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  • KickStarter Initiative Begins, Seeks $500,000

    Completely voxel based planet, huge PvP battles with hundreds of people, player driven economy, emergent politics, scanning and mining, voxel based construction, ability to use LUA script to add functionality to your voxel based constructs.

    And they're only going to need $500 000 more to make all that true.

    I have a bridge to sell if any of the enlightened individuals backing this project would be interested.
  • CitizenCon 2017: Greatest game ever in creation

    Witness also the greatest ship ever leaving on her maiden voyage:

    SolturnoFrodoFraginsTalonsinJamesGoblinlaxiekikoodutroa8JemAs666MightyUncleanCoatedOdeezeeand 3 others.
  • Spells should be typed out.

    The game should be delivered on cassettes.

    Being able to download it is just EZ mode.
  • New Industry 'Think Tank' to Tackle Issues Including Loot Boxes - MMORPG.com News

    Where do they get their funding?

    Is this like the tobacco industry's funding to research that tobacco does not have any harmful health effects?
  • What Would a Star Wars Activision Game Look Like? - Garrett Fuller - MMORPG.com

    Activision and Blizzard are part of the same company, so:

    World of Star Wars and Luke Skywalker to Overwatch!
  • Digital Homicide Closes Down After Dropping Frivolous Lawsuit

    filmoret said:
    filmoret said:
    I'm not entirely sure what happened.  But noone has the right to flat out lie about someone else.  Its called "Libel" and its illegal.  Opinions are not subject to Libel but if someone just tells a lie then it definitely is Libel and yes you should get in trouble for it.

    Good Lord, are you actually supporting these guys?
    Like I said I didn't follow on what exactly happened.  But from this OP alone it looks like someone lied to defame the product and they were getting sued for it.
    Short version:

    Digital Homicide was angry about a Youtube review, so they decided to sue the reviewer for $10 million. That got some publicity, so Digital Homicide also sued 100 Steam users who spoke about them on Steam. At that point Steam decided it's best to stop doing business with Digital Homicide, so Digital Homicide sued Steam.

    None of the lawsuits ever got anywhere, and now it looks like the developer has decided to shut down.

    Some of those Steam users might have really said something that's illegal, but even so this is a case of developer going bonkers over a Youtube review and proceeding to sue everything in sight. Good it's over.
  • Over $3.2M Pledged by More Than 19k Backers - Ashes of Creation - MMORPG.com

    Average pledge for Ashes of Creation is 167 dollars.

    Compared to other Kickstarter campaigns:
    -Crowfall: 104 $/backer
    -Camelot Unchained: 150 $/backer
    -Star Citizen: 62 $/backer
  • 'Paragon Institute' Wants to Raise Funds to Buy Marvel Heroes - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMORPG.com

    Vrika said:
    Shame on MMORPG.com for giving news space to so ridiculous projects.
    The game was an MMO, this is news regarding the game, I don't understand how people have an issue with the concept of "news".  
    It's a no-name who's founded an "educational non-profit organization" and is asking for "potentially tax-free donations" that also give you access for playing Marvel Heroes.

    The project has no minimum funding, no other confirmed funding sources, and no confirmed prior expertise. It's trying to purchase assets that aren't confirmed to be for sale, they'd need to either re-create much of those assets or get license to one of Disney's major IPs, and to top all that their Indiegogo reward of giving Marvel Heroes source code with license to develop your own commercial games even though Marvel Heroes was using Unreal Engine.

    This is not an MMO. It's either a scam or a joke, neither of which should be introduced as a piece of news.

    EDIT: Or to put it more simply, just because someone runs an Indiegogo campaign to start producing snake oil that may cure AIDS, that doesn't mean reporters should make news out of it. /EDIT
  • Activision-Blizzard: More Remastered Versions in 2018 - Diablo 2 or Warcraft 3? - MMORPG.com News

    koljane said:
    It is like with the music, the moment you start remastering something that was good back in the days means you are stuck with creativity and ideas.
    I think it's very different from music. Old games won't often work on new computers at all, and remastering is the only option to keep it available. It makes much more sense to remaster games than it makes with music or movies. 
  • Might & Magic Elemental Guardians Announced for Mobile Devices - MMORPG.com News

    That art style is not what I'd expect something called Might & Magic to look like.