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  • What would bring you back to WoW?

    I would be interested in a classic server for vanilla up through WotLK.  But to get me to be a customer of current wow they would have to bring back some sort of significant character development system and stop focusing on casual children as their main audience.  Basically, they would have to undo everything they've done since WotLK and start focusing on rpg systems for thinking adults.
  • Will classic servers be a long time succes?

    I honestly don't see how people can view the classic server with modern glasses.  The classic server isn't supposed to be the next WoW, or ESO, or Kotor, or FF whatever.  It isn't supposed to make kids and the modern lovers of current mmorpgs or mmos do an about face and get all giddy.  

    It seems these people keep asking, "Where do I fit in to this?"  The answer is - you don't.  Every modern game out there is for you guys to talk about.  This is for the people who want what we think is better...what we once had in the case of wow, and then that just got shit on by kids and people with extremely poor taste in mechanics.  The people who have kept all the older games alive and profitable, and want a new one to add to our rotation of good, or just a place to park we know we will like.  

    You guys are vegetarians talking about how the new meat lover's restaurant is going to stay open when they serve meat.  Guess what?  Not because of you guys.  We know, all sane people know, and you guys seem to be the only ones that don't know.  We want our meat back, and you guys don't like meat.  It really is that simple.
  • World of Warcraft Classic Demo Extended Through November 12th - MMORPG.com

    I'm past the stage in life where playing a beta or any phase with unsaved progress, but I am happy this version is playable and popular. I can't wait until this goes live.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Bill Murphy - ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything - MMORPG.com

    sayuu said:
    Scellow said:
    None of them should have been fired, they HAVE THE FUCKING RIGHT to think / and say WHATEVER they want in their FREE TIME, if they did something illegal, or disrecpectfull, you can report tweet on twitter or give your lawyer a call

    They got fired, i hope they'll sure ArenaNet, America is fucked up
    Look! Someone with a brain! A FREE THINKER! Proof that not everyone subscribes to the PC madness corrupting society.

    PC will be the death of free speech, and that, people, will be the death of democracy.
    you are literally crying about actions having consequences.

    and F.W.I. democracy = tyranny 

    Actions? ACTIONS?
    I refer to my earlier "sticks and stones" comment.
    Words are not actions. It's one thing to say something and something quite different to act upon those words. Had she physically assaulted someone then fair game but she didn't. She posted some comments on twitter. I mean, seriously, she posted some comments on twitter. Big fucking deal.

    This is exactly the kind of PC, namby pamby bollocks I'm talking about.

    Edit, @MadFrenchie as well. Actions, get real.
    If you don't believe an employee of the company can, through words alone, cause very real negative repercussions for their company that the company would have a vested interest in protecting against, then I have to hope you never work for the company I work for.
    Once again this is just another example showing that PC has gone beyond the pale. It shouldn't even be an issue but because of unchecked political correctness, running amok, we find this atmosphere in which fear of consequences forces people to act (over react) on the slightest perceived offense.

    You should not have to fear for your job because something you say may have repercussions on your company, not if you don't speak for them officially. This is the insanity of political correctness.
    I agree with what you are saying to a point - but before the term "political correctness" was coined, people were fired from work for actions outside of work.  There are huge sections of various titles within the U.S. Code specifically about it relating to government employees of various types in various ways as one set of proof, and very old cases in the US as another.

    I am against PC nonsense, and for free speech rights.  I am also against employees being fired for actions outside of work generally - with reasonable and logical exceptions.   

    I get work calls outside of work.  I'm salaried and its part of the job.  The people I deal with aren't customer's of my company, but I see anyone I deal with in my official work role as a customer.  I would never think about verbally assaulting any of them.  And I certainly would fire her, or any employee, that was going out of her way to cause harm and lose to her employer.  

    I don't have free speech in my official role at work.  I doubt she is an hourly employee.  In this case, since she failed to either disengage, and didn't accept his blatant and humble attempt to deescalate the situation, but went out of her way to escalate it - what recourse does the company have?

    This isn't about free speech or free thinking or PC anything.  Its about a fanatical ideolog flying off the handles while biting the hand that feeds her, and that hand, reasonably and rationally, deciding to no longer feed her.  

    Its hard to make the argument you are anti-PC, pro-free speech, and pro-free thinking - while in the same breath saying a company should be forced to employee people directly harming the company.  She didn't get fired for going to some hate-cult gathering and doing hate-cult things outside of work.  This is directly related to work in a very public arena.  

    If she was fired for her political views and there wasn't a clear and direct link to work, and a clear and obvious breach of the universal basic rule of don't go nuts on a customer that doesn't deserve it that everyone everywhere has to live by, the majority of people would be defending her.  

    If you owned a business, and an employee went nuts of a customer that did nothing to deserve it, and this situation was very public and very visible, what would you do?  Just have no standards and say fuck it?  You wouldn't have a company for long, and the rest of your employees wouldn't have jobs.  But I'd be interested in hearing how you think this should have been handled, while keeping in mind your actions impact not just the crazy lady, but the rest of your employees, work culture and expectations, your angry community that pays the bills, etc.
  • The Worst MMO Abilities - MMORPG.com

    Not really an ability but I dislike "weave" systems like in Aion. I don't know if it is still part of the game or not, but when it first was released for NA you used to weave abilities in-between auto attack damage. So hit an ability, wait for white damage, hit an ability, rinse, repeat. I thought it was really boring, whereas other people thought it was highbrow and elegant. To be fair, it is possible I am retarded and like smashing buttons like an idiot.
  • MMORPG.com : General : Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Character Creation Trailer

    So I bought the game and while downloaded asked a question on the steam forums. An earnest question about game mechanics. I got banned for trolling. It seems they are super ban happy. People seem to be saying it is only targeting people who mentioned politics. My question was about the kingdom system, not politics.

    Anyone know if there is some way I can have steam review my ban as it was grossly unfair and makes no sense at all and that guy needs to lose his mod powers if he is using it to silence people asking game specific questions. I refunded the game, of course, as that is the only obvious solution. But I'm figuring steam has to have some rule or review process to curb forum moderators on their site abusing their powers?
  • Lord of the Rings Online's Legendary Sever Lets You Travel the Storied Paths of Middle-earth - MMORP

    I should have installed yesterday.  The installation is taking forever.  Usually when I try and play LotRO it makes me want to play DDO.  Hopefully, this time with a lvl 50 cap and slower XP gain, it will be able to hold my attention longer.
  • TV audio help

    Its a Panasonic Viera.