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  • Casuals hurting gaming/MMO's?

    Considering most players of games are casual players.  I would disagree.  There are many more casual players than hard core players.  If not for casual players many gaming companies would go under.  Now as far as mmo's go.  I can see how casual players can make the mmo experience less than fun.  That said, most gaming companies are not mmo companies.  But rather, actually cater to those casual players  this you tube guy harps on.
  • NC SOFT, about the only..

    NC Soft about the only MMORPG company that a mmo player can put some trust in.  I as of late have been looking at the many developers and game companies that have stayed true to its base.  NC Soft is the only one out of many which has stuck to its mmo guns.

    What do you think of NC Soft?  Do you play any of NC Softs games?

    I once thought Blizzard was the only game company I could put faith in.  But looking back since 1998.  NC Soft is the only company that has not let me down in a big way( I do miss Dungeon Runner"BLING").  But that is about it.  Blizzard is  a great company.  But they are a gaming company.  With a variety of different games.

    NC Soft still holds true to just mmo's! 

    Which company do you like?

  • LOTRO review from a noobs point of view. A fresh start!

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first review for Lord of the Rings Online.  I have not done a game review in a long time.  So, like the game.  This is a refreshing moment for me as well.

    I will tell you I played LOTRO many years ago in 2010.  I never made it past level 12.  Moved on to RIFT at the time.  So as far as my noobness goes.  I am definitely a noob to LOTRO.

    I started LOTRO about 6 days ago.  Started fresh as I did not remember the account name I used back then.  I started as a free to play player.  At the time I was not sure if I was going to continue with LOTRO or move on to the newest fad title  Black desert.  That is when I created the LOTRO vs BDO post at this site.

    Initially, as a F2P player you are quite limited.  The biggest reason I stuck around was the immersion.  I cannot profess how much immersion this game really has.  A serious story compared to most other mmo's out.  Well after reading some of the other views on LOTRO.  I decided to go all out.  I do not mind paying some money to a game if the benefits outweigh the cons.  In this case, it overwhelmingly did so.

    I bought my VIP account.  Spent a additional 27 dollars on coins.  Bought shared storage, and account wide mounts.  I decided I was going to make 7 characters.  All a different class and different set of professions.  I am  leveling them equally.  So I do not miss anything on my way up.  I have not been disappointed.

    Many older and veteran players probably do not see my view of LOTRO the same.  As they have played this game for years.  While this is my first time experiencing the content and the full game. For me, I am just offering my fresh experience to a older title.

    I am dividing this review into two.  As it is too large to cover all of it.

    So now off to the review.

    The World:  What can I say,  from the introduction to where I am now.  Middle earth is teaming with life. vibrant and immersive.  A beautifully crafted world with a story of its own.  Towns that have its own atmosphere.  Greeting any newcomer with a sense of awe.  I never thought I would see this in a mmo.  But LOTRO's world is alive and full of adventure.

    There are many dangers as well as places to explore.  The LOTRO world is vast and huge.  As a very experienced mmo player. The world that is full of life is also very huge.  To the point that I know I will not have seen its entirety even if I cap out in level.  Each place I visit has a unique and live quality.  From the Haud Din and its undead to the brigands of the Blackwold that meet you on the outskirts of Bree.  Each location is unique, flavorful and offers its own adventure.

      This game has been around for 10 years.  The graphics are that of a older mmo.  But, that said.  LOTRO is still very beautiful and has its own charm. Each pixel almost seems handcrafted for that one scene.  A true masterpiece.

    Characters:  LOTRO offers nine classes.  As well as 4 base races with sub-races within each one.  There are also many professions to choose from.  Each class has its own set of skills,abilities and traits.  There are many of them and I am just breaking the surface of what they are.  Some skills you gain as you level up.  Others you gain from quests and or deeds(Accomplishments you gain during gameplay).  Also each race and sub-class race have abilities and or skills given. 

    I would go into each class but it would take a long time just to share information about each.  So will keep it simple.  Each class has its own style and set abilities.  Completely different from other classes.  That teamed with gear make your character have its own identity.  I have not seen a single player in this game that is alike. As many mmos do.  Cookie cutter does not exist in LOTRO.

