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  • All 3.0 Fan Footage here

    Erillion said:
    Look at them all posing with their expensive toys.... it's like "who's got the best Action Man" for 50 year olds.
    I think you are missing the point.

    These are buddies enjoying time together in an online game, fooling around, taking pictures, composing amazing videos etc.

    This is not about epeen length, this is about

    Hav(ing) fun

    Nope, not missing the point at all. It's literally a load of guys posing with their overly expensive asset purchases.

    Whether they are buddies enjoying man time together, fooling around, taking pics or composing amazing(?) videos is secondary, the screenshot shows them all posing with the expensive action man toys. People front row, small purchases second row, big purchases third row.

    Of course there's epeen involved otherwise they wouldn't feel the need to stack up all their toys in the same screenshot.

  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    How is it still early prototyping? They said they have been working on it for months and months now.
    I hope they drop that highlighting on the selected object, it looks really shite.
  • All 3.0 Fan Footage here

    Look at them all posing with their expensive toys.... it's like "who's got the best Action Man" for 50 year olds.
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Erillion said:
    In one of the previous documents it was said that CIG did offer something to CryTek, but CryTek did not want it. Presumably they wanted more. After CryTek refused to accept it, it may be that CIG stopped offering it (because CryTek would not accept it anyway). And with the switch to Lumberyard there was no longer a reason to offer anything to CryTek.

    CIG agreed to send bug fixes. Not code changes. I assume CryTek expected to get all the code changes "for free"  (well, CryTek may have assumed that the (presumably ?) low (?) buyout price that CIG paid for the whole code was basically the price to get the code changes ... but it is not explicitly mentioned in the contract, so CIG did not feel obliged to send it ... which pissed of CryTek).  Sounds like the three brothers thought they outsmarted CIG ... and thought wrong.

    Have fun

    I remember reading that CIG had offered something but Crytek felt the way it was presented was completey useless to them and asked for it to be made available in a way that was useful, then they heard nothing again regarding code until after the suit started whereupon CIG responded rather petulantly about it.

    Bug fixes are code changes :) A bug exists because the code does something in a way the developer has not forseen, so to fix a bug requires a change to the code... hence a code change.

    Perhaps Crytek don't expect to get all the code changes for free, perhaps they just want what both sides agreed to, perhaps the 3 brothers weren't trying to outsmart CIG and are just pissed that they feel CIG reneged on the terms despite getting a license at a bargain price etc.

    I like how anyone who threatens CIG in any way is made out to be the villain, even in the absence of facts.