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  • stay away from this game

    Originally posted by DarLorkar
    I dont care. It is unprofessional to come argue with a customer ( past or present) in an open forum. A simple go here and we will discuss any game issues in private is all you need to do.   Anything further just shows me to stay away from an unprofessional game company. Right or wrong in any particular case does not matter. Just be professional.   Enough said.

    If you see that as unproffesional conduct that is your opinion. The customer came here after being in our support system where we handled the case professionally and according to our business standards. And we felt we had to answer in his thread after his comments and allegations of theft towards our game and business. 

    Our policy is that we as the management and the developers should be available for our community. That be in support, our own chat or forum or here in MMORPG if that is where they want to meet us. (That is also posted in the other AD2460 thread here on MMORPG)

  • stay away from this game

    Originally posted by krivoj
    Rules are clear for all players. Not in this game. They are a lot of mutli-accounts. A lot. But they ban just somebody. for 15 days (free) everything was ok,  then I paid and played for a few days. For 15 days ip-address checking was ok. Weird.   "Rules n.2 = you will use polite language in the chat, in the forums, in messages etc." If you apply this rule, you will lose 50% of players. Join and chat. you will see. somebody will be banned?  depends who you are.    "Rules .4 = you will inform us of inappropriate conduct in the game, like cheating, fraud, abuse etc.." c'mon guys, join this game and try to attack the bankers of yakuza alliance. you can't. he abuse of mechanic rules and you can't attack him. But he can, he's not banned.   But i don't want to say: "stay away from this game". I want to say: "go, join this game and you'll see". go subscribe and you'll understand. 


    People can play from the same IP if they are different persons - no problem at all. You played 5 accounts. Why should you be allowed to play several accounts when nobody else are?  

    And when we get reports of any misconduct to our rules, we will look at that and take action if needed. But to close a user, and especially a user that has spent money on our game we need to be 100 % certain that our action is correct.

    And as your saying "abusing the game mechanichs" - there are different ways to protect an ally bank. This is not abuse, cheating or fraud.  

    You agreed to those rules when signing up in the game. The same rules quote that failure to abide the game rules may lead to account closure or permanent bans.  And we did offer you to continue playing with one account - you denied that option.

    And posting here on MMORPG exposing your own cheating is not bad for us at all. It rather makes it possible to show the readers of this forum that we have a well working system, where breach of the game rules will not be tolerated.