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  • John Smedley Opens Amazon Game Studio in San Diego - MMORPG.com News

    Oh, no. Can't it just stay dead? I hate villains who keep coming back, such cheap plot tool.
  • No group finder

    Or people will actually socialize and talk to each other in order to organize and fulfill objectives like a multiplayer game is intended for instead of clicking on a button semi-afk and complaining that other players are garbage and don't know how to do anything while not explaining to them or waiting them to learn?
  • Website/Store fiasco continues- Dev tells fans that criticizing them does not help...

    This game won't make it. Sorry but with all information given by other kickstarter campaigns from games which requires less staff/cost their numbers are really low, like impossible low. 

    For the things they promised in terms of mechanics is like the game would cause a revolution in the mmorpg genre - With that budget? I don't think so.

    The team also shows a clear sign of "noobish" behavior. They have too many polished assets to show out in screenshot while many mechanics are not quite figured out - They are wasting time and putting resources into marketing, essentially - just to show off something... And that is the mother rule of cash grab.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    I live in Brazil and here we already lost this battle. To change the population opinion and pass the bill they made this huge marketing push claiming that internet is like a water pipe and too much kids playing video games were draining it.

    Not video streaming or direct downloads.

    Now people here believe that internet is a resource, finite, like water. If you download a photo you spend internets from the intertnet reservatory - I'm not joking.

    As someone asked above "How can anyone be against net neutrality?" Ignorance, that's it.
  • Literally Talk to Your Friends Face-to-Face with Faceware Tech - Star Citizen Videos - MMORPG.com

    I saw this software being applied on "fantasy race" models such Orc and Elves and I thought "Wow this is so amazing for online RPG!". I'm glad someone is pushing the tech forward somewhere, it is kinda old and nobody seems to actually use it.
  • Are there any MMORPGs left that don't have easy-mode PvE?

    I'll be honest, to me they changed the challenge to "you are solo versus you are in group" to "you are not at end game versus you are at end game" which means the monsters are basically big damage sponges.

    But that's not a MMO trend. Most single player titles follow the same concept of "scaling numbers" but not "scaling AI". The last "difficult" game I played in the most accurate sense of the term was Perfect Dark 64, in which the enemies would behave smarter in higher difficulty and later stages... Since that era everything became a "pump those numbers" fest. Trend now glorified by Souls Series that for some people justify brain dead AI but doing tons of damage (no wonder people hold them as example of a hard game).

    In Perfect Dark 64 the enemies would look behind doors, under stairs and walk in pairs. After a while one of them would check why his "friend" did not return. In modern games enemies can detect you beyond walls because the lazy ass programmers just pump the values making game breaking thins happen.

    At same time we have a huge problem: As much it hurts, mainstream gamers today are kinda dumb. I lost count how many times things went sideways in group events because certain players couldn't simply bare the most basic concept of "don't stand on the damage big red problematic area shown with visual and audio aid". And I'm not talking about reaction time: I'm plaing BDO and there is this one dude in our guild that every monster that has some sort of CC or AOE attack almost kills him because he don't get out of the attack area. Why? Is he a bad player? Technically yes, but that's not the reason: He is lazy.

    He simply don't want to bother to dodge and just keep spamming attack. And that's our Average Joe of MMO world. So devs suffer pressure to design challenges to suit said audience, the same way in a classroom the teacher will hold down an explanation if the dumbest kid can't understand it: The worse drags everyone down, even the game design itself.

    And for some reason we are living in an age which people can't admit they are bad (or straight up lazy, not caring) at something and should do something else, something more constructive, with their time.
  • Fallout 4 PC beta patch today, 2.1 GB

    So now the crap is out I wonder if you'll keep the same narrative.

    There is nothing new about mods. Everything was already made and just as modders said the Creation Club format does not allow certain size and formats so no big and innovative mods, just cheap skins.

    And, like we discussed on reddit: There are already many mods there which you would find for free... 

    So how long until Bethesda starts take downs claiming they own them?

    How this is a good thing baffles me. This is the worst of 2 worlds: Microtransactions in a b2p triple A title (fullprice) with paid mods.
  • Not a troll thread; for people who are interested in playing the game only

    I follow COE since its concept video tease. If there is a game I want really hard to come out is this one. Yet every step they take screams scam. I would love to be proven wrong, though.
  • Pre-Alpha Testers Being Invited in for a Looksee at a Literally Growing Game - Pantheon: Rise of the

    Even that I love to see this project progress I really don't like this "feedback from payers" approach. Game testers followed procedures and were qualified for the job.. Those people just paid.
  • Novaquark Unveils New Supporter Packs for Its Innovative MMO - Dual Universe - MMORPG.com

    One of the few mmo's im looking foward to.

    Your still looking forward to MMOs in this day and age? All I'm looking forward to is big booty girls to come raining down from the sky.
    Yet he is the silly one, right?