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  • On BDO being P2W

    Since logic has seemed to completely eject itself off of these forums, let me break it down.


    Black Desert online is literally no more P2W than Guild Wars 2 was when it was released and from what I remember everyone seemed pretty okay with their cash shop.


    Go play ArcheAge if you really want to see what a true P2W MMO looks like. This is literally nothing and could be a million times worse

    It comes down to simple logic in the long run.

    This game has managed to do something people have been asking for, for a very long time. It is an open world without instancing (other than housing) once you're on the server. It allows nearly endless character progression and open ended professions where you can learn more than just a couple of things. All of this with action combat and fantastic graphics. Without a subscription.

    This game is literally a technological masterpiece.

    Yet here people are complaining about some stupid ghillie suit and a few other things like pets. Really? REALLY? Have you been locked in a closet for the last 10 years? Have you not seen the MMO's we have had to deal with? This game stomps on them and in more ways than one. It has achieved what some developers claimed to be impossible and did it with a B2P model.

    In conclusion, if you know of some magical perfect MMO that is as good as this with free/cheap costumes and absolutely NO advantages no matter how minor. Then please let me know, because you have found the MMO of my dreams. However, if you don't have an MMO that does that, then please go crawl back into the dark corners of the internet because we are tired of dealing with you.

    Have a great day.
  • Black Desert Review/Overview

    Black Desert online

    There have been many posts lately hating on Black Desert online without any real evidence to back it up. I have about 150 hours now and feel that I can give a decent overview of the MMO for those on the edge of buying it or wanting to know more. I will attempt to be as non-biased as possible, but do not be surprised if I stick up for it. The engine alone has tons of love put into it and I respect that about them.

    Anyways, here we go.

    The good about Black Desert

    1. The game came out recently, you can catch up quick.

    2. It is F2P and no P2W. Tho some people consider the ghillie suit to be an issue, but honestly in comparison to most F2P PvP games this is nothing. For those that do not know what it does, it basically removes your name plate.

    3. While gold sellers still spam in chat, there is no actual trading between players directly. Meaning that buying gold is impossible unless someone buys an account.

    4. While the cash shop is fairly pricey, the items cannot be traded on the auction house which also backs up no P2W.

    5. It has great action combat, if that's your thing. It is very similar to Vindictus in terms of combat, though maybe not as skill based as it, but you can certainly outplay people.

    6. There is frankly just a ton of things to do. Fishing, hunting, Alchemy, Gathering, Trade (NPC trading), Smelting or cooking. There is no limit to these professions in terms of which ones you can use, so you can do them whenever you feel like.

    7. This games has the strongest RPG elements I have seen in an MMO for quite some time. If you are looking for a living world sandbox-ish type game, this is probably the best you are going to get. Some examples are stronger monsters at night, but you get more exp (Also fairly dark nights). NPC's kind of do their own thing except the vendors. Some actually close at night. IMO this is basically doing Elder Scrolls online better than Elder Scrolls online did.

    8. There are many uncharted things on your map, and they do not become charted when you find them. This means that exploration is a very real thing in this MMO. Such as finding a dungeon few know about or simply going where you please. The map in general is huge and is not linear in any shape or form.

    9. Gear has no level requirements and does not soulbind. Meaning if you want to reroll later, it will be a lot easier. Gear is also more preference based rather than best in slot. Gems can be placed into gear to further the customization of said piece. (Such as casting speed, knockdown resistance, accuracy, movement, crit rate and so on)

    10. The graphics are absolutely beautiful. Easily the best looking MMO hands down. Some complain about the pop-in. High end mode gets rid of this, but you would need a beast of a machine. Otherwise the game runs very nicely with next to no lag. 

    11. Guild progression is fairly interesting. Your guild can accept missions and then go out into the world to do them. Other guilds can try to stop you. These can be from killing 4,000 skeletons to bringing goods from one place to another.

    12. Despite what people say, the servers are still crowded even at off-times. 

    13. Boats. Not as good as ArcheAge boats (though nothing probably ever will be), but at least it still has them.

    Some possible bad things to consider about BDO

    1. You would probably need to buy a pet or get the $50 version of the game for the included pet. There is no AOE looting, but the pets are around just 8 or 10 dollars. They pick up loot for you.

    2. The game IS very gear based....but there are very few open world PvP mmos that aren't and this one at least has action combat to allow outplays, but this also means that you can sometimes get flat out destroyed.

