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  • SQ42 financially safe!!

    Interview with CR on PCInvasion.


    Chris Roberts: “First of all, we always have a decent amount of money in reserve, so if all support would collapse, we would not suddenly be incapacitated. We plan the scope of the development based on what arrives monthly by the people to support. I’m not worried, because even if no money came in, we would have sufficient funds to complete Squadron 42. The revenue from this could in-turn be used for the completion of Star Citizen.”

  • Does Star Citizen REALLY exist?

    Well, Star Citizen as is, is very basic gameplay and does not reflect 5years with a budget of $140m+.
    The systems that need to be implemented to get just a fraction of the star citizen experience as planned are very complex in it's nature.
    What you see now is the easy stuff with some nice ideas and expensive models though.
  • $45,000 Refund, Allegedly.

    MaxBacon said:
    When you are done with the goalpost can you please bring it back, cheers.
  • The Cost Of Producing A Video Game

  • All 3.0 Fan Footage here

    Babuinix said:
    There's criticism and there's nitpicking for the sake of hating on the game.
    Come on guys ... Shadow Physics ... I mean ...

    Oh and while we at posting our favorite SciFi Image, here is mine :D

  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    MaxBacon said:
    In one Alpha 3.1'ish Leak, is reported the new tech for walking showcased last citcon is going to be on the build, this mostly is the character animation adapting to obstacles, slopes and all sorts of terrain correctly.

    Well they discovered IK ... 2018 ... Sorry but this is not new tech, its 20 years old ...
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    ScotchUp said:
    After reading both sides on SC, when you purchase something like Crytek isn't the first thing you do with it is create your own engine out of it? Has CIG shown this engine they created in some Utube video?
    Though Unity, UE and Cry are free for independent devs up to a limit it is strictly forbidden to backengineer them and create your own engine.
    If you try you will die like the "Silicon Knights" who created an Engine off UE3 but didn't tell epic games. Unfortunately SK sued Epic over a minor thing and Epic found out that they used their engine for a second game with a heavy modified version of UE3 and called it their own (sounds familiar?). Epic counter sued SK and won ($4.45m) on top of that:

    As a result, on November 7, 2012, Silicon Knights was directed by the court to destroy all game code derived from Unreal Engine 3

    The case then led Silicon Knights to bankruptcy on May 16, 2014


    This is stuff that happens if you try to break agreements with the provider of your base technology.
  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    Orinori said:
    klash2def said:

    Purchasing a service or item is not a privilege its called Business.

    incorrect, try again. learn the meaning of words and the law. even to be offered an item to own is a privilege and can be revoked before accepted (never even mind the service which is even more obvious). but like i said, i am done with this, its crazy, you wrote an entire essay without having any clue as to what you are talking about.
    I see where you are coming from ... like "you have the privilege to buy a Javelin if you purchase a completionist package".
    But at least in Europe, when you paid for a service that is openly advertised without regualtions you are entitled to it. The seller may not revoke the offer to a single person without any reasons. Where the reason has to be situational bound to the purchase of the product (I don't like your nose is not one of them).

    See the Javelin is bound to the all-in pack for everyone so that's fine.
    If you visit a club you can demand entry as long as you don't start a fight (which can get you thrown out for this evening but not for lifetime)
    If you want to visit a club with regulations (only black shoes) the club can deny entry because you wear white shoes.

    But all this is business and an attempt to create artificial exclusiveness and does not negate any of the stuff @klash2def mentioned.