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Gaming for 25 years now wising to write music for games. Want some free music written, get in touch. https://www.youtube.com/user/Igneall


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  • Hawaiian Legislators Call EA Loot Boxes a 'Predatory Practice' - Star Wars: Battlefront II - MMORPG.

    Bet every company who had loot boxes before this is looking at EA like that kid in class who reminds the teacher that there was homework to be handed in xD
    SBFordimmodiumGobstopper3DConstantineMerusd_20SiugCoolitDragnelusShodanassirchristheand 21 others.
  • EA Wins Dubious Honor as Most Downvoted Reddit Post Ever for Star Wars Battlefront 2 - MMORPG.com

    Not surprised, when you make a comment like

    "The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes."

    But then allow people to pay to skip it, you're asking for trouble.

    ByrgenarHofenSBFordSlapshot1188CoolitIselinSedrynTyrosCecropiabartoni33ArskaaaOctagon7711and 11 others.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

    "If you’re still worried about getting stomped on launch day by people who blow absurd amounts of money on crates, I’d suggest taking some reassurance in the fact that most people don't monetize at all. Those who do monetize tend to spend a lot, sure. But the impact of those who do spend a ton will also only narrow over time as players catch up"

    It will require you to open 720 crates, depending on if you get scrapes in every crate before you have enough to make all guns. Star cards (class power ups pretty much) are in the same boat as you require scrapes to upgrade them.

    The game revolves around these loot boxes and it's painstakingly slow to earn coins to gain loot boxes, even playing well doesn't help. A last placed person earns the exact same amount of coins as someone who is in first place after a match.

    If things are implemented as they are now on launch, people will either be sick to death of the grind and lack of progression or sick to death having their ass handed to them constantly before they even catch up.

    We will have to wait an see. but overall there is no need for lootboxes in a B2P game, i'd rather have DLC than P2W
  • Pema Forum-banned for "Discrimination against a LGBT member" simply by quoting someone´s own post.

    It's the society we live in. It's a rise of people who say the want to be equal, but demand that they be treated better than others when push comes to shove or wish to shift the blame from themselves. 

  • So what happened to PG planets and landing on them?

    Not sure why anyone keeps entertaining this threads, if they want it, the info is all on the SC site and has been posted here like 600 times. 

    It must have gotten too quite on these boards, so OP thought 'let's start another topic about something which has already been brought up and answered god knows how many times already,"

    It's clear an answer isn't being looked for.
  • Blizzard Takes Aim, Closes Newly Opened TBC Private Server - World of Warcraft News

    Horusra said:
    God damn it I just wanted to play TBC a fucking 10 year old expansion that blizzard no longer provides, on a well scripted server, ffs.

    This disabled developer worked 4 year non stop to create a non profit server (you couldn't even find a donation link or paypal account on their site....) for the TBC fans and gets shutdown on the first few hours.

    Life is hard.  :'(
    And gets harder when you mess with things like IP theft....
    Really? I think the 100+ private still active and those that have been running for several years, while making money of it would say otherwise.

    IP theft is just the excuse, they just see old school private realms as threat. Anything that has a chance of taking a few players, they will wipe um out. Not saying it's not in their right, just seems pity to me
  • Shadow Of War: microtransactions!

    TaishiFox said:
    Iselin said:
    I stopped reading at "lose money" lol. Good one, bud.
    If they took away the "cash shop" or whatever method they are using for this ploy then of course they lose money and they're not going to just change that for a bunch of whiners. And of course you didn't read on cus ya too damn ignorant.
    Yeah they would, but it's wouldn't be loss for them, which i think he was trying to say. It isn't vital part for them to make a profit.

    The problem isn't they're making money, it's the method they're using that isn't appealing. Gambling with irl cash in a video game is wrong whatever way you look at.

    Also not sure why it makes people spoilt children asking for them to keep the game as it was in the previous one and it's not extra content, it's content they took out to sell to those who can't be bothered to play the game, i know you can earn it in game, but we know the in-game content suffers for the sake of it.

    It was a unneeded change, if anything imho, this will effect their profits in a negative way worse so than if they didn't have the loot boxes

  • Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris Hands-On Preview - MMORPG.com

    This is what pisses me off so much with the current crop of publishers. This isn't content that's been developed after release. You don't get an expansion done in 2 months. Obviously this content was either finished or close to complete when the game launched but deliberately withheld so they could squeeze some more cash from the playerbase.

    Is it really different than an MMO releasing its first update 2-3 months after launch? Since there's no sub or other microtransactions, it seems fair to ask for some compensation. 

    I would agree, but if you release a base game that severally lacking in content and story, to the point people don't know what to do, and on top of that remove content ideas that were in your previous version of the game, then turn around and try to sell us DLC. Just feels like they're trying to sell us back content that would otherwise fill out the base game.

    A good qutoe from their forums:

    "The game should have been good enough that we purchase DLC because we WANT more of what it offered, not because the original experience was poor and it's required to make it better."

  • Another lawsuit but this time it is personal

    Hero? He using he's on disability to gain views, clicks and sympathy. "Shaggy Cripple"
    What relevancy does it have to he's point? 

    He talks about Total Biscuit and he's cancer, why? 

    Then brings in third world countries, again, why? 

    Through out the video he doesn't explain on what grounds he will sue them on or he's plan. Just keeps listing of things on why you should be sympathetic towards what he's doing even if it makes no sense.

    Then he ends it with "come at me bro, literally" Um....what??

    If people are honestly getting behind this guy considering he's attitude and what I said above, I don't know what to say. 
  • It's Just Cosmetic

    Gorwe said:
    Cosmetics are content for some. Just because you don't care about, doesn't mean it's irrelevant. Don't be so smallminded.
    Think that's the overall point Jim makes. The other point he makes as well is that people say "its just cosmetic" or some say "I don't care", but If we to put these people in a situation where you have 0 customization over your characters, your unable to switch genders or you have fixed Armour through out the entire game regardless of what you got equipped, people will kick up a fuss.

     Anthur said:
    You can't really blame the developers when customers complain about a 15$/month subscription but jubilate about a "free" game where they then spend hundreds of $ for micro transactions.

    Unfortunately everyone (even those who don't belong to the "I want everything for free" faction) is affected because micro transactions and cash shops of course do change gameplay. But yeah, it is what it is and it will only become worse from here.
    The video is more directed at B2P games, like BF2 or Destiny.  Games you've already dropped 60 - 100 on already. Jim hasn't talked much about mmos and tends to me more lenient when it comes to F2P