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  • Worse Grafics than most games from 2005

  • Is this game for me?

    Tekton said:
    Ouch, I guess I have to keep looking. Thanks.
     Don't listen to misinformation from people who are only interested in bashing systems they don't fully understand. That being said, the only person who can decide if it's a game for you, is you. I craft fishing boats for free using my workers, then I sell said fishing boats on the market for 1.5 million silver per, they sell in 10 mins of me listing every time so far. I craft fishing rods for free with my workers and make 700k per mediah rod as well.

     There are lots of things you do to craft and make money, people are just upset they can't charge 20 million silver for something everyone can craft for free. You can make a killing right now, if you have Liverto Blades for Musa/Maehwa to sell, since the class just released and everyone needs a liverto etc. 

     PvP is a semi forced thing, after you are level 45+ you can be attacked anywhere outside the cities which are safe. While yes you can do almost everything in the game solo, it is more efficient to be in groups for things like farming mobs for drops or exp. 
  • Amazon Games' New World is a 17th Century Paranormal MMO - MMORPG.com News

      At least we don't have to crowd fund it, it's nice to see something on the horizon with a bit of mystery to it. Here's hoping it's done well, I'm fully expecting to be put off by some of the "embedded" features, but I can look beyond that if the game is fun. 
  • State of the Studio

    Ungood said:
    Has there been a single game that hasn't missed their date on kickstarter?  
    To be fair, a lot of AAA backed titles missed their deadlines as well, or put out bad rushed games to make their deadlines. Which has lead to companies not giving exact dates anymore, and deferring that Expansions and Updates will happen, when they are ready, so they don't put out half done products to meet dead lines.
    Most of those (any other than Caspien?) did not go out of their way to mock people that questioned the timeline...
    One of the great rules about life: You wanna talk the talk you need to walk the walk.

    Do you know that for sure?  Or are you making an assumption pulled straight out of your ass again?  ANd when exactly did Caspian mock someone I'm curious?

    Do you follow every kickstarter game feverishly.  Do you hang out in all the discords. Do you watch every single Q&A?  Or again are you making a baseless claim based on the minimal research you've obviously done?
    Are you seriously asking me that?
    Do you even read these forums at all?
    You can't.. because if you did you would know the answers to all the questions you just posed.

    No I didn't read every page of this forum, and I've already said that.  I know you convinced yourself I'm someone else, but I really am not.  I've read a couple posts on this forum from time to time, but for the most part steered clear.

     If only you would have stayed on that path.. LOL 

    Instead you decided we needed to hear you say all the things we've heard and refuted a million times already. 
  • State of the Studio

    1. OMFG, I'm going to try to be as nice as possible with this.  Getting COstco stock might be okay, but getting private shares of a company before it begins selling their product, is even better.  Because again, when you're in a company as small as this, the work you put in will directly effect how much money you make.  You can work yourself to the bone at costco, and the value of that stock isn't going up.  So if you go to a startup company, and build a game, and it becomes a success, you will make a lot more money then the same job at a well known company.  I get it, you don't think it's a good idea (even though it's quite clear, you've done minimal research).

    2.  You have to understand that the developers of this game, aren't arm chair warriors, that think they can know everything about a project while doing 0 research.  They are actually you know... working for the company.  And yes people in the tech industry do this all the time.  Sometimes the company folds, and you end up just making your lower than average salary.  But sometimes the company ends up exploding, and you find yourself in early retirement.  Just because you (with again very little research) think the game is going to fail, doesn't mean the people who actually.... you know.. know what they're doing, and have decades of experience in the industry.  But I'm sure they should listen to you lol.  I mean they're obviously stupid, while your the expert on this LOLOL.  SPare me your bullshit.

    3.  OMFG.  So you have this strong ass opinion, but you haven't even read the state of Elyria?  Yes that's why they had to move away from SPatial OS.  It ended up not being the perfect fit they'd hope, and they had to build the back end stuff for things like load balancing themselves.  They explained all of this in the State of Elyria. Here I'll post it for you.


    It's amazing people like you.  You probably read a few click baity articles and now you think you know everything.  WHy do you even sit around in these forums if you aren't even going to do a minimal amount of research?  WHy do you have strong opinions on things you clearly don't know anything about, and are too intellectually lazy to do any sort of research?

    And BTW yes, CoE does weekly letters explaining what they have completed, what they're working on, and what problems they've ran into.  VOX Elyria is going to be opening to a limited amount of backers starting around April.  They also do Q&A's (there is one today actually), weekly public updates, and they constantly talk to players on the COE Dischord channel, and answer their questions.
     It's become apparent you don't understand investment. Let me break this down for you. The company isn't worth ANYTHING. They essentially owe a $3,000,000 game to the folks to gave them money. Of course there really isn't much people can do if they don't deliver. That aside any one accepting shares of this clown fiesta would need to weigh whether or not they think those shares will turn into something worth their time. 

     In the case of this game, that potential employee would say to themselves, (these guys are offering me shares of a game they can't finish unless I can do it for them.) Now this person needs to weigh whether or not they think they can be the turning point for this disaster of a project. What are the odds you think that person will end up coming to the conclusion that it's worth their time? I'd wager pretty fucking low...

