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  • Griefers costing me rl money ?

    My understanding is that after being killed once you can't lose anymore spirit for 2.5 hours. So you cannot get camped.

    The direct counter to griefing is if he did kill you 'many' times he would lose exponentially more play time when he gets killed/imprisoned. So while everyone will lose a little play time due to getting killed in general, a griefer will lose a lot more. This balances the practical reality that he is imposing on your playstyle.

    You also have to take into account the OPC feature, which means a griefer can never log off. He can't enter a settlement and is vulnerable 24 hours a day. Unlike in other mmos where a griefer can log in/off when it is to his advantage.
  • Alright, Caspian, let's dance

    Asm0deus said:

    Instead of talking to us normally Caspian showed himself to be very sensitive about such questions and frankly came across like a snarky, angry kid and totally put some of us off even wanting to back this game even though we thought it had some very interesting ideas.
    Oh I have no doubt that his response should not have been made but let me ask you this; do you deny there was maliciousness from some posters? That is what would have prompted his response which is now being construed as a general attack on everyone, which makes no logical sense whatsoever.
  • State of the Studio

    I was going to wait another two weeks before posting this but given this announcement... Funding income still steady two weeks after New Year, not enough time to say one way or the other. Basically they can continue to develop at £100k per month.

    Of the staff picture posted earlier (16 people) are those the remaining people or pre-layoffs?

  • Alright, Caspian, let's dance

    Don't you just love it when feature creep is so real that the core of the game isn't even getting attention / its base features added anymore.

    I really do not think these guys can pull it off. It shows by adding little things like this instead of focusing 100% on the features and core they already have. Instead they are just jumping all over the place adding little easy things to make it look like stuff is getting done.

    Word of advice is to focus on the core features you already have and get that in before adding even more fluff to that long list you already have. Otherwise this game feels like a Greed Monger 3.0 happening all over.
    This is pretty much the reason why traditionally MMOs have publishers to keep devs on track. Without someone to tell them "No, you have a deadline to focus on instead of getting sidetracked" they are all over the place. :P
    This is really true. Sometimes publishers get a bad rap for just making the hard, but necessary choices.
  • so this game has "alpha classes"

    Talents do not sound like "Alpha Classes" at all. Alpha classes refer to a player class that anyone can get and will be had by a significant percentage of the player base.

    In this case Talents are severely restricted and are story devices before anything else. It is deliberately misleading to use the term "class".

    Talents are not Alpha Classes.

    Finally, players have never managed to keep a sandbox alive by themselves; just look at Darkfall and Mortal. The wailing of boredom because there is no RPG element or story is deafening.

    Players need a developer created framework within which to war, siege and socialize. Their actions need an RPG context because the alternative, forum drama, is only interesting for a minority. Hopefully Soulbound, Talents, Dynasties will be that framework.
  • Alright, Caspian, let's dance

    So why does Caspian get a pass after:

    For one, he doesn't seem to be getting a pass and there are mitigating factors. Firstly he is not being paid a salary and secondly the project is funded by donations. The very nature of this project is more speculative than the type of project you might be working on. There is a reason this game is being made by an Indie dev and funded by Kickstarter, the economic risk is too large to have passed muster in a regular business. People that support Kickstarter should realise that it will be less of a polished, professional experience and not get in a huff if things get a bit hairy.

    So by all means people can raise concerns but the level of malicious hyperbole is ridiculous given the nature of the project.
  • Do we know officially that this will be a MMORPG and not a MORPG like DayZ Mod?

    @Timberhick Unfortunately often the "questions" that are raised are more about different preferences rather than whether the planned design is good or not. In fact any discussion of a planned design without a prototype is pretty much hot air. So it comes down to someone either liking or not liking a feature.

    People like you are called trolls because you are not simply stating that you dislike a feature but you are generally negative. The major naysayers like you don't say x, y, z is really good but a or b is a concern, this could be a way to solve it. It is just straight up negativity and doom and gloom. It is clear people like you are not here to discuss a game but to moan and let out frustration.