    Gameplay:  This is where LOTRO shows its age.  Ever play WOW? Or any of its predecessors? Yes LOTRO uses the tab/target feature that so many other mmos offer. But it is solid.  Monsters/Mobs will aggro and chase you if you get to close.  If others are with that monster they may join in.
    The game uses a mini map.  If you see red dots on your map they usually mean aggressive monsters.  That will help you avoid encounters you do not necessarily want to meet.

    Travel in LOTRO can be a arduous task.  Especially if you do not have a horse.  Like I said LOTRO's world is huge  Travel from one area to another can be a burden if doing so on foot.  But getting a horse or playing one of the two classes that give movement enhancement helps. I recommend a horse.  You can get the horse quest at level 20 as VIP or buy a horse and skills associated with it from the LOTRO store.  I recommend the account wide mounts.

    There are many quests in LOTRO.  So many that you will out level many of them.  You sometimes will find quests in out of the way places. Often away from the quest hubs/towns.  they are often very rewarding.  So far most of my valuable gear has come from quests.  Although some items do drop from monsters or chest.  Do not expect them often early on.

    This is Part 1 of my LOTRO review.  I still have much to share.

    What we have covered!
    World: 10

    Characters: 9

    Gameplay: 8.5

    See the rest on my continuation review of Lord Of The Rings Online

  • Apparently all your character stats are determined by RNG

    Imagine a mmo without some RNG.  That is a dreadful thought!  No identity, every player playing the same cookie cutter classes/race with no individuality.  Regardless if the RNG is character based or gear based.  It offers a player a sense of individuality with his or her character.  I am not fond of seeing a 1000 people running that same cookie cutter paladin with exactly the same stats and armor in a mmorpg.  How boring that would be.

    I personally like to know that my character is mine. Mine alone,and not one of a thousand clones that most everyone else is playing!  Talk about a game going into stagnation!
  • Would u play a remastered CoH?

    I miss my Mastermind.  Would love to see a remake of COH/COV!
  • It's funny how so many buy what you're selling...

    Consider Overwatch is pretty much on all platforms.  I can believe 7 million copies sold at full price.  It is a very good title.  I have it on my PS4.  As do a few of my friends.

  • I found a new game for me, and it is just awesome !

    Also wanted to add.  The only game with Norse in its name is Norse Gods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYbfzANHE78

    If you post here to phish user info.  You need to go somewhere else.  Thank you for sharing your dishonesty!

    Also wanted to add why I personally stay away from Niantic style games.  Which can be found here: http://www.networkworld.com/article/3099092/mobile-wireless/the-cia-nsa-and-pokmon-go.html
  • LOTRO or BDO?

    Well I am fully committed in LOTRO now.  Besides spending my initial 40 dollars for  account wide mounts, VIP, and extra storage slots.  I also bought the 4 in 1expansion deal that LOTRO had going on.

    As a noob/new player to LOTRO I am having a blast!  Am not regretting any of the decisions I have made with LOTRO!  If you have never played LOTRO.  This is a serious GEM just waiting for you.  I will post a full article of my experience as well as pics  soon!
  • This game blows Diablo 3 away

    Best ARPGs:

    1. Diablo 3 / Marvel Heroes (tie)
    2. Victor Vran
    3. Grim Dawn
    4. Van Helsing series (except 3)
    5. Path of Exile

    All very good games. PoE is great for a free title, but it's very much stuck in the early 2000's while the rest of the genre has moved on to bigger and better things. That being said, the leagues can be a lot of fun, and I wish other ARPGs with better combat would copy that feature. 
    Diablo 3 and  Marvel Heroes play and feel like kiddie ARPG's.  Which they are! 

    Have not played Victor Vran as of yet.  But Grim Dawn is a fantastic game!

    Path of Exile is frigdiculous past the first chapter!

    I put both Grim Dawn and POE as equals. Both have different styles, but both are fantastic at what they do!