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  • My little review of Overwatch

    DISCLAIMER: This review is personal opinion only. Take it as that, and nothing else. Any personal attacks will be reported immediately.
    Also, this review is about the PC version of the game.

    Let my first introduce myself. Beside being a fervent MMORPG player, I have a quite long yet very old FPS background. I started playing those games with the very first DOOM, that's quite a while ago. I have played a few others like SW:Battlefront recently, but not really as much as I used to before moving to the MMORPG genre with Ultima Online.

    Now about Overwatch... if someone had told me a few months ago that I'd get hooked by a team FPS game, I'd have laughed at him. That already says a lot about what Blizzard did with Overwatch. I'm older, slower, and also lacking training, but Overwatch adapts to all play styles. That's what attracted me during the beta. That I could jump in while no longer being a split millisecond twitch player and yet still be very useful to my team.


    Overwatch has fabulous graphics, and a smooth game engine that runs well even on older computers. A coworker at the office played it on an Intel NUK, of course with all settings on low, and it was OK, and still looking decently good too.
    I said fabulous, but as usually with Blizzard, in a heavily stylized cartoonish style which may not appeal to everyone. The map design is excellent, with each showing a stylized version of its respective country.
    The game shows that the Blizzard art team is still one of the very best of the gaming industry.

    SCORE: 9/10


    Overwatch has a very nice soundtrack fitting to an epic shooter, with intro music fitting the different maps. The music is generally pleasing and you don't feel the need to turn it off like in some other games.
    The game sounds and hero emotes and chatting perfectly fit the style of the game, just like the graphics do. There are nice, amusing details, like when specific heroes are on specific maps, they sometimes have a discussion related to it during the intro part of the match. The combat sounds are of the same high quality and fit the characters perfectly too.
    The sound engine fully exploit my 5.1 home cinema receiver's capabilities, I can hear the enemies coming from behind, surround is perfectly managed. I've read on the forums that some people have problems with the Dolby Atmos sound on headphones, but I haven't experienced that on my system.

    SCORE: 9/10


    Overwatch has 21 heroes in 4 different roles, offense, defense, tank and support. And they managed to make them all feel different. As I already mentionned in my introduction, the strength of OW is that you have heroes for all playstyles and twitch capabilities. The heroes range from the stereotypical FPS character (Soldier 76) or the Doom/Quake style rocket launcher user with a twist (Pharah), to healers like Mercy or the typical tank like Reinhardt. Some heroes will requires twitch aiming skills, while others will work just fine even for less twitch skilled people like me. And like all Blizzard games, the "easy to learn, hard to master" motto applies.
    Combat is fast and fun, and more oriented on strategy and smart choice of heroes rather than brute force and super sniping skills. If people run around like headless chicken killing everything in sight, your team will most likely lose. But if they work intelligently on the objectives, then you have good chances to win. I like this concept of "smart shooter", rather than the game being just about who can turn around the fastest and make a headshot.
    One negative point would be some balance issues (yeah Bastion, looking at you here), and also some "ultimate" skills being a bit too powerful and faceroll easy. The "overtime" system compensates a bit for that, but the smart use of a single "ultimate" can completely turn the tide of the game. Granted, it's also part of the strategy, but sometimes it's just frustrating to have played well during the whole match just to lose at the end because some Hanzo or D-Va facerolled his ultimate. This works for both sides, thankfully, but ideally I'd have liked some ultimates to be a bit less powerful.

    SCORE: 8/10


    Well, needless to say that I'm having a blast. The game is definitely worth the $40 entry price, or even the $60 for the Origin edition I have purchased. The game achieves what every video game should achieve, giving great amounts of fun while having little negative (frustrating) points. This gets the perfect score for me, worth every cent invested. And the fact that the game is B2P means we have all heroes and maps available immediately and the in game store is 100% cosmetic, not to mention it only sells stuff that you can get by just playing the game.

    SCORE: 10/10

    Final SCORE: 9/10

    Overwatch is not perfect, but its for sure a hell lot of fun, and its design can attract even people who aren't familiar or skilled in the usual heavily twitch based FPS games.
    One of the best game in that genre that I have played.

  • Worst MMO

    The games listed by some people here really made me /facepalm...