     Now onto the meat of this subject.. What the hell have they accomplished? You say I've done no research? Well there's literally been no information on what they've actually been doing regarding the construction of this game engine or it's modification. Have they released any successful functions of their SpacialOS copy? No? Oh that's odd I thought they were a good hard working team as you seem to insinuate. 

     I'm glad you're satisfied with their lack of information blame game playing bs. Because so far all they have said is what they NEED to do, not what they have DONE. I mean there's a neat Jousting demo, but that would probably sell better on mobile let's be honest. All in all, I see no technical information regarding what they actually did, just problems and potential fixes, that still don't seem to sound like they are confident with. 

     It's good you're passionate, but you need some common sense to go with it. 
  • Prediction : Beta imminent

    Bestinna said:
    this game will never launch, it will simply hyper speed to infinity and beyond
     I'd love to see some facts that corroborate this theory of yours.  This is probably 1 of maybe 4 crowdfunded projects that will actually come out with some form of finished product remotely in line with the original pitch.  Whether it's fun/successful will be a different story entirely though. 
  • Caspien clarifies that there will be no support for 1000 player battles

    Ungood said:
    I must admit Ive only heard about 1000 player battles in EVE online, although Ive tried a lot of big wvw games. I cant recollect Archeage having battles with 1000 players, unless it dramatically increased in population after I left (2 months after launch). Consider how many 1000 players actually are. ESO's Cyrodiil dies if all players in a shard gathers up to fight over a keep (and thats 150x3=450 players)
    (actually it just did 5 mins ago, which is why im here :P) . I just spent some time crashtesting CU, and it broke before the 1k mark, repeatedly so :) 
    If they can hold 500 player combats I doubt there will be more fighting in one area at the same time. Thats quite massive as well :)
    I hit 100+ player battles in GW2 and my Graphic Card takes a Dump, hell 100+player world boss and I am back to 8 bit, I have no idea how a 1000 player battle would even happen on my end..maybe really.. really.. low res graphics.. like stick figures.. or maybe just gray blocks?
     That's odd because GPU isn't the bottleneck of the GW2 engine's net code, it's the number of CPU processes per action. Also the fact that the CPU is responsible for particle effect actions which should be on the GPU side. If they had routed most of those tasks through the GPU rather than the CPU the game would perform much better. It's shame they built the engine that way, because the only way to remedy it would be to recode the entire game.  

     To clarify for everyone there's never been an engine made in where 1000 player battles are a possibility without issues.  

     As for CU they are very close to 1k, in fact I've personally been in tests with over 1200 at about 35 fps. Today's crashes were caused by testers dropping as many items on the ground as they could. The first one caused by someone dropping all armor and 400 siege scorpions at the same time. As of now the performance is quite good with 100v100v100 in the scenario. 
  • State of the Studio

    Ungood said:
    Realizer said:
     It seems you CoE fans need to be constantly reminded, this isn't about being behind schedule. It's about having nothing to show for the time they've had. When other projects mentioned in this thread were behind schedule (or still are) they were constantly trying to show everyone they were still doing work.. 

     On the other hand CoE seems to doing everything they can to avoid showing their work, while hoping for funding. The thing is no one is going to invest if there's currently no fruits from the 2+ years of labor.  

     Are you guys going to continue to play strawman bullshit? Or are you going to hold Walsh's feet to the fire and start demanding something get done? 
    I guess we will just have to disagree on the definition of "nothing

    As the last time I went to his site, I saw all kinds of 'in-game" footage videos, and Screenshots showing all kinds of features.. not what I would call nothing, but YMMV.
     Screenshots are all well and good but, I'd much rather have some actual technical details on what they are doing with this supposed SpacialOS copy. Or just anything involving the "backend" they like to mention so much.  Screenshots tell us nothing about performance, if all we needed were screenshots Daybreak would still be "developing" EQ:Next. 
  • Gird Your Loins, CU Fans! Beta 1 Start Date to be Announced Today! - Camelot Unchained - MMORPG.com

    I am honestly shocked. I am a highest tier alpha backer and can say with certainty the Alpha builds did not resemble a functional game. Yes there were characters and skills etc. but no NPC cities, quests, or really sense of purpose or fleshed out game to play. Its possible they had been working on stuff but not fully implenting but I really hope thats the case so that the beta doesn’t disappoint.
     I'm honestly shocked you spent almost $500 without watching the founding kickstarter stream, where it was explained this is an old school game build. Which means they built the engine in alpha and tested to make sure the netcode functioned correctly. Beta is where they start to build cities and flesh out what makes the game fun. That will last 3 cycles, after Beta 3 is done the game will launch.  You can expect the beta cycles to take about a year from 1 to launch roughly.  CSE says about 9 months, I say a year. 
  • While Legends of Aria Early Access Begins Tomorrow, Steam Launch Pushed to 2019 - MMORPG.com

     Unfortunately this isn't going to work out well for them any direction they go. Delaying Steam while going forward with in house launch will give the in house players a 1 month headstart. This isn't going to bode well for new steam players come January in a PvP sandbox. I will bet the opening day reviews will reflect as much. 

     If they are going to delay the game they should do a fresh start when it's ready.