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  • Personal Thoughts on Revelation Online


    1 - It's not that bad when you think of it as Blade and Soul meets AION meets TERA meets Dream of Mirror Online. Personally I find that rather good and some others might as well. 

    2 - The game's Aesthetic isn't all that bad. A lot of people try to say the graphics are crap but honestly they aren't. They are enjoyable to look at. Certainly not on BDO's Level but it's not the worst looking game in existence. 

    3 - The Character Customization is exceedingly deep with a bunch of hairstyles, sliders, and even eye styles for you to make your character truly unique. 

    4 - A Battle System that certainly keeps you on your toes and constantly moving around which to some people is a great thing to have. Most dislike static battles. 

    5 - Flying. Open World. Those two things alone makes this game fun to play and the best part is, it's Free to Play. So you don't have to pay to fly around. 

    6 - Housing Systems that let you customize your home which we are getting when Open Beta hits supposedly. 

    7 - A nice selection of cosmetics for Wings and Outfits. 

    8 - They took a page from a few games where you can exchange normally Currency earned through Quests for Item Mall Currency meaning if you play enough and do well in the market you don't have to pay real money to access the Item Mall and get those things. I didn't even Top Up in CBT3 when the Item Mall was released for tests. I just converted some Gythil (In-Game Currency) into Aurum (Item Mall/Premium Currency) and used that for buying the Trial Premium they had. 


    1 - Let's get straight to the point for all the Sheep and Boys who Cry P2W. Yes, the Game does let you buy things to help you upgrade your weapons and armor. Yes it does sell an Item in the Item Mall that lets you track the person who last killed you in PvP so you can get your Revenge. Yes it does have a Premium Subscription Option (Though it isn't half as bad as Archeage in this regard.). Yes it does have some things that may help you reach the top faster but in the end you are still going to hit Content Caps and be left waiting. In retrospect, Three Months of Premium Service won't get you far if you are going to be sitting around waiting for the next content update so you can use your EXP Boost to get to the new cap. 

    2 - The Game can feel as if it's "Just another cog in the machine" when it comes to MMORPGs. It doesn't really do anything innovative. 

    3 - Progression feels a little grindy in the later parts of the game. 

    4 - It's mostly focused upon Groups and Team Play. Solo Players may not enjoy this game completely. 

    5 - Some people feel that 6 Classes may not be enough. Despite most people picking only 1-3 classes and sticking with them. 

    6 - Some Classes have restricted character models.. Problematic in the long run because not everyone wants to look like a Teen Girl or Loli Girl when playing Spirit-Shaper or Blade-Master. Kinda hoping this gets fixed myself. 

    PERSONAL OVERALL RATING: 7.75/10 (The game is great to me. But it does fall short in some areas.)

    Thoughts and opinions of other people are highly welcomed as is constructive criticism. If you are only going to regurgitate the filth of "The Game is P2W" or "It's Bad because so and so said so and I have no real personal opinion because I have never played the game" then I respectfully ask you to just not post at all. Give me reasons for your opinion. Not words other people have said over and over. 
  • Personal Thoughts on Revelation Online

    All right so I am one of "Those Guys" who has gone in and purchased Revelation's Deluxe Pack without even having played the game. I literally got the Pack before Closed Beta even started. Why? Because while I have had a rough time with most games in the recent year or so (Looking at you Skyforge and Archeage), I still wanted to give this game a chance. It has a rather appealing aesthetic in my opinion and the fact it feels like Blade and Soul had a Love Child with AION was what made it even better. I love the Open World feeling and I like that PvP isn't forced upon you every time you turn around. It's optional for the most part and I reached level 47 without doing more than a fun Duel with some Guild Mates. Now, lemme get to my personal Pros and Cons list. 


    1 - Leveling is pretty quick during the first 40 Levels. Anything prior to Level 31 feels mostly like a Tutorial that actually lets you get used to the game instead of saying "Here's your 5 minute Tutorial. Kay? Thanks. Bye.". It does a good job of letting you have a personal feel for the game as you go through it. 

    2 - The Guild System is pretty epic, not going to lie this was a large factor of me wanting to play it. Not many games give you the same progressive feeling of accomplishment when working on a Guild. This game lets you go in, expand your Personal Guild Territory by clearing away fog through Guild Quests and then you can assign NPCs to build buildings like a Guild Storage. I enjoy this a great deal and love the feeling of progression that is given as you work with your friends. 

    3 - The Housing System set to come out with Open Beta. Yeah we didn't get to play with it too much but a Player Housing System is always a huge plus for me and the fact that your Lover in the game has some access to things as well makes it that much sweeter. 

