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  • Quote from steam player 2000+ hours.

    This sums it up. LOL. O well though Trion loves you all for spending god awful amounts of cash, in a addictive CC battle. 

    2,016.7 hrs on record
    Posted: March 28
    Oh Boy... where to start? As you can see, I've sunk lots of time into this game.

    One of the most amazing MMO's I've ever played that has everything, yet made thoroughly unenjoyable by the mechanics, hackers, and cash cow decisions by the publisher.

    Archeage has it all. PVP, PVE, Ships, Boats, Piracy, Farming, Harvesting, Crafting, player housing, good graphics and if the greedy developers weren't so well, greedy I'd still be playing.

    So to the bad and why I quit.

    1. Hacker & Exploits. At launch and for a few months after it, hackers were able to exploit some serious flaws in the game that allowed them to become super super wealthy whilst legitimate players struggled. This shafted the economy which as of now (March 2015) is in one hell of a mess with everything on the AH incredibly expensive. Hackers were able to land grab very early on and as land was in such high demand, people would pay silly money for a small farmhouse. It's only now due to the fact most people have left the game that land is available all over.

    3. Labor. In this game if you want to do anything related to farming, you spend labor points which once spent, regenerate over time. Now here's the giggle. If you log off, overnight you will generate enough labor points for around 10 mins of farming. If you stay logged on, permanently, you'll gain double. This system is designed to make money from the Korean player base who pay per hour for internet use. It has no place in the western market. It's the main reason I quit the game.

    4. Gear. The best gear is crafted. Unfortunately the crafting system is so RNG based the only way you'll get gear is to buy it but because the economy is so borked, the good gear is so rediculously priced it's unreachable for the majority of players. I worked out that one bow was around £600 real money if you bought enough apexes to buy it. Generating that kind of income can only be achieved via hacking. What this ultimately has lead to is a small majority of players with the gear being able to one shot people in PVP. 

    5. Cash Cow Attitude .Going back to point 3. Run out of labor? No problem, you can buy a Labor pot from the cash store or for around 100 gold on the AH. Want to improve your gear, you'll need to play the RNG game with uber rare items. Don't worry though you can buy these uber rare items from the cash shop.. Want to sell your property? You'll need some appraisal tickets available from the cash shop. Want that awesome weapon? Buy APEX from the cash shop and sell in game for gold.... The list goes on.

    6. The don't like constructive feedback if it's not positive. I made only 2 posts on their forums, one was about how the labor system was hurting the game and driving players away. A couple of weeks later I tried to log into the forums and found my forum account had been 'permanently' banned. lol... I created a support ticket which 2 months later is still unanswered. lol This for me was actually the straw that broke the camels back and 3 days ago, reluctantly I cancelled my 4 accounts.

    7. Epic player abandonment. I've never experienced such an over subscribed game at launch which became void of players within 6 months. At the start the you had to queue for hours to get on. Land was so in demand, some folks after 3 months still could not find any free. Property was sold for silly amounts. Every square inch of farming land was occupied. Fast forward 6 months later and land is available everywhere. Go to arena and it's the same OP geared players over and over.

    8... I could go on.

    9... I could go on

    10. I've lost motivation to continue listing the reason this game is one to avoid.

    All in all Archeage is a truly ground breaking MMO that is a victim of poor management and greed. It's such a shame because in the right hands this would be an MMO to invest all your time in.

    Seriously, just avoid it and spare yourself the inevitable pain and frustration that will come from playing this game.
  • What do you think of Archeage?

    Gdemami said:
    Loktofeit said:
    Great game ruined by aggressive monetization model. Such a shame
    So much this. 
    How so..?
    Ask DMkano, he is the expert on trions cash shop. 
  • Soft launch and no one cares?

    Howry said:
    I consider it more of a money grab then a game.  Good luck to those that are willing to give it a go. 
    Well I didn't have any luck lol, I gave them 40 bucks like a year ago, found out within like a day that it was going to be peer to peer and lagged me like hell, cause my internet sucks, and tried to get a refund, and they ran me around for like 5 hours, and i said damn if 40 bucks means that much to you keep it lol. 
  • EVE Online has No Problem Getting New Players, but Retaining them is an Issue

    Emotions instead of skills may be the answer [Article originally appeared over at Destructoid andhttp://massivelyop.com/2016/05/01/eve-evolved-fixing-the-new-player-experience-again/ ]

    "It's super depressing," Andie Nordgren said with a sort of semi-defeated smile. She's the executive producer of EVE Online, one of the deepest and most complex sandbox video games in existence, and she's reacting to a key statistic that developer CCP shared at this year's EVE Fanfest: In the past year, more than 1.5 million new players signed up to try EVE Online; the overwhelming majority of them permanently quit after two hours.

    Of course Nordgren feels that way. How could she not feel that way? She's steering the ship that has created one of the biggest living science fiction universes of all time, a game that tens of thousands of people are logged into at any given minute. There's obvious appeal for anyone willing to see it through, but that's the exact issue -- so, so many would rather give up than dig deeper.

    In my third Fanfest, it's a problem that has come up before. Every year, in fact. This is the first time that CCP has quantified it, though. The new player experience is something the developer is continually working on, and that's assurance we get every single year.

    One of the oddest moments of the weekend concerned this very topic. CCP took some time out of the EVE Online keynote to address the new player experience to its install-base who cares enough about the game to trek to Iceland in celebration of it. It's important to everyone; those EVE veterans stand to hypothetically see their corporations and alliances grow with an influx of new players.

