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  • An unpopular opinion about MMORPGs problems the last few years

    So after having played dozens of MMORPgs, having watched their progression  since 2001 i have come to some specific conclusions which are arguably not really popular to the community  currently but i still  think they make some solid points.

    I believe that that mmorpgs the last years are trying way to much to be innovative on certain aspects of the game that completely mess up core elements of mmorpgs, that it is individuality(in terms of char aspects)  socializing(grouping/raiding) and   being rewarding, in my opinion if an MMORGP doesnt contain those 3 in a high level its doomed to fail, being generic is not the big issue of the mmos currently, i still beileve  that a generic mmo with very strong  those 3 aspects would do fantastic


    Where is the individuality in the last 2-3 years of mmos, its awfull   the RPG aspect of an MMO its  different of a non MMO, its about playing with friends but be different from them in way more than 1 way.
    But lets go to the simple things why mmos recently dont even bother making armors and beautifull ones or a wide range through leveling, we went from games(for e.x) that u could change 10 different shoulder armors in a range of 20-25 levels to games that  either the armor is very similar looking untill u hit  max cap or games that u change armor 4-5 times, and recently games that u dont change armor at all (but u do change costumes if u buy them ) imo this is horrible.
    Also where is the individuality in terms of pvp/profs and many other things, thats the beauty of playing an mmorpg to be different from the other in more than a single way( not just class/proff for example)


    One of the biggest issues  lately in the MMORPG's is grouping with a friend or freinds  in order to either join a dungeon or compelte quests.2 Of the latest AAA+ MMorgps  that have been released in 2015 had huge issues(i dont want to name them because it is not my intention to compare games but if u have played them u will understand for which i am talking about) in the first one fantastic world excellent rpg experience and when u were trying to group with a friend u were encountering huge  problems sometimes instances of a specifc part of a quest  should be done solo , some other times quests were bugging especially when u were grouping, some other u had to do them  each one solo for no particular reason.Also the other big mmorpg it might had slightly better grouping system but it was still bad( u had to relog to be shown in the same place with your friennd-UI didnt show the quests shared and many others).
    As for raiding things are getting worse, u going from easy soloing everything untill u max -cap level and u usually u go straight into epic hardcore difficulty raiding. Just put 3-4 god damn raids with different difficulty each they dont have to be huge, and not  the same raid with different diffculty(or at least have 1 more) . TBC expantion is the ultymate perfect example about how an MMORPG game raid system. You had gruul -Maghteridon..later on Kharazhan that could be puged or done even by not hard raiding guilds, then u were moving to SSC and then to bigger difficulty raids BT SP  and many other.

    Game being rewarding

    THats another very simple aspect of the game but so much vital and important, making a quest or a series of quest and getting rewarded respectively its  huge, it gives u joy and  a feeling of satisfaction and urge to continue playing the game.MMORPGs lately dont bother being rewarding in any aspect

    SUmming up i beleive   companies are trying way too hard to be innovative that ignore core elements of the MMOrpg genre, before people try to make new things please make sure u have the basic mmorpg elements well made, i mean why bother making a beautifull made world with extreme details if i cant bloody group up and enjoying leveling with a friend!

    THis is what i wanted to say, sorry for my horrible english
  • Gloria Victis | New Official Gameplay Trailer | MMORPG

    COmbat system looks so CLunky , might aswell say even worse than ESO's when it first came out
  • Chris Metzen Publishes Children's Book Called 'Snow Fight: A WarCraft Tale' - World of Warcraft - MM

    Chris Metzen is a treasure of a human being
  • The Best of 2015 a Awards at MMORPG.com

    I agree with the most but ESO? No just No

    I PLayed both WIldstar and ESO from the very first day of their release, both didnt match their hype

    But ESO was defenetly worse, insanely many bugs(that messed up with the story line-- failed multy guilds feature--only the craft system looked solid)

    WIldstar was innnovative in terms of game-play enjoyable characters and path system, funny implementation of lore. Cons was the messed up PvP and the huge lack of content after u hit 50.

    THat being said i enjoyed WIldstar way more than ESO, but in general terms both dissapointed,(and lets not forget ESO's price...jeez my wallet sill hurts)
  • Legion Alpha - Revitalizing Group Play & Class Fantasies?

    jbombard said:

    WoD broke the community?? Uhmm Cata broke the community and it has been broken since. If it really took them this long to figure it out, that doesn't bode well for any changes they will make to address it.

    It seems like post Cata they have been in panic mode, and just throwing stuff at the wall and praying that something sticks. Desperation doesn't breed good game design.

    I really hope they aren't planning on going back to the days of bring the class, screw the player. Having class identity is great, but don't design shit around groups having certain abilities and then not give those abilities to some classes. If you can't guarantee a group will have an ability then don't severely handicap groups that are missing the "correct" class.

    ANd this guy above is why WoW sucks nowdays

    SO whats the freaking point of 10 druids doing 10 man raids.This is an MMORPG class diversion is the most important thing.Each groups can compensate in different way, enh shamans were sort of useless in PVE back tov anilla but we always picked 1 or due to their enhanced totems talent and we put em in the melee group, it wasnt just ''whos the most op class''. This diversion was the beauty of the game, no 10 freaking classes having the same buffs as it is now, which is beyond pathetic

    EVeryone was feeling sort of special because it had some unique abilities. ''bring the player''? THere is no such thing as hard mechanics, its all about raid coordination and synergy between a raid, mechanics/reflexes is the CSGO
  • Why I Can't Wait for the MMO Apocalypse - General News

    Casual gamers have destroyed the genre. Its not about the difficulty in terms of mechanics, if i want such a game i will play a moba or fps, its about the difficulty of aquiring something and investing your time.

    I will go against the flow and say that the first game that will reward the time investement of each individual, will hit a gold mine. Kinda disagree with the OP there are great games with many innovations thats not the issue, the issue is that some companies made a specific part of gamers to want everything with very little time. You want something so bad? You want something that others DONT have, u want something u will be proud after investing so much time to get it? Well Grind for it mt*ker grind for the mats for the rep or whatever else its needed.

    Also the social aspect of the games is generally bad currently,