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  • This is the greatest era of PC gaming

    Currently I have a bunch of online games I enjoy playing.  I've never had so many games to play depending on my mood.  None of them have a sub, so I don't have to worry about dropping any of them at any time.

    - Black Desert
    - Overwatch
    - SMITE
    - Hearthstone

    There are literally TONS of other online choices for PC gaming.  With STEAM and Kickstarter going strong, there are new games being made constantly.  Almost every week it seems like there's a new interesting game to check out on PC.

    I think back to a couple years ago and I would be playing like 1 online game, and there would be 1 or 2 decent offline games made every 6 months or so.

    This is the greatest era of PC gaming, and it shows no sign of stopping any time soon.
  • The Way Forward for a Genre

    I'll never buy the game unless they change the monetization model.

    How much have you spent in the cash shop so far? I understand that you got a press pack for free which included a pet I believe. Assuming you didn't get it for free, how much have you spent?

    "The base price of $30 is an absolute bargain for Black Desert. And while the cash shop has seen its ups and downs, it’s all fairly benign, even the “Ghillie Suit”"

    The ghillie suit might seem benign to you because you can't even be attacked. You're not looking to compete at endgame in any way shape or form, so things like needing 3 pets don't bother you either (which are very handy when you're grinding for hours).

    As for the game being revolutionary or pushing the genre forward, I'm not seeing it. It has tons of side activities and it looks pretty (minus the pop-in). Like, if I take off your rose-tinted glasses and translate the following:

    "I was making beer in my Velia cottage, to keep my workers happy (or drunk) and working. I then saw that my guild began a quest to collect crafting materials, and wound up wandering around the countryside looking for maple and ash trees, only to be attacked by wandering bears in the dark of night. I had no lantern to light my way, and I’m pretty sure my Ranger peed her pants (or was that me?). I then had to go eat dinner, so I went to my study and began reading a book while I went AFK in order to work on my knowledge level. I managed to get some time later in the evening and decided to chase down some Black Spirit quests to progress the story a bit. When real-life night came, I didn’t log out. I parked my ranger with empty bags near an uncrowded fishing spot and let her make me money while I slept."

    Translates into:

    I was clicking some boxes on menus, then I went and did a guild pick-up 10 of whatever quest. I afked a bit. I then did some more quests. Then I afked all night with my computer on because that's a good way to make money in this game.

    ^ This is not compelling me to buy the game.


    There is so much talk of people "not getting it", "throwing away preconceived notions", etc, it all reminds me of a cult to be frank. When you get down to the specifics, the middle of the game "looks pretty and has lots of side activities". Now, this IS different, but it doesn't require taking drugs or meditating on the meaning of life or anything to see.


    I think the game is really interesting in that it shows there's a huge demand for a 3-D graphic-intense version of Stardew Valley. Personally, I'm not one of those people, but I think a future dev would do well to look at what players are enjoying in this game and reproducing it, without the invevitable PVP endgame.
  • So Blizzard has made a clone.

    This is what Blizzard has always done.  Take a solid idea and polish it up.


    Not sure what exact games would be the "inspiration" for the Warcraft/Starcraft or Diablo series, but I'm sure there were games that were very similar yet unpolished versions before them.

    Anyway, you can't fault players for wanting to play polished versions of games with solid ideas.

    This has always been the problem with Blizzard- they don't innovate, so their wild success is bad for innovation in gaming, especially when companies try to copy their copies of games- we end up with a crapload of soulless games.

    At the same time, it's Blizzard's strength.  They can just about say they've never made a bad game, which would have been impossible if they were coming up with new and original ideas (some are bound to fail).

  • 1 Hour in - My thoughts

    DMKano said:
    It's worth mentioning that Icarus has been in Korea for years and is much older than BDO. So keep that in mind this predates BDO by a couple of years when making comparisons.
    Also keep in mind BDO may be the best MMO ever made, so keep that in mind when making comparisons, too.
  • UPDATED - Layoffs Confirmed at Perfect World & Trion- MMORPG.com News

    DMKano knew about this weeks ago.
  • Best decision I've made in the past 2 years was leaving this game

    So glad I left this game a few months after launch.  It's still fun to drop in these forums from time to time and see what the latest scam/screwup from Trion is, though.

    When I think of all the time I saved slaving away at my virtual farm or doing trade runs just to try to compete with exploiters or people that paid hundreds or thousands of dollars on their toons, it's hard to believe I spent any time at all on this sham of a game.

    I feel bad for anyone that's going into this game without realizing what they are getting into.
  • Black Desert gone HARD p2w! (Cash shop Items, available at Market Place next week)

    God damn it.
  • Camelot Unchained - And So 2017 Begins & What It Might Bring - MMORPG.com

    This is the one game out of the new batch of MMORPGs that really looks like it could be great.
  • Fastest I've ever uninstalled an mmo

    There's a few legit reasons to uninstall, but these are not them.  Most of your issues are just from impatience and unwillingness to learn or exploring the UI options.

    The one issue that's legit out of all of those is pop-in.  That's a trade off though for the extreme quality of the graphics.
  • Blizzard DDoSers caught by the FEDs

    NorseGod said:
    Forgrimm said:
    NorseGod said:
    Dakeru said:
    Wow this is great.
    They only feel strong cause of the anomity the internet provides.

    This time they got fully exposed.
    Tell us all why we need to know the real identities of people on the internet. Go ahead.
    When you break the law, you generally lose some rights.
    Which has nothing to do with what this person is implying. 
    hmm, I don't think he was saying anonymity is a bad thing.  Just that the anonymity of the internet tends to make people think they can get away with anything on the internet.