    How to retain new EVE Online players? The short of it is that CCP will try to structure the initial experience to tell stories and to form an emotional connection. It wants players to care about the game before they're concerned with learning all of its systems.

    How that will work remains to be seen. In our interview, Nordgren admitted it's a very fresh perspective, one that's far from fully formed. "We're really early stage and that's kind of the reason (CCP Ghost) was talking more conceptually about how we're thinking and how we’re approaching it. What I really want is that you don't feel like it's a tutorial, but that you feel that you just started playing the game," she said.

    Nordgren continued "This is how I want to experience games today. I don't necessarily have time to first learn and then to play. I want to learn by playing. I want to take some meaningful actions while I'm learning that feel like they have something to do with my progression. We're going to try to build an experience where you're involved and it's clear to you how you're making progress while we gradually reveal more of the complexity of the game. But it feels like you're playing, not like you're learning."

    As for the "It's super depressing" quote she started with? Nordgren supplemented it with an understanding that EVE isn't necessarily for everyone, and even the people who appreciate it might not have a life-long relationship with it. 

    "I know that we have a hobby-type experience and that's also something that not everyone is into. I think that we'll always have a lot of people who kind of go 'Oh, that looks cool!' and then they get into it and are like 'Ehhh, okay that wasn’t for me,'" she said. "You're never going to sign everyone up, right? But, I think we have a chance to have more people at least enjoy some more time in New Eden before they drop out. Then, of course, some of those will actually discover EVE as a hobby and as a passion. I think that's the exchange. If we can give you a more powerful experience in the beginning, it's not necessarily that everyone has to stick around forever. I think it's a fair trade that if we can give you a better experience, you might stick around for more time. You're happy, we're happy, and then you may or may not stay as an EVE hobbyist, if you will."

    The main reason I quit eve was that it is pay 2 win. Not only is it pay 2 win, but the people who have been there longer are always better off. I mean some people roll with 5-10 accounts at once, its bad. They always say 10 of thousands of play, I really doubt it, more like 1000-5000 with a bunch of account. 
  • Soft launch and no one cares?

    Lol, I quit when they made it peer to peer. And tried to charge 10000 for a basement haha. Deleted it from my steam. 
  • Soft launch and no one cares?

    Tokken said:
    game still needs alot of help.  Lord British has failed again.

    Didnt know he ever succeeded ? The only reason UO even worked when it first came out was because it was the only game lol. It was a utter failure, and people had to change the whole design of it, to make it last as long as it has. I think i remember reading he took all the money from Tabusla or what ever its called and went into space, but that game failed as well. The only reason I donated 40 bucks, was because I thought it might be a fun, till he made it peer to peer, cause apparently he was to cheap to run servers. 

    Though that is if your looking at it from purely a gaming perspective, if you look at his master skills in the art of stealing peoples money with trash, and getting away with it he didn't fail at that. I remember when i followed it for the 2 days i did lol, some one actually bought the 10000 dollar in game castle ahahahahahahah. So i mean you can't say he failed on that one. You gotta be one evil, sly bastard to convince some one to spend 10 grand on a fantasy castle for a game that may never come out. Key word there being game too haha. I mean I can say I am guilty of spending way to much money on video games, one time I spent like a grand on UO, but I had a bunch of fun in the game, and I sold it all for like 900 bucks, so it was all worth it. I seriously seriously seriously seriously, did i say seriously doubt, the person who dumped 10 grand for the fantasy castle will ever be able to sell it for anything. Maybe if hes evil to, and convinces some other sucker, that the game is bad ass and gets him to buy it. 

    Btw very nice saying on the bottom of your posts. 

    Garriott has a lot of problems as a game designer, but this screed is pretty bogus.  You don't need to cite made up stories to give him flack.
    To my knowledge I didn't make up anything. The last I played the game was peer 2 peer meaning it leaches peoples upload to host it. Uo did fail, which is why they had to add Tram, and the millions of other changes they added. Now there are only like 300 or so people interested in UO the way it was when he made it. The only one I am un sure of, is the space thing I just heard it never checked on it, which i said. 

    As for that 10000 dollar castle, i am sure if you go to the page you will find out for your self that he sold one of those castles, there were only 2 if I remember. So please tell me what I made up. As for spending a grand on Uo I didn't make that up either, you can to this day easily spend a grand on UO, and still make your money back. I just sold a UO account I played for about 2 months, for 70 bucks. So again what the hell are you talking about? The guys signature about a warrior being like steel, when they lose temper they both are useless, well that is truth to? Did you smoke something before reading that comment lol. 

    Well a quick search found he did go to space in On October 12, 2008, and tabula rasa was released in 2007. so once again yep sounds like he took the money from a failed game, went to space instead of re investing it to make the game work. So again you smoke something before you read my post?
  • lol what is going on with radeon

    Rich84 said:
    Whats the point of this thread? are you trying to justify a recent fanboy edition purchase?

    The RX480 is on par or beats 390/x for $240 and uses alot less power.

    The 1060 is only 5-10% better and the FE edition is $300 don't see you complaining about it? 
    The point of this thread is to show how ignorant I am when it comes to chip design, die size and power consumption, along with how stupid it is to compare a new generation mid range card with previous generation high end cards.
    Fixed it for you.
    Your just still personally mad at me, from my other post, and just take anything I say and twist it, to try and personally attack me. O well, I don't hold it against you, you after all are a Social Justice Warrior, there is not much hope for reality to get into that ego filled head of yours. 
  • I guess I am just gonna have to accept Pay 2 win cash shops, and gambling boxes lol.

    Well, they fixed the lag at least.