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  • Removing text chat in favor of voice chat in MMOs?

    No. Voice chat ruins the game for me. I understand using it for raids and pvp and the like but if that was the only method of communication I would not play that game.
  • Elder Scrolls Online: PTS Is a Growing Concern

    "Was he wrong? Does the community have some responsibility in making sure the updates are fluid and well tested?"

    No. the community is not responsible.
  • Epic Games Store Now Matches Steam's Refund Policy - MMORPG.com News

    Kalafax said:
    Everyone is really doing everything they can to take away from Steam.
    Competition is a good thing. If this means Steam has to step it up and do somethings better then that's good for the consumer.

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  • EverQuest "Next" = CANCELED. Bless Online = CANCELED. Lineage Eternal = Dev Team Replaced. COME ON!

    Dauzqul said:
    EverQuest "Next" - Being a longtime fan of the EQ series, I couldn't wait. I even purchased the "big" package for that horrid EverQuest Landmark... After years of waiting... CANCELED.

    Lineage Eternal - Couldn't wait for this game. A top-down hack-n-slash that's a full-blown MMO?! Sweet! After years of waiting... DEVELOPMENT TEAM HAS RECENTLY / COMPLETELY BEEN REPLACED...

    Bless Online - Where are the NA Open World MMOs? I have to rely on Korea to produce them... I couldn't wait for Bless Online... After years of waiting... CANCELED.

    Lost Ark - After a long time of waiting... Any news? SIGH.
    You friend, have what I call, a "bad picker".

    I usually say this to people about relationships. You know, the people who consistently pick people who aren't right for them but they just keep doing it for "some reasons".

    Luckily for you these are just games.

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  • Rumor: Daybreak Games in Talks for Possible Acquisition - MMORPG.com

    Ok ... I'm going to say it because it's hilarious ...

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  • Why are so many MMO games filled with toxic players ?

    DMKano said:
    Dibdabs said:
    They're immature people (mentally, not physically) who have no lives except for their gaming lives.  In the real world they're No-one, but in their gaming world they're Someone.  They do the petty, spiteful things to people in online games that others do to them in real life.  They're nobody you'd want to be friends with in real life!

    Ah yes - lets stereotype and put everyone into a nice little package we can label.

    I game with RL friends who are the core of a guild Ive been in for the last 17 years.

    We are a competitive guild that plays a lot of PvP games, and we talk smack and cause hell for players in games at times.

    The hardest griefer in our guild is a double PhD in physics and molecular biology, also one of the genuinely nicest down to earth people I know, who goes and gives food and cooks for homeless downtown on weekends.

    people do stuff in games because they CAN, thats it. 

    So what you're saying is he's actually a scummy person when he can get away with it but when he can actually be called on it he's all pinnacle of the community?

    People do scummy things/are toxic because they are scummy and toxic. There are soooo many people who don't harass others, who aren't toxic because "that's who they are".

    That guy just hides behind his little mask and let's his true self out because there's no one to stop him. I'd buy the "good guy" image if he actually acted like a good guy when it would be so easy to act "like a bad guy".

    I think history is filled with people who act all "great" only to discover that they have a completely different side when no one is looking. 

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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic - The End of the Republic? SWTOR Analysis - MMORPG.com

    Dauzqul said:

    I hope they do shut it down. That way, we can have another attempt at a fresh Star Wars MMO.

    I don't think they would.

    I don't see any western company making a high budget mmorpg for a very long time. Why would they? The chance of them making something that people will like (and I'm not talking about early star wars galaxies peeps) is just as iffy as any mmorpg.
    GhostRider00WraithoneTorvalForgrimmJemAs666KyleranConstantineMerusMrMelGibsonwingoodinfomatzand 6 others.
  • Elder Scrolls Online Levels Up with the Murkmire DLC on PC Starting Today - MMORPG.com

    berlight said:
    And they keep milking the cow.
    Why shouldn't they update and expand their game?

    Since when is providing content to their players "milking?"
    TillerFacelessSaviorTriddlelaseritIselinSlyLoKURMAKERNycteliosTorvalConstantineMerusand 5 others.
  • Linda 'Brasse' Carlson Now Working with Visionary Realms on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

    When your job is to bullshit in public to your customers, and you get debunked twice (fault of your own or not) it doesn't matter if you were doing your job. It's a stock drop. That's why doing anything public relations related has to have integrity checks because yours is on the line too.  Especially when it's recognizable. That's part of the game.

    It doesn't matter if they're great people, raise their kids right, cook pies, cosplay, and go to church every Sunday.

    If you are hired by a company to liaise between the company and the customers then you still work for the company and you are told what to do.

    This is a "gamer thing" because gamers think it's all a club and everyone is "doing it for the gaming" and then they get surprised when companies act like companies.

    I guarantee that all companies that have community managers are going to have people who are going to do what the company wants them to.

    These Community Managers aren't going to rush to the forums and say "run while you can!"

    Because that will NOT get you a job in any future companies as a community manager/public relations person.

    It's not her fault that she worked for companies that people didn't like and that made bad decisions.
    TorvalsausagemixkitaradMendelbgzgamerDaranarKylerancraftseekerThupliacidbloodand 4 others.
  • Blizzard Exploring How AI Can Target & Punish Toxic Players - Overwatch - MMORPG.com

    Fking babies ruin it for everyone.
    I hope you can appreciate the irony.
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