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  • Fully Funded in Twelve Hours, First Stretch Goal in Sight - Ashes of Creation - MMORPG.com

    rather drop my money into a well.. you can actually see it sink then

  • So whats wrong with BDO?

    Ive been playing since korean launch off and on.. but it seems there is not much adjustment the game here in the west..

    What is wrong with black desert?

    - extreme asian high TTK.
    asians like it.. western people dont.. i hoped that would adjust it.. maybe they will in time.

    - extreme gear depended

    gear > level > playerskill.. when valencia is patched.. all chars below 57 are useless because of awakening weopons..( and connected skills @ level 57)

    - potion popping

    Making a support char like wizard or witch complete useless.. there is simply no change in healing the dmg due to high ttk by these chars..

    - basicly no group play ( pvp and pve)
    Almost everything can be done solo..( except some bosses) ( there are benifits tho in doing it in group). pvpwise? its a dps fest. 

    - some crafting in bdo is complete broken due to set prices in auction house
    crafting items ( on high level for example) give less silver compared to selling the mats that are needed to craft that item.. ( broken)

    What did you find out in bdo that makes no sense?

  • Puzzles in the Dark - Camelot Unchained Columns

    CU has intresting things.. like the cube system.. and so forth..

    Ive played a testing fase of cu.. and this game very VERY long out still..

    I dont mind tho, not in hurry.

    people are willing to wait for a good game.. dont rush it i would say
  • Is Crowfall skating on P2W / P2A ice?

    i see ashes going the same way.. as most companies wanne get most profit..and statistics shows that cashshops with advantages gives me most revenue

    i dont see crowfall becoming a sucess tho.. prolly another wildstare flop.

    ashes might be something

    i have high hopes for cu..

  • Is Crowfall skating on P2W / P2A ice?

    i think the problems lies not only by the companies but the addiction to players aswell..

    Gaming companies are playing on addiction.. meaning players will just pay the x amount in order to play the game earlier.. the X amount is set by the game companies and getting stretch every single time.

    no legal issues.
    no limitations.

    now do you blame the companies or the players that are actually paying for the x amount?

    i blame players tbh.. dropping big amounts of money into games. game companies will just keep stretching the x amount even higher.

  • Darkfall: Rise of Agon - How Agon Is Rising to the Challenge - MMORPG.com

    finally the best player skilled fps combat mmo is on his way back up

    disregard all the nay forum warriors here.

    You like pvp on hardcore mode? this is the place to be..

    FYI: you will lose weight if you play the game
  • Camelot Unchained - The Longest Inch - A Beta Update of Sorts - MMORPG.com

    Galadourn said:
    trying to develop their own engine was not smart... they should have chosen one of the commercial off the shelf available ones...
    the best part of CU is that they have their own engine.. which is build from the ground up with in mind of large scale battles

    im happy im supported CU.. and in no hurry for launch..

    i respect them for doing something different with everything homemade.
  • New Blog Post Takes a Look Back at Significant Milestones in 2017 - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    unbelievable this company..

    they have how many people working in their office.. and they are proud of a game from 2002? by adding patches that have minimal human efforts to implement.

    grow a pair of balls blizzard and make wow 2
  • Need a new gaming desktop - how about this one?

    8700k I7 costs around 40 euro more.. and there is a big difference..

    I went for 4k recent... but i dont recommend that to anyone. since most games dont have support for it still..

  • Is there a decent full loot PvP game currently?

    going into debat with the regular 20k posters on mmorg.com you really think you can accomplish anything?

    you got forum warriors and you got gamers.

    As for the op : i suggest you look @ rise of agon.. if your a heavy pvp'er. Upcoming changes will boost population alot.. and darkfall will have meaning again