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  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Our TwitchCon 2017 Chat with Brad McQuaid & Corey LeFever -

    Not an mmorpg unless there is ganking,period. Don't make the same mistake twice in the shoving pvp iinto Vanguard instead of making it organically part of the game.
    So not an mmorpg unless you can be a Dick in it.  Gotcha, glad people like you won't be ruining other people's fun.
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  • I Wanted Mass Effect 4 But Got Something Better - Mass Effect: Andromeda Review -

    Some of you are ridiculous. You must live in a small bubble that always echos your opinion and the idea of a difference of opinion confounds you. You don't have to agree with a review. But to call it paid for is just you trying to fit your narrative. But im sure if it was a game you enjoyed you'do be perfectly ok with the score.
  • The Best Reasons to Check Out Revelation Online - Revelation Online Previews

    Ricardo58 said:
    What guarantee is there that this isn't just going to be like Blade and Soul and die off in a year or year and half?...
    There are never any guarantees in video games, especially mmos in longevity.  You should only worry whether or not you actually like the game. 
  • Excellent Pics

    Did those pics cost $5 each? I bet they were nice, that's expensive.
    Look, I'm skeptical about this game and just keeping an eye out on it's development.  So I understand when people are also cautiously optimistic.  But this is just pointless dribble you're injecting into this thread.  The fact that this developer takes the time to post here from time to time shows me they care about their community.  They really don't deserve you're middle school antics.
  • SJW's dictate videogames and players now?

    Just depends on the audience I guess.  A player from Shroud of the Avatar got perma banned the other day for talking about Jesus.
    Well both rape and Jesus are irrelevant to video game forums and really have no place in them.  While I realize the OP was just joking.  It really shouldn't be surprising why you would be banned for it.  After all, video game forums are private and fall under the discretion of the forum owner.  
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Horusra said:
    Ozmodan said:
    Cleffy said:
    Title II regulations doesn't adhere to the tenant of the internet. Communication companies were removed from title II in the 90s. Most of what we would attribute to being the internet age was under Title I regulations. Title II regulations would handle ISPs worse as it was made for copper telephone service using switch operators.
    The FCC was budget neutral. It was funded through licensing RF spectrum. They don't really levy a tax, but operate more like a business. The subsidies they provide are gained through fees and licenses they charge to ISPs.
    Well sorry, but just because they did not do it in the past does not mean they won't do it.  To start with most of the big ISPs are monopolies.  Only a few big cities have any choice of ISP, they tend to avoid areas serviced by other providers.  So there is really nothing a subscriber can do if an ISP decides to do such.  These big ISPs are in the business of making money and as cable fees continue dropping you can bet they will be looking at these other methods of making income and it will not be good for the consumer.
    Of course they will.  It is insanely naive to believe otherwise.

    I mean, I get the anti-government ideology, but do the people who believe in that ever come up for air and look at what happens when government regulations are removed?  We have to live in the real world and deal with things as they are not as we believe they should be.  And the truth is that given half a chance the corporations would own us.  The only thing stopping them is government.

    Look what regulation gave us...Obama Care crap
    Very true, can't wait for those awesome pre-existing conditions to come back so my insurance can tell me my injury in Afghanistan is pre-existing condition and I'm free to pay for it myself.
  • Press Releases Portalarium & Lord British Joins Forces with NEVERDIE

    This is it.  This is the moment when Shroud of the Avatar officially died.  The soul crushing grind that targets retired people and cat lovers with nothing better to spend their disability money on;  now with 100% moar money laundering!

    They're all going to lose everything now.  Oh the humanity!
    I'm a cat lover and retired.  They aren't getting any of my cat money though.

  • 5 Movie Universes that Would Make Great MMOs - General Columns

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    It doesn't look like you've quite figured it out yet so I'll give you a little heads up here, the internet is where your castrated shit pushed in leftist ideology goes to die, unless you're on facebook or twitter or some lame shit like that. Get used to it babygirl.
    Okay, so I guess you don't want to contribute anything worthwhile to the discussion.  Noted.
    I already won the thread. No idea what you're on about son.
    You've won nothing, and until you address the actual issue that's what's your opinions are worth: nothing.
    Oh this suddenly turned into 'I know you are but what am I' that's about as far as I figured a CNN slurp junkie cringe hole would be able to get into the discussion. Won the thread 1+ pages ago, deal with it swine.
    Like I said, nothing worthwhile to say so far.  But I'll keep reading.  You might surprise me.
    I know you'll keep reading because you're the kinda slut that needs to slither up next to a winner.
    Hey @TheScavenger .  This is what triggered looks like.  Just fyi.
  • most-of-the-real-mmo-players-are-gone-from-this-site

    Kyleran said:
    Kyleran said:
    Meh, I am an old school MMORPG elitist, PC master race no less, and I just won't play games that aren't to my very specific tastes.

    Fortunately there is Fallout NV and 4, most fun I've had in recent years and the npcs / companions are more social than most human players in MMOs today.

    You my friend need to give Divinity:Original Sin 2 and Xcom2 a go.  Followed by replaying them with mods!
    I believe both are on my wish list, but I've got their first versions to play through I think.
    @Kyleran The awesome part is that you don't have to play them in order.  Since both are not tied to the stories of the originals.

    If you have a tablet,  I recommend playing the first Xcom there.  It comes with the Enemy Within expansion and is just a game perfectly adapted to a touch screen imo. 

     Xcom2 is currently only available on PC.  But with the steam mods I wouldn't play it on anything else.  The mod community is as big as Skyrim's.  You can make very unique changes that will vastly change the overall game. Trust me, I have over 750+ hrs on steam :-) .

    If you decide to play the first Divinity before the sequel.  If for some reason you dont like it, be open minded about the sequel.  This is one of those rare moments where the sequel outshines the original (same can be said about Xcom2).