    4 - Let's talk about the community system actually. To me this game borrows a good idea from the game Dream of Mirror Online with how it's Friend List System works. We get a few categories in it and can do Instant Private Messages without the need to use the Whisper Command through a Special Chat Window which is great in my opinion. I like things like that, it's something that adds to it for me. 

    5 - The Combat System in my opinion is pretty fun. It's fast, on point, and definitely keeps you moving around instead of standing in place mashing the same button over and over. Sure like every MMORPG it has the basic 'Rotations' you are expected to keep up for your class. But in the end it lets you choose between going all TERA in the Action Style or Good Old Tab Targeting (Bite me. I like Tab Targeting.).

    6 - When it comes to Classes, yes there are only 6 (Currently) but they all feel fairly balanced with different roles they can take on while being played. The only classes that I have seen without much room for an Alternate Style is Vanguard (Mainly Tank), Spirit-Shaper (Mainly healing) and Gunslinger (Ranged DPS). The rest of the Classes have various options for combat roles, for example: Blade-Master can be Crowd Control, DPS, and Off-Tank. Sword Mage is DPS and Crowd Control. Occultist is Healer and DPS for Magic. However they are fairly balanced even though some Classes have the 'Set Role' or at least feel that way. This makes sure that all classes available have a function as a party member which I love. 

    7 - Music. Yeah it may not be new, fancy, or spectacular to some people. But in my opinion, this game has nice music that I enjoy. 


    1 - When it comes to getting past level 45 things start to feel exceedingly slow due to the Quests jumping large gaps and requiring you to grind out levels. Unless you have a dedicated party that absolutely loves Dungeon Runs or Raids, you won't level up all that quickly after hitting maybe level 43 depending on how you have been playing. 

    2 - Acquiring Gyth Notes to make a Guild (You need 300,000) can be rather tough if you don't have a party to help you out. It took me a few days to get a Guild up because I had to go to the first Dungeon's Easy Mode (Scenario Mode) and gather equipment drops then sell them off to an NPC. Gyth Notes aren't able to be traded so it adds to the frustration. Luckily the process is easier if you have friends who will grind the dungeons with you and trade the dropped gear to you for you to sell. But it's still super slow.

    3 - Going to give the bad points about the Classes now... Some of them are downright frustrating to play if you are a beginner when it comes to MMORPGs in general. Sword Mage and Blade-Master are both good examples as you have to manage buffs and make sure you are in the right stance so certain attacks do what they need to do. It's exhausting at times to be honest and it can be just a little too complicated. The battles are fun but they aren't exactly enjoyable when a single mistake means you have to start a rotation all over again. 

    (Continued in Comment Below)
  • Why you SHOULD try Revelation Online!

    To be completely honest, the game isn't entirely "Join a Party and do Raids and Dungeons 24/7". It does offer things for Solo Players. However, it is an MMORPG and it is to be expected that you would have to engage in Group Play. Why? Because without Group Play it's no longer a Massive-Multiplayer Game. It would just be a "Chat with people while you kill things" which you could easily do on any other game. You can only go so far playing Solo in any MMORPG.

     Respectfully I will agree with Exin. I personally find this game to be great and look forward to the various things I can do in OBT. (Won't lie, I bought a Deluxe Pack before CBT1 even began.. Was not disappointed.)

     The game in my opinion is far from Pay to Win. To me, Pay To Win would be more like S4 League in which you have to pay Real Money to get Permanent Weapons that give greater stat boosts than what you can obtain with in-game currency. 

     So you can buy stuff to enhance gear? Cool. But you can get the items from grinding and that process is much faster if you join a Guild. The only ones who will be behind for a bit are the Solo Players because again, you can only get so far by playing alone.
  • Personal Thoughts on Revelation Online

    Torval said:
    Quizzical said:
    When #1 and #2 in your "deal makers" section are both "it's not that bad", you sure make it sound like you don't much like the game and will be sick of it sooner rather than later.
    I say "It's not that bad" because I am trying to remain neutral as possible. I am not trying to say this game is the best one ever made. But it's far from the worst. Everyone hates on it because of what I feel to be petty reasons most the time. 
    Don't remain neutral because it's not coming across that way. It's written and coming across as excusing mediocrity. Just be honest and discuss the feature or point. When you apologize for something in a review it makes it sound bad.
    People make anything sound bad anyway. I don't see the point in changing what I post just because someone who thinks the game is bad just because of some guys saying "It's P2W" would think it's bad just because I say "Not that Bad" on some points about the game. For some people it could be a Deal Maker or it could very well be something that turns them off.