers, than a rehashing of the same design space that's been explored over and over and over.

  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    There is a movement on these boards spearheaded by Nauri and which Scavenger has apparently joined that aims to revive the dying MMO genre by including more games into the definition of MMO. They see it as the last hope to "save the genre".

    Here is the thing. MOBAs already exist, survival games exist etc. I know what these games are and what they entail. So do most other MMO players. And I even do play these games sometimes when they are the type of gaming experience I want in that moment.

    If they want to play those games, they already will. Slapping the "MMO" label on it isn't going to make me more likely to play it. It's going to make me more likely to get pissed off when I join the game hyped up to enjoy it's massively multiplayer aspects only to discover they don't exist. 
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  • Portalarium, please don't take elderly people's retirement money from them.

    This player made his own choices. People are allowed to do what they want with their own money.

    Your obsession with SotA is getting ridiculous. We get it. You don't like it. Move on with your life.
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  • The Simple Reason a 15$ Subscription Doesn't Work Anymore

    I don't know the exact date that 15$ subs became a thing. I believe it was around 2000. It definitely was by 2003. Check this out though:

    Inflation Calculator

    Put in the year you played your first 15 and the year you played your first 15$ sub game and hit "Calculate".

    Based on my estimation of 2000, a 15$ sub should now cost people 21$. Yet subscription prices have not increased whatsoever. People just want to go back to the good old days of 15$ subs but it's a lot like people who want to go back to the good old days of five cent coffee. It's been 16 years. We went through a major recession during that time period. 15$ doesn't pay the bills anymore.

    No consumers have ever shown any indication of being tolerant to them jacking up the prices though. Any MMO that did would be massacred by public opinion as "greedy money grabbers." So they gave us cash shops instead. That's on us.

  • Black Desert Online PvP server is MORE proof that PvPers are a very niche group

    PVP fans are a very small but very vocal group.
    The vast majority of content people play in MOBAs is PVP. The vast majority of multiplayer content in FPS and RTS games is PvP. Even most text based and phone games like Ogame and Clash of Clans revolve around PvP.

    It isn't that PvPers are the minority. It's that people who want to PvP when there are huge stat gaps involved are the minority. People who don't at least sometimes want the option to enjoyably do content in areas they don't have to worry about PvP are a minority.

    It's not that people don't like PvP. It's that most MMOs, even the MMOs best known for PvP, do PvP wrong.
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    So in the end, its just whatever ones opinion is of what an MMO is or is not.

  • Destiny 2 Playerbase Has Dropped By Over 2 Million Users Since Launch

    I mentioned this in another topic awhile back. Games like Destiny are built on a model of "Hype! Hype! Hype!" cash in on box sales, and then milk the product left for whatever it's worth.

    You see a huge influx of players surrounding the game release and expansions and massive outpourings once people get bored with it.

    All games kind of follow this model to some degree. You definitely see populations spikes in any game around the time of a major expansion, but AAA games are the masters of it. They spend huge portions of their total budget on marketing. More serious titles put a lot more effort into quality than marketing meaning the spikes aren't as high but they also have a more committed player base.

    So did Destiny 2 fail? No. It did exactly what they wanted it to do. Sold millions of box copies made back their development cost, made a tidy profit, and now they have continue to get some revenue for anyone who likes the game enough to stick around.

    If you think that Destiny 2 failed, or that they really care all that much how long you stay subbed after the box sale... then you are the target market they are looking to con.
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    I was really expecting MMOs to be the pinnacle of gaming. They have far more potential than any other genre. But we've got stuck in this endless loop of making the same general game over and over. In the early 2000s the games that were the best examples of the raw potential of MMOs and what that could someday be were EVE and Wurm.

    In 2017, soon to be 2018, the best examples of the raw potential of MMOs and what they could someday be are EVE and Wurm.

    We've taken 10 years to find out that consumers don't want repackaged WoW over and over. And really the main game development companies still haven't figured that out. The only reason there is potential for decent MMOs at some point in our future is kickstarters.
  • WoW clones, are we done with that?

    If a game has me pick a race and class at the start, then has me quest through a series of zones until I reach max level at which point I do "endgame content" like raids in order to earn "endgame gear" then it is a WoW clone IMO. Yes GW2 is a WoW clone. Yes ESO is a WoW clone. Yes Destiny is a WoW clone even though it isn't an MMO.

    Yes there are MMOs that are not WoW clones. EVE, Runescape, Darkfall and Wurm Online to name a few.

    Not being a WoW clone doesn't guarantee I will like your game, but being a WoW clone pretty much guarantees I won't.

    And no, the industry is not done with it. As long as people are willing to defend the fact the ESO and GW2 "Aren't WoW Clones" and continue to play those games despite them only having a few differences from WoW then big developers will keep churning out clones and wondering why we get tired of them so fast (Or in my case simply refuse to try them at this point.)

    Can't speak for BDO because I haven't tried it but it could be from what I know about it.
  • Why so easy ?

    Dvora said:
    Eldurian said:
    Robokapp said:
    look at the real world. we give trophies for participation. what do you think those people will grow into in regards to gaming taste?
    People who believe that playing longer entitles them to automatic wins even if they don't use their longer playtime to develop anything in the way of player skills.
    That's still better than people that think they should be able to catch up or get ahead by opening their wallets.
    Thieves and conmen men aside, people with money in their wallets usually earned that money by doing something of value to society. Unlike basement dwelling grinders.