    Let's use Wildstar as an example, because I disliked that game too and wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pool after having played the beta.

    Ok, you don't like the game. I agree with you, I don't like it either.

    Does it make it among the worst MMOs ever?

    Sorry, but if you think that, you must have played VERY few MMOs, or you have selective memory problems. The amount of "pile of shit" MMOs that are so much worse than Wildstar it's not even funny is huge. Wildstar, despite its flaws, is polished, playable, artistically well done (in its specific style) and technically stable.

    I could go along with many of the games quoted in this thread. Serious, guys, have you really, ever, played a REALLY BAD game?

    Some good examples have been listed in the thread of really bad games, let me add a big one: Dark and Light. Not only it was a scam at the end, but it was a huge, steaming, pile of crap.

    But games like Wildstar, Guild Wars 2 or SW:TOR, the worst ever? People who think that can only have very little experience with MMORPGs and have only played very few of them.
  • Why the outrage...I'll cover everything.

    First I'll say this will be one of my last post.

    Why do I not believe that? Go figure...

    My friendly advice: stop taking everything here so seriously. It's just about games.
    And stop presenting your own personal opinions as facts.
    And stop being arrogant by pretending knowing what other players think and what their reasons are to play this or that game.
    And stop being a rude arrogant prick by calling people who play games different than those you like and approve "starving person(s) eat(ing) shit".

    Actually, many who post here and you insult were playing those games before you started.

    But I have the feeling I may as well fart in the wind ;)
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  • The problem with modern mmo's

    This thread earns the

    stamp, because it was never done before ;)

    Modern games evolved for the better. They got rid of forced grouping, which was a stupid mechanic, and introduced encouraged grouping through dungeons and open world bosses that give the best rewards of the game.

    Having to spam a chat channel for 30 minutes before even being able to play has never been fun.
  • My little review of Overwatch

    DMKano said:
    I wonder how it would score for you  if you were to review it again in 3 and then again 6 months.
    I wonder why that matters. And I don't "spit in the soup", as we say in my country. I used to love old games like UO, back then I'd give it a high score, by today's standards its an old game, it doesn't change my score for when I was playing it and having fun.

    Hell (pun intended), there was a time we would play DOOM (and later QUAKE) almost every week end on a LAN party with friends. Back then, those games were a blast. Now they are old, outdated, does that change the fun I had when they were at their prime? Not even a bit.

    It's just a game. Buy it, have fun. If you ask yourself "but will I still have fun in 6 months?", you'll never have fun at all at the end.

    Have a nice Sunday, and thanks for bumping the thread ;)
  • Warcraft Movie Loses Big Bucks Despite Chinese Revenue

    This doesn't take into account the millions of Warcraft fans who will purchase the Blu-Ray disc...
    Don't worry, they'll still make a profit at the end.
  • most-of-the-real-mmo-players-are-gone-from-this-site

    You crack me up... in almost each of your post, you invoke some kind of imaginary majority you'd be part of, without any proofs, numbers, reliable source, nothing.

    And each time, you think I'm mean for pointing at that nonsense. Yet you do it again and again.

    Maybe you need that kind of imaginary stuff to make you feel important, or at least try to make your posts feel more important than they are?
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  • Legion is Here, Are You Playing?

    Arskaaa said:
    enjoy ur garrison 2.0 :D
    its same shit all over again.
    You obviously aren't playing and don't know a thing about this expansion.
  • Lets build a definition of "MMOG" most of us can live with

    MMOG includes "Massively". That should be enough for any intelligent person not trolling to agree on what kind of games it defines. The "main world" of the game must be accessible at the same time by a massive amount of players. And than doesn't mean 10 players on a minecraft server.

    I love both Overwatch and WoW.
    WoW is a MMORPG.
    Overwatch is NOT.

    Lobby games aren't MMOGs either.

    GW1 wasn't a MMORPG (and the developers themself defined it as a "CORPG", cooperative online RPG), GW2 is.

    This said, there's only one troll regularly bringing this back into any thread he posts in, thankfully he's banned right now. Happy new year to him.
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  • Do MMO developers have no passion anymore and is why MMOs fail?

    Could we have ONE single thread not filled with assumptions about what developers think and do?
    Would be nice for a change.