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  • Were done.

    Its We're not were.

    And I completely disagree with the entire word salad above. Gamers have more choices now than ever before in the 30 years I've been playing video games. You can pick giant AAA games, tiny little 8 bit retro games or anything from the plethora of games in between. This goes for MMORPG's, FPS games, MOBA's or any of the other genres. Heck, my hardest gaming decisions are trying to figure out which one of the 10 games I'm currently playing I want to spend time in at any given moment.
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  • Why Derek Smart is right about Star Citizen - His facts and why SC is likely to fail

    Did you even bother trying to get a refund before doing a charge back?

    As for my thoughts on DS, he's a failed game dev.. thats pretty much it. He has about as much relevance as the crap i scooped out of the litter box this morning.

    If SC ever gets finished I'll give it a try, just like I do with any game that interests me regardless what some randoms on the internet are saying about it. 
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  • Kakao Thanks Its Community for Two Years of Epic Adventures - Black Desert Online - MMORPG.com

    Are you 2 serious?

    Everyone that ordered those packages, me included, got everything we paid for 2 years ago. They didn't have to toss us anything ever again for it. I think it's a nice gesture. My account page is full of free items they have handed out over the last 2 years for things like extended downtimes and server problems. They didn't need to give us any of those things either but they did.

    I think it's a bit ridiculous to criticize them for this.
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  • So I bought ESO.

    Funny I bought ESO key cheap online too not more than a week ago. After I first booted it up it felt strange. I checked when this game was released 'cause it felt like it's 15 years old or something very bland graphics and terrible animations it almost felt amateurish. After 1 hour I had to wipe it off my harddrive I couldn't stand that mediocrity.
    It's always so easy to spot the people that bad mouth a game even though they've clearly never even played it.

    1 LOL for you sir.
  • Account Harsh Ban for improper naming?

    I have less than zero tolerance for online trolls and idiots who are only out to offend people for laughs so I applaud any company that takes an aggressive stance against people like the OP. 
  • Players to be Able to 'Buy' Legendaries in 7.2.5 + Allied Races + Fate of Artifacts - World of Warcr

    Pure P2W.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II Review – This is the Star Wars Game You’ve Been Looking For - Not So MMO -

    mmrv said:

    Doesnt matter how much you love Stars Wars or think the game will be fun YOU MUST NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. The only way you can put a stop to this crap is to nip it in the bud immediately and kill their revenue on games pushing this MT crap.

    If you buy it you are reinforcing their greed and you will doom yourself for ever just like we have seen the "early access" cancer take over the entire industry.

    Speak with your money they will get the message do not purchase these types of games and they will remove the MT/cashshop scams.

    BTW sorry the developers/artists/animators/story people DO NOT GET TO WASH THEIRS HANDS of this they have a voice they chose to participate in creating this cancer, and they push the cost up on these products development with their own personal greed of commanding big salaries, all under the expectation YOU the game fans will suck it up and shovel them your money.

    LMAO at this... you don't get to tell me what to spend money on.
  • The Last Jedi Content Begins Today, More Coming Throughout the Month - Star Wars: Battlefront II - M

    I hadn't been checking the updates and was pretty surprised this morning when I was prompted to choose a side then after my 1st round I got nearly 2k credits. It's a good change IMO. I'm looking forward to the new map and single player missions.

    Controversies aside I've been enjoying this one since launch and play at least a few rounds every day and even with my mediocre FPS skills I've been able to level up my troopers abilities with no issues.
  • 'Recurrent Consumer Spending' is the New Metric at Take-Two - General News

    Meh, microtransactions in general don't bother me. Only when they are clearly P2W do i think it is a detriment.

    There is a certain segment of gamers that have been asking for a long time for more ways to buy into games, be it loot boxes or cosmetics or DLC. The companies have started giving those people what they want and it has proven wildly successful.

    Don't like it? Then don't support companies that do it. Free market capitalism at its best, as it should be.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    I've been reading this thread all day at work, lots of good points on both sides IMO. Regardless, this isn't something that is going to be up for a vote. The new FCC chairman will be the one that decides and he takes his marching orders from the White House and it looks like it is most likely going away. If you really want to see Net Neutrality stay in place I'd suggest writing him and your congressmen.