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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Horusra said:
    What makes people think Net Neutrality means more providers and better speeds.  Everyone always paints the rosiest future for Net Neutrality and the worst for the other side.  Maybe Net Neutrality means slow speeds because there is no incentive to make it faster and less providers because there is no cash for providing something better.
    Because net neutrality has literally nothing to do with investment and predictions. Improving the networks requires the same money whether net neutrality is present or not. Investment incentive is also non-existent in the US. These giants are only out to make money, not spend it giving neighborhoods better connection services. 

    The telecomms would just love net neutrality to go away, they can maximize profit without spending a dime on infrastructure investment. And that's all this garbage is that the chairman is pushing through. With net neutrality in place, the telecomms have been trying to skate by wireless investment -- which is still an unstable technology -- where they can do this practice of throttling and service funneling that should also be regulated. In most of the US, cell service still sucks, they still do the unethical service charges, and have barely spent anything other than signal boosting existing towers.

    This doesn't benefit the people, and severely harms small business and startups. In a digital age, there is no Main St. The only street is the internet, and if an ISP can block or slow your storefront it's the equivalent of throwing a brick through a window of a downtown store. No one will shop there until the money is spent repairing the window and clearing dangers. 

    It's purely corporate controlled fascism. Where stockholders and CEO's are the dictators. 

    Net neutrality needs to remain, and broaden to include wireless.

    But, the internet as we know it is out for the count. Remember all those free wifi hotspots everywhere? Gone next year under the proposed and likely pushed agenda. 

    Local libraries can even be devastated -- having to pay huge amounts to maintain services with local ISP's-- and only one example. That's your tax dollars. So this will cost us in another way. Municipality expense to these hacks. 

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Since we're posting pictures: 

  • Getting tired of the abuse on this site.

    I didn't mean to be that offensive... I'll hold back from those kind of remarks.

    On a side note, I have no friends or "gangs" on this site at all.

    I'm sorry?
  • Daybreak Games: Bring back Vanguard

    YES!!! Bring it back.

    I'll start playing it...

    ...until I realize all the same problems are there that caused me to stop playing the first time.

    Nostalgia glasses are a very powerful tool, indeed.

    You will over look that when you see the servers packed solid :)
    Nothing against you man. but if the servers were packed it would have never shut down to begin with.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    I would love for everyone to honestly answer a simple question. An abridged response please.

    Who do you think American tax payers have a better chance of influencing when there is something incorrect or unfair? The government or a billion dollar ISP?

    Please think before you answer because the name calling and insult portion of this conversation follows shortly after.
    Actually, neither.

    If the government controls the internet, then you get heavy censoring (just look at Venezuela and recently many Europe countries that ban anything that they don't like because it hurts their feelings and go to prison for saying anything bad over a single twitter post lol. They treat it more of a crime for a negative twitter post than rape and murder). That hasn't happened in the US luckily, but it shows that government should not have access to internet for a free internet.

    However, on the other side of things, billion dollar ISPs have a HUGE monopoly. There is very little choice. In my area, there is only one ISP to choose from if I want cable...many other off-brands are owned by these very few ISPs so even if you have another provider, chances are its owned by the multi billion dollar ISPs.

    Neither choice is good. What there needs to be is more choices and more internet companies to choose from, that are high quality. Like pop up independent providers. I guess google is sorta in their internet thing, but they only chose small rural towns for some reason and haven't done much in a long time as far as I know. But google is again, a huge multi billion company...but at least its sorta another choice.

    Right now however, most people literally get at most 3 providers if they are lucky they can choose from...then a bunch of an illusion of choices most likely still owned by one of the 3 providers. Or in my case, if I want cable, I literally only have one choice of a provider for internet.

    So ISPs controlling the internet is as bad as the government controlling the internet...with the caveat that...government can still control the ISPs anyway so...really it doesn't make a difference at all
    If you think government having control in the internet is good...look at Venezuela or Europe where they very heavily censor everything. If you say anything bad in say UK on Twitter, they can somehow find you in a day or two, but somehow can't find rapists and murderers for years and then the rapist says he doesn't know what "no" means and they let him free and the person who says something bad on twitter spends years in prison.

    If you think ISPs should have control, that is just as bad as well since having a monopoly is never good for competition or making a better internet, though the government still really controls the ISPs so its not that big a difference. 

    So as I said, needs to be a 3rd choice. The internet shouldn't be owned by the government, nor owned by a monopoly of very few large internet companies.
    They heavily censor everything, yet for a while had topless news programs... Still do. Europe is a wild place in parts. 

    If you think the government is out to censor you, perhaps you need to be reminded that YOU are the government in the USA. We all are. And a lack of faith is a reflection of yourself. 

    But no, people are just going to keep drinking the Kool-Aid. 
  • FCC killed net neutrality. What does it mean for gamers?

    Albatroes said:
    What's funny about all of this is that an ex-verizon lawyer pretty much did all of this. This dude is set when he decides to go back to that job.
    You sure he ever left that job?

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    "We win because we said so."

    See you in court.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    bartoni33 said:
    Great Googly Moogly people like @holdenfive make me embarrassed to be a (currently lapsed) Republican. Between 4Chan, Breitbart and Alex Jones I swear people are being paid to act this stupid.

    Yes the Alt-Left is just as bad I know. Trust me.

    On-topic: At this point I don't know how big this will really be in the long term. Seems we will have a few years to see any outcome.

    Service providers are treading very lightly to avoid backlash on this. That will be enough to delay fine print contract changes for a long while. 

    And I'm in the boat with you on the sports team madness needs to stop. 
    It's like they stopped teaching civics in schools all of the sudden and everyone is just jumping on bandwagons "I'm right" "I'm left" Who cares? Everyone is treating everything as it must have an opposite. It's misinformed and ill educated non-sense. 
  • Deleted

    You know nothing about a game engine if you are making this kind of statement. "Net code" is a very improper term. Does UE4 non-source come with a networking engine? Yes it does, it's the same one intended for first person shooter lobbies. This networking engine doesn't need to be used, and if you have a source package you can build what ever you want to accomplish.

    Blanket statements when you know nothing about a subject will get you no where.