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  • XCOM2 goes beyond strategy (rant)

    While i can get behind your "Strategy gaming is about decisions and not RNG" philosophy, the fact that you discard an entire game as terribly flawed and ask for a refund because a single stat doesn't always work on your favor is quite a bold move, imo. The resoning behind your argument is well placed but your overall comment leans a lot to the ragequit rant side.
    Strategy gaming IS about decisions and well...strategy, but that also means that if things go south for you, you have to accept defeat and maybe even permadeath. Even if you place your troops correctly on the battlefield they can still miss their shots you know. Realoding from a certain point multiple times when you miss a shot is like cheating on the game as much as (in your opinion) the game cheats on you. 
    All i'm trying to say is give it another shot and try different approaches rather than quitting after a few defeats. Cheers.
  • Steam is completely flooded with MS-DOS games... It's like sifting through a giant trash compactor.

    bartoni33 said:
    The fact that you reject a whole bunch of games as "trash" just beacuse they don't have post-2004 graphics indicates that the only problem is with you and your narrow minded vision as a gamer and not with Steam. But i understand you, afterall will leave in the era of CoD and LoL dynasty.
    Howdy Hipster! B) Are you enjoying those art exhibitions that only show grade school paintings? Because all those narrow minded artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh and that whole Renaissance period was so over the top. Who needs visual stimulation and realism ya know. 

    I lived through the 8bit and beyond era, I don't want to go through that again.Yes Steam is an issue. Money talks, quality walks there. BTW I despise CoD (other than the WW2 ones) and will not touch a MOBA with a stolen mouse (that is the same shit I am talking about, garbage games). Way to generalize.
    Ok buddy, i want you to slowly re-read what you wrote and then you might want to re-eavaluate your definitions of "hipster" and "generalization". But i doubt you will, and the fact that you brought up Rembrandt and Van Gogh in this discussion shows that you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Not to mention that you failed completely to understand what my point was. It's ok to have your own opinion, but by being the same thing that you accuse others to be? Yeah, not helping your cause.
  • New Images - Women wear real armor in COE!

    Leon1e said:
    I'm a woman and I don't mind the scantily clad outfits. I don't know what all the fuss is about. The characters on the images above make those character look totally uninteresting to me. They are boring, that's what they are.

    The politically correct feminist movement these days .... 
    It's not about being politically correct. It's about oversexualizing things just for the sake of it. I'm a man and i love seing women donning sexy outfits and being well......sexy, as most men do. But in cases where it fits with the context. Playing a female warrior/knight/palladin carrying a huge ass weapon and tanking a 15 foot monster face to face is not one of them. Nobody said that fantasy mmos should be all about realism but imo they shouldn't also be about being over the top UNrealistic. There's a balance point in there that when it's found could make for great results. Keep in mind that(at least imo) a woman doesn't have to wear scantily clad outfits in order to look sexy. 
  • Is Paladins like Overwatch?

    All this 'who copied who" discussion with multiple replies has again proved to me what i already know: that nowadays we have copmletely forgotten the meaning of gaming.
    Is the game good? Is it fun? Does it have good gameplay? Mechanics? These are the questions that ppl should be asking. At the end of the day if a game is good(or not) why does it matter if it copied someone else? Are we concerned about copyrights or are we trying to enjoy games?