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  • Space Epic or Black Hole?

    Here Ill just pull out the most important part of that article.

    "Realistically, backing a crowdfunded game isn’t paying for early access. It’s donating money to a developer, with the hope that the investment will pay off in the form of a game that you enjoy playing. If you can’t afford to write that off, either fiscally or emotionally, then don’t back the project."

  • Worst release since Anarchy Online 2001.. Its a shame Hello Games

    I think some people make things up in their heads and just run with it........
  • So Lotro releases Minas Tirith and crickets...

    Not enough boobs, swords are too small, and combat special effect are too dim to be covered here.
  • New Brad McQuiad Interview "I want to make Worlds. Not games."

    DMKano said:

    "But if you're making a game that is meant to be played for a longer period of time, then I think you should have a target audience and you should spend the time making the best game for them because you want to keep them around. Every player is important - not just the 3% or 5% that monetise. And especially if you're using the sub model, keeping them around and keeping them happy and making it more than a game and more of a home, that's what's important."

    Nice find, was a good read. Now I need to stop looking at this game again so I stop getting my hopes up! lol

    The problem with pure subscription model when it comes to MMOs - it's a losing battle longterm, as there's only one outcome - declining population which means decreasing profits over time.

    WoW, EvE and a handful of others managed to grow the population post launch - but inevitably after a while they too started losing players.

    What WoW and EvE both did (as well as 99.99% of all MMOs currently running) is introduce additional ways to spend money on game outside of subscription to compensate for declining playerbase - aka cash shop.

    Pantheon can launch without a cash shop - it can even run for a year or more without one - but it cannot run for 5+ years without something in addition to subscription that players can spend money on to offset declining playerbase.

    Who says an MMO is supposed to last forever.  It should last as long as its good, not as long as the developer can find ways to keep making money on a sub par or dated game.

    That's what I hate most about F2P and even most B2P games.  They just aren't very good, at all.  But they can survive simply because of the business model not because its a great game.

    How does this benefit the gamer if we keep getting crap games that still survive.  It doesn't.   If the game isn't good enough to warrant an upfront cost and a sub, it should fail and go away.  The next developer will then know they have to do better or don't bother.  I'd rather have one amazing MMO every 5 to 10 years than 20 pieces of shit every year.
  • Factions are not a good Idea!!! You are warned!

    He warned us!
  • Fastest I've ever uninstalled an mmo

    There's a few legit reasons to uninstall, but these are not them.  Most of your issues are just from impatience and unwillingness to learn or exploring the UI options.

    The one issue that's legit out of all of those is pop-in.  That's a trade off though for the extreme quality of the graphics.
    The "extreme" quality of the graphics are not better then other games with extreme graphic qualities with NO POP INS.  Stop defending defenseless engine flaws.
  • Pantheon doing level scaling? Seriously?

    Despise level scaling, sucks the immersion right out of my MMO
  • Funcom Asks Community for Direction & Focus Priorities - Conan Exiles - MMORPG.com

    I just want NPC's to raid the shit out of my base and try to destroy it,also add new dangerous mob types to the game and make it way more hazardous to explore the world,  that's it, add that and Ill be happy.
  • Does Star Citizen deserve its hate?

    Kefo said:
    goboygo said:
    Jealousy.  Jealous of a guy that raised a bunch of money, jealous of people that have more money than them to donate.  All the negative posts and hate, all of it fueled by jealously in one form or the other.  Its what people do, its in our DNA.
    You're about a year and a half late. That was the excuse then and was proven wrong time and time again so can you come up with something new please?
    Something that's in peoples DNA doesn't go away after a year and a half.  Its still the default driver for almost all of the these posts.  I will give you though, that if people hate something or someone long enough they do forget the original reason and it just becomes a default response to a situation.
  • Opening Crown Crates... For Science! - Elder Scrolls Online Videos - MMORPG.com

    DMKano said:

    Scorchien said:

    Good Vid Bill , i got bout 12k Crowns , gonna jump in and see if get lucky....

    Don't people tried and some got from 50 crates almost 30 Battle mage and Imperial Mage costumes and shit load of pots . It's a retarded money grab for Idiots by the way I guess After this retarded patch I will personally quit ESO I can't stand such outrageous greedy move from devs.

    At which point have you decided that something completely optional like crown crates, are a necessity to play ESO?
    All your comments are always technically correct, but I just cant figure our where you stand on the cash shop thing.

    Me, I think I'm pretty clear on it :)