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  • What would bring you back to WoW?

    I would be interested in a classic server for vanilla up through WotLK.  But to get me to be a customer of current wow they would have to bring back some sort of significant character development system and stop focusing on casual children as their main audience.  Basically, they would have to undo everything they've done since WotLK and start focusing on rpg systems for thinking adults.
  • Will classic servers be a long time succes?

    I honestly don't see how people can view the classic server with modern glasses.  The classic server isn't supposed to be the next WoW, or ESO, or Kotor, or FF whatever.  It isn't supposed to make kids and the modern lovers of current mmorpgs or mmos do an about face and get all giddy.  

    It seems these people keep asking, "Where do I fit in to this?"  The answer is - you don't.  Every modern game out there is for you guys to talk about.  This is for the people who want what we think is better...what we once had in the case of wow, and then that just got shit on by kids and people with extremely poor taste in mechanics.  The people who have kept all the older games alive and profitable, and want a new one to add to our rotation of good, or just a place to park we know we will like.  

    You guys are vegetarians talking about how the new meat lover's restaurant is going to stay open when they serve meat.  Guess what?  Not because of you guys.  We know, all sane people know, and you guys seem to be the only ones that don't know.  We want our meat back, and you guys don't like meat.  It really is that simple.
  • Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Announced by Beamdog - MMORPG.com News

    I hate to be the party pooper but I fail to see how the feature list warrants a purchase from people who own the diamond edition already.  There are mods that do everything listed.  There currently are persistent worlds going on with NWN and even more with NWN2.  No amount of graphic presets are going to make this game look better than NWN2.  

    I don't get it.  If it were I free mod that consolidated the PRC and some UI and graphic mods I guess it would save a little time if I felt like playing it again, but other than that I just don't see anything that jumps out and screams "This is worth money!"
  • Introducing Reign of Guilds - a First Person Medieval MMO in the Making (Sponsored) - MMORPG.com

    Vorch21 said:

    Personally already familiar with gameplay a bit - it's more like medievil mmo-action(with rpg elements).

    Fight pretty monotonous(but still has some dynamics). Character development is very primitive.

    It should be illegal for developers to call a game a "hardcore mmorpg" that doesn't have decent, choice-heavy, character development system.

    I also love how all these open world games tout their lack of content by "unshackling" players from the awfulness of having content, and claiming pve players have plenty to do. PVP, grinding, and crafting is all these games offer. Which is all a lot of people are looking for. I just wish people looked for a little more in these games. Crowfall, at least, looks like it will have a decent character development system.
  • Bring a Friend Week Allows Buddies a 1-Week Trial Key - Legends of Aria - MMORPG.com

    blamo2000 said:

    I am definitely going to buy this, but their current packages hold no appeal to me so I've been waiting for the Steam release hoping the Steam packages are better. I also don't understand why or how people could judge a game based on how many people play it pre-release. Only certain types of people are willing to try a game in an unfinished state when progress isn't going to be saved and you are literally working for free. The first major beta I got into was the open beta for AO when I was much younger and mmorpgs were much newer. Then they wiped everything I did, and my desire to beta test anything was wiped too.

    I am a big fat hypocrite and sent in for a key.
  • Elder Scrolls Online - The Pressing Issues in ESO - MMORPG.com

    "We are used to the system that they have in place which is joining multiple guilds and hopefully some of those guilds are trading guilds."

    That's great for people that play ESO and don't mind the worst auction house system ever devised that makes you pine for the gold old days of gold sellers and joining a guild for reasons other than to get customers, but the actual problem with the ESO system is people that like to play the game and not waste all their play time running around searching for the same thing all over the place like a retarded chicken do not play ESO.

    I know a lot of people that won't play just because of the lack of a sane or workable AH system. I'm sure the current system is great for unemployed people with no family, but I'll take undersellers and gold spammers any day than a system geared towards catering to the most awful people in the world.
  • Staff to Increase Thanks to a Successful Round of Independent Funding - Saga of Lucimia - MMORPG.com

    Renfail said:

    blamo2000 said:

    The FAQ isn't clear - there is no way to max all abilities and masteries on one character, right? There will actually be character builds, correct?

    There are no pre-defined builds on our end, no. Players create their own builds by combining Masteries and Abilities until they have something that defines the type of character they want to play. There are absolutely limitations based on what stats you choose, how powerful those stats are, and etc.

    For more information, hit up the forums and search around. http://sagaoflucimia.com/forums

    Thank you for the information.  It is good to hear there are limitations.  I never have and never will understand systems where one character can max everything.  It leads to everyone being exactly the same regardless of current set-up, and removes the actual reason to have character progression.
  • Put On Your Hula Skirt & Coconut Bra & Get Lei'd in the Summer Seasonal Event - DC Universe Online -

    I'm surprised the crazies aren't having hissy fits about cultural appropriation.