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  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    The Consolidated Outlands Pioneer will go on sale Friday, October 27th. It will have an introductory price of $850 and be in limited quantities.


    Hangar ready will see the price increase by $100 or thereabout.
    Flight ready will see the price increase again by another $100 or thereabout.

    Get yours while it's cheap. This ship is the much hyped "game changer", do not miss out!!

    pantaroAsm0deusRedempKyleranJakdstripperNephethMrMelGibsonKrematoryTokkenFrodoFraginsand 15 others.
  • Characters will need to poop in Star Citizen....

    That's right, in the latest ATV they confirmed that having to go for a poop will be something your character needs to do, what bloody idiocy...


    Long term diseases etc, sounds like Murray when he was prattling on about creating every molecule for a planet's atmosphere. Someone needs to tell these idiots to shut their mouth and just make the damn game instead of fantasising about all the possible things they could put in if they had 100 years to spend on development.
    bartoni33KefoXarkoVrikakikoodutroa8MrMelGibsonSedrynTyrosSlyLoKFrodoFraginsLackingMMOand 13 others.
  • Not All Stretch Goals to Be Included at Release

    sgel said:
    ....is kind of deceitful when every time he goes on camera he says that everything will be possible if we continue "supporting" CIG.

    I like it.
    CR - "Yes we know we advertised that stretch goal at $68 million and that you funded us past that but if you want to see that stretch goal in the game post-release we need you to keep supporting us...Here are some new ships you can buy to ensure that happens!"

  • The Nine Voices Of The Star Citizen Debate.

    Quite an amusing chart from those awful, awful people at SA.

    My view of SC falls into the sceptic/agnostic bracket, where do you see yourself?

  • Do not give this project any more money.

    3.0 is meant to be containing a host of gameplay and yet Brian Chambers is saying they are just starting to put together a gameplay team (Feb 27) 17mins 5secs

    3.0 is meant to have the cargo system in place, yet Will Maiden (who is in charge of the cargo system) is saying they are still designing and prototyping it -

    The room system is an essential part of 3.0 but it is still under development by the LA team - "This will likely have a dependency on the 'room system' being developed in LA...."  https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/7516129/#Comment_7516129

    If this stuff is nowhere near completion now how could Roberts realistically claim that it was going to be ready for last December.

  • Star Citizen Wins Prestigious "Worst MMO Business Model Of 2017" Award

    Erillion said:
    Funny that by its own definition since the start of the project Star Citizen is NOT an MMO. Making that MMORPG vote somewhat futile. 

    Have fun

    Clearly it now intends to be an MMO. Why else would they aiming for mesh servers with hundreds, if not thousands in the same 'instance' with an economy that is player affected and so on.

    Just because the original intention was not for a full blown MMO does not mean the same is true today, as you well know.
  • Erin Roberts Interview Uncut

    This guy doesn't have a speech problem at all. He has an answering problem. I'm not saying that as a bad thing, sounds more like he wasn't prepared for some of the questions.
    Right. He's all fine until he doesn't know the answer and then erms, ahhs, uhs and you knows his way through it while saying a whole lot of nothing.

    It's amazing that people who regularly complain about drama can then be central to generating 6 pages of deflection, accusations, insults and all manner of whiteknighting in their attempt to protect Erin Roberts from any criticism of how undefined Star Citizen is, even after 6 years.

    Someone said that anyone amused by these non-answers is a desperate, petty and sad individual. I'd put forth that anyone willing to go to such lengths to deflect, accuse, insult and whiteknight over such a silly transcript is the one who is desperate, petty and sad.

  • Erin Roberts Interview Uncut

    I saw Somthing Jones' transcript for some of this interview and it was hilarious, I have next to no idea what Erin was banging on about.

    Q: And improvements to persistence as well?

    Erin Roberts: Em... to... to... em... persistence and stuff yes there's a lot of improvements to persistence, there's improvements to ECONOMY, so we make it so, you know... you know... so... you know... it... it's gonna be, you know... uhm... the, you know... no... eeehhh CARRYING CARGO to make it on your map and stuff, how that works is gonna be different in terms of what you do and how you're doing things like that.

    So THAT sort of level of stuff will come in, and then obviously the next BIG iteration for all that kind of stuff will be 3.2... um... where we're gonna add a BUNCH of new FEATURES such as mining, um... and SALVAGING and stuff like that.

    So people can go and MINE and make money that way, um, SALVAGE and um... things like that.

  • Erin Roberts Interview Uncut

    MaxBacon said:
    Of course it is the same thing. The intention of the individual is not what's important in this context, it's the people calling him by some derogatory term as a means to throw shade at him that is the important thing.

    That you are trying to make excuses for such behaviour because you don't like the guy is awful, shame on you.
    Not on the same level for me. When you are calling in hate on purpose, either to get attention, wanting a fight, play victim, etc... while people who pursue those attacks are not justified by pursuing hate attacks, there's fault on both sides for me.

    You missed the last bit on my post on purpose so you could continue this piece of theatre of yours. lol

    "But aside of that, this is a failed attempt from you if you are trying to pin it on me, I'm sure I opposed on the thread that was posted here time ago to the posters laying the "crippled" remarks."

    Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable that you would try and turn all of this around and play some form of victim card....

    Fucking LOL.
  • Erin Roberts Interview Uncut

    MaxBacon said:
    Eyes shut, fingers in ears and lalalalalalalala
    You posted your opinion and view, I posted mines, but it seems you aren't satisfied, you want to break me into submitting to your opinion as fact, well, refer to the previous post once again.
    No Max that is not what I am doing at all. You are perfectly entitled to give or withhold your opinion as you see fit, everyone has to respect that. The above comment was in response to you posting something entirely unrelated to what was being asked. It just felt like a copy/paste response.


    I do think it's a shame that we, as in all of us, cannot have more civil discussions but as is so often the case, assumptions are made about people's intentions, history factors in, lines are drawn, the handbags come out and it just gets more and more about 'you're wrong, I'm right' instead of any semblence of decency.

    Personally I find whiteknights pretty infuriating because they refuse to concede or even entertain validity in other people's views, seemingly done out of some weird sense of loyalty to whatever it is they are defending. Any so-called hater will tell you that their are good things about Star Citizen, they might not admit that a lot of the time because of forum PvP, but hearing WKs admit that their are any bad things is really like trying to leech blood from a stone :)