    3. Death isn't major as it is in some MMO's. You lose 2% exp (You cannot de-level). This is a non-issue before lvl 50, but at lvl 50 it starts to hurt since you can go past lvl 50 ( I think max is 55 or 60 atm) and 2% is like 10-30 mins of killing. Also your gems can break.

    4. You are not flagged for PvP until lvl 45, this is a love or hate thing. It's there to stop low levels from being non-stop ganked.

    5. There is a criminal system, another love or hate thing. It works much like EVE's system. You have a karma level, if you kill someone that you're not at war with, you lose karma. Too much karma lost and guards will kill you on sight and you have more penalties when you die, up to the point of dropping your items (At least that's what I'm told, haven't gone on a murder spree). This means that most people will only kill when it benefits them, such as defending their grind spot or whatnot.

    6. Not much customization in terms of what your character actually wears, unless you put down some money for a cash shop costume or some dye. I personally don't find it a huge issue, but it's worth mentioning. 

    7. The game is a grind, not as bad as other games, but it is still here. The action combat does a fairly good job of hiding it.

    That is pretty much my overall view on the game. I have to say that I am currently loving the game at the moment and sort of wish people would stop trash talking it constantly and calling it an "already dead game", but the internet will continue being the internet. I would probably rate it a 9/10 with said point losses being the expensive cash shop and the potential ghillie suit issue.

    I recommend it to those that miss the RPG in their MMO.
  • I finally accepted the fact

    Light the beacons, the world is ending.

    [mod edit] This isn't anymore P2W than Guild Wars 2 was. Stop overreacting.
  • "EverQuest Next Killed The MMORPG"

    That post is a good example of why people shouldn't get excited for "the next best thing" and instead find it in the list of hundreds of MMO's that we already have.

    This hype train crap needs to stop.
  • In Albion Online, Everybody Matters!

    Kyleran said:

    The more I see of this game the less interested I get.

    Really? Why? The more I see the more interested I get.

    For me......


    Kills it

    Yep. Don't like that either.

    I pretty much stopped reading up on this one with that.
    I read "Player Driven Economy" and my radar blips, then I read RMT?
    Nahh, No thanks,

    Yeah, that shop is a real problem.

    I will try it as a casual, but I do not like RMT one bit- it will certainly limit me to only ever playing very casually as I do not wish to ever compete in a game using my hard-earned money (beyond a monthly sum equal to a "subscription substitute"). 

    After spending a good amount of time with the game, I have to say the RMT doesn't really change how the game is played and can't really be considered P2W.

    It is basically a top down EVE. Their system of RMT is pretty much PLEX.
  • Pearl Items to Become Available for In-Game Currency

    Gdemami said:
    Phry said:
    Comparing BDO and Eve is probably not a good example, the genres are different, as is how combat is resolved and the factors affecting combat, Eve does not have +18 weapons etc. It is not a level based game
    Sure, games are different, option to avoid ingame grind with RL money is not - and that is all that matters, everything else is irrelevant.

    Phry said:
    The only advantage you would have is that you don't have to do any work for your isk, you don't have any tactical advantage
    Just like in BDO...

    See, no difference there.
    It amazes me how many stupid things one person can post in such a short amount of time. One would think you're simply trying to talk yourself into believing that BDO isn't going P2W just so you can rationalize still playing it. Every post you make is hostile and you spam "LoL's" at random people for disagreeing with you in the slightest. If you had some real solid examples other then "Lel, ur just dumb" as 99% of your arguments, then maybe some people will take you serious.

    As for right now though, it's pathetic really.
  • BDO... will fail

    Oh yes, the googly-eyed fish costume being called P2W. Now I've seen it all.
  • Pearl Items to Become Available for In-Game Currency

    Gdemami said:

    Pay to get best gear + open world PvP = dead game soon, here in the west.
    It works in Asia, but not here.
    Daum/Kakao/Pearl Abyss are going to learn this the hard way.

    ...like EVE Online, right?

    Problem of open world PVP games is not cash shop, it is open world PVP.

    There is a MASSIVE difference between EVE and Black Desert. In EVE you lose everything on death, so trying to P2W on that is quite a bit more risky and difficult. Not to mention EVE is mainly group based and quite skill based when it comes down to it so you could easily spend $1,000 in one day and lose it all the very same day.

    Black Desert doesn't have that risk, the power you buy is the power you get to keep.

    Don't compare apples and oranges.