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  • Wizard101 account problems.

    I've been a long term player for many years now and when the game first began the game was great. As the years have
    gone by the game has gone downhill a bit here and there in different subjects and how you look at it prospectively. My account has been 'Banned" for "Sharing information with other players within the game" Now before I even go into how stupid this is let's consider the facts we have here.
    Pros and cons of giving my account info away.
    1. I get hacked 2.Lose all my stuff 3.Get muted for 10 years 4.many other weird punishments.
    Oh wow look at that, yeah I definitely "gave my account info away" I didn't just login down the road or anything at a friends
    house huh? I gave my account away because KingsIsle's presumptions HAVE to be correct. oh no they could NEVER be
    wrong. They have too much fucking pride to begin with. I try to tell these guys, Hey, you've made a fucking mistake but no, I
    get NO email back and I don't know why they call it support@wizard101.com when they should call it
    i'llemailyouonceandthenneveragain@wizard101.com because that's what they do. You'll say hey, I didn't give my info away
    I just logged in somewhere else. They'll probably look at it a little bit, whip their dicks out and slam it on the keyboard for their
    usual responses which are total bullshit and repetitive. This game is a waste of money and their wasting my money. Paying
    people who probably are 14 and can't write an email for nothing, Have to go home and get their parents to write me back
    because they don't know how to spell anything. It's just ridiculous the whole point of a support team is to help in the better
    interest of the customer. If resolution cannot be brought to my account I will file and submit a report to BBB (Better business
    bureau) Charge back EVERY dollar I've spent. and I will make SURE anybody thinking about playing this game goes in the
    other direction. And I don't mean just email me back. I want my account back and an apology for not checking that I logged
    into another location IN THE SAME STATE AND CITY.