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  • John Smedley Opens Amazon Game Studio in San Diego - MMORPG.com News

    Oh, no. Can't it just stay dead? I hate villains who keep coming back, such cheap plot tool.
  • No group finder

    Or people will actually socialize and talk to each other in order to organize and fulfill objectives like a multiplayer game is intended for instead of clicking on a button semi-afk and complaining that other players are garbage and don't know how to do anything while not explaining to them or waiting them to learn?
  • MassivelyOP is brutal against Bless MMO

    No, the game is amazing. It is the best. All those problems can be found in any mmorpg launch. They can fix it. It still in EARLY ALPHA YOU GUYSSS!!!
    NephethMadFrenchieTheScavengerJamesGoblinRhoklawScotMouloxtos85DakeruPsYcHoGBRFlyByKnightand 1 other.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    I live in Brazil and here we already lost this battle. To change the population opinion and pass the bill they made this huge marketing push claiming that internet is like a water pipe and too much kids playing video games were draining it.

    Not video streaming or direct downloads.

    Now people here believe that internet is a resource, finite, like water. If you download a photo you spend internets from the intertnet reservatory - I'm not joking.

    As someone asked above "How can anyone be against net neutrality?" Ignorance, that's it.
  • Full Gameplay Demo Replay of 'E3 Best Action Game Winner' - Anthem Videos - MMORPG.com

    The gameplay is generic e looks boring. The gameplay videos kills any excitement in me instead of sparking some interest.
  • Open PvP griefing...It's like they never learn.

    Vexus_X said:
    Basically you guys love PvE grinding, think daily quests are hot, and think Hearthstone is the epitome of skill. Got it.

    Rust is on the Games List here at MMORPG and I don't see you guys posting there about how it's griefing and the dev studio telling people to 'get good' there is a problem.

    Worlds Adrift follows in the same trend of a hard game. I compare Worlds Adrift to Rust+EVE in the meaning of combat and scope of combat. It is the appearance of being a softer game than it really is which is throwing you off. You see some casual game and your imagination was swayed by floaty skies and airships and casual exploration without taking into account the hard PvP combat that is also part of the game. This is understandable. Too bad you couldn't see the larger picture of the game.

    There is no 'RPG setting' in this game. It's Sky-Rust with EVE features on the horizon (territory control, alliances). You never improve your character's stats, and PvP is very balanced - no one does more damage or is tankier due to any stats they might have. Everyone has the same chance with those who put effort into getting good seeing rewards for doing so.

    If you have Rust, ARK, or Conan Exiles in your Steam library but complain about this game and not those, you're a hypocrite.
    Your definition of hard seems quite off.

    Asymetrical gameplay encounters in pvp setting is not hard by any means. It's unfair. Unfair is not hard. Hard is a challenge that requires your set of skills to a maximum. Asymetrical (values or numbers) encounters are just unfair odds.

    I don't mind unfair odds, but it has no relation to difficulty. That's bs talk often used by people who gank in higher numbers to justify their cowardice - which is funny since in a open pvp game you don't need to justify it, it's open after all, rats banding cause they are weak alone is something you would expect.

    So, when bunch of people gank you alone, it's not hard, it's just unfair, and that's open pvp - some enjoy, some don't - but please spare us from this "it's hard, bro, get good, bro" when you are behind a bush jerking off to 4 bullies beating down some loner.
  • Fallout 4 PC beta patch today, 2.1 GB

    So now the crap is out I wonder if you'll keep the same narrative.

    There is nothing new about mods. Everything was already made and just as modders said the Creation Club format does not allow certain size and formats so no big and innovative mods, just cheap skins.

    And, like we discussed on reddit: There are already many mods there which you would find for free... 

    So how long until Bethesda starts take downs claiming they own them?

    How this is a good thing baffles me. This is the worst of 2 worlds: Microtransactions in a b2p triple A title (fullprice) with paid mods.
  • What is a New Idea?

    So... There is this game... Allods in which one of the races is actually 3 little bears. You play controlling those 3 little bears, but don't get me wrong - they are savage: They have point teeth and love to drink beer and fight.

    Depending on the class you take (already commented on this in previous threads) those 3 little bears act differently - For example: A ranger class will have the front little bear hold a dagger for melee skills, the right side one holds a bow for ranged skills and the left side one pass him arrows and use items.

    I never saw that anywhere else, ever. And I really tried to love that game, but every week they would change the classes completely rendering everyone confused (also bots, a lots of bots and gold sellers).

    So, what I think would be innovation in mmorpg is races and classes that are unique (and fitting) to the setting and not the standard of the genre being repeated ad nauseam - Yes, Tolkien has a big impact in medieval fantasy, but come on: Look things like Armello or Ghost of a Tale where the characters are animal-like (not talking about furries, mind me).

    How about some mmorpg with option to play as a monster? I mean a proper monster, not an orc. Something not humanoid. People would say "How about gear? How would it reflect on the character?" and I reply: "Does it matter?"

    We are in a point where most cosmetics are what matters anyway and games like Black Desert Online change your appearance (based on the gera) so little you can't even see it properly without comparison. Or we go and change the skin of the equiped items to have the look we want based in a series of systems not related to cash shop.

    How about let me play as a Gelatinous Cube and my gears are just floating inside me? Instead of swinging an arm to hit with the sword he spits the sword (or any other weapon) spinning and swallow it back inside. And instead of "HEYYAAAAA!" he just do blurps noises. When he talks he just say "blurp blorp" and everyone understands and you as player also understands based on the context the answer NPC gives (or maybe subtitles). We already have pop culture characters such R2D2 that broke that barrier so why not make it into games?

    In RPGs we have things like that: Like the Animated Shield race for D&D5ed, where you play as - guess what - and shield that floats around. And it's fun as hell.There are many ways to push innovation: The issue is it requires criativity and it has risk.

  • Bless - Exploring Monetization with Neowiz - MMORPG.com

    arbi15 said:
    this whiny community will find someting to call p2w anyway
    The whiny community that relies on things to pay in order to achiev anything in game will find something to say to defend it anyway.
  • WoW's Game Director On BfA's Pre-Event; Metzen on Toxic Nerd Culture - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.co

    Viper482 said:
    On one hand I think Metzen has some good points....on the other.....the freaking writers of these events are complicit in the fact they KNEW this would cause a huge community reaction. They also fed little bits of the story at a time on purpose so you WOULD jump to conclusions or at least speculate what was going on. Anyone who did not see this would divide the community is an idiot and shouldn't be writing for them....of course they knew! And the fact people have become emotionally invested in the lore should be celebrated. The reactions were not nerd toxicity, they were emotional reactions which most of the time are irrational regardless of the circumstances.

    Saying that....I think a lot of Horde players are misguided in that they have been led on to believe the Horde were boy scouts all this time....I mean you have a race of freaking zombies on your side, come on.