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  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    I didn't see them devolving into massive single player online games.
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  • IS T2W a fair discussion..

    Games are meant to be played. Is it fair for someone to advance faster if they have more time to play? Yes, because games are meant to be played.

    Also, if you're taking the high road of families and real life obligations - it takes a turn as soon as you claim that you need to be able to stay competitive in a video game with a 'basement dweller'.

    I have no idea what T2W is.
  • Cash shop theory.

    Any game that relies on a cash shop for revenue is built around the cash shop. You can safely assume that those games will lack everything but walls with credit card swipes and/or an option to grind it down with mundane game play that creates an urge to brush your teeth with a loaded revolver... for a lot of us.

    How much development time is used in creating content that is cash shop friendly versus creating content that is enjoyable? Forget about balancing the game itself, we have to figure out this cash shop content, and then how to implement it in a way that generates revenue, then tweak the game to support it. Not to mention the internal testing timeline of the cash shop alone. What about the marketing think tank, internal or external, that sit around analyzing data to find that elastic sweet spot?

    It would seem that they would be better off devoting all of those resources to the actual game; if you build it they will come. Well, it may make a better game, but that isn’t the goal. The goal is to capture an audience and then extort them by any means possible.

    Think about QVC and the TV shoppers that decide to purchase their items. With little to no solid information or means to physically inspect and make an informed decision, they make purchases based on impulse alone. Most likely they did not set out to watch QVC for that particular item to begin with, it was purely an impulse buy.

    "An impulse purchase or impulse buying is an unplanned decision to buy a product or service, made just before a purchase. One who tends to make such purchases is referred to as an impulse purchaser or impulse buyer. Research findings suggest that emotions and feelings play a decisive role in purchasing, triggered by seeing the product or upon exposure to a well-crafted promotional message.

    Marketers and retailers tend to exploit these impulses which are tied to the basic want for instant gratification.”

    Now, think for a moment about the game play that these games provide.

    -Clear, visible ques, ie. a big flashing quest marker above an NPCs head.

    -Minimap way points that keep you informed of where you need to go.

    -An easily accessible journal to keep track of quest to dos.

    -Repetitive tasks and routines.

    -Lack of distractions while in game, be it PvP free zones or instances, removing the possibility that others can interrupt your game play.

    -Tasks that may be boring, but are stimulating through rewards.

    -Removing the need for patience, the ability to dive right in, rushing through tasks without reading instructions.

    So, this list is a good representation of everything available to us right now.

    It’s also an exact list of ADHD symptoms and treatment. The same methods you would use in a class of ADHD children to keep and hold attention. Is it a coincidence that people with ADHD tendencies are also the ones most likely to show impulsive and hyperfocus behavior?

    I was diagnosed last year with inattentive ADD. Since then I have done a little studying of ADD/ADHD and got to thinking about MMOs as I read about tips to overcome. I honestly believe that these games are carefully built around the ADD/ADHD audience, which is in turn built around the cash shop.

    I think what I’m trying to say is; if you enjoy the hell out of your typical cash shop game you might want to go get diagnosed, because the meds are amazing.

  • Layoffs Confirmed, Sustainable Development Now Stable - Chronicles of Elyria - MMORPG.com

    From the 2016 Kickstarter:

    "We've turned to Kickstarter to fund this project because traditional game publishers won't take this risk. They are incentivized to clone the latest success and merely re-skin it."

    News of 2018:

    "However, as we reached the end of 2017 it became clear publishers were disinclined to take the risk on an innovative game such as Chronicles of Elyria without changing our intended vision."

    Sounds like you need to hire a story writer to get yours together. What you knew in 2016 shouldn't be a 2018 surprise.
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  • Five Things MMO Gamers Should Stop Complaining About - The List at MMORPG.com

    I knew it. Bill has been kidnapped by the top voted games listed on the front page of this site.

  • If you won the lotto and hired a team of devs, what MMO would you create?

    A survival game that required little jumper cables to be attached to your nipples in order to play. When you die, it electrocutes you for 5 - 10 seconds. It wouldn't have a large player base, but I bet it would be a hell of a lot of fun to watch streamers.


    "Shit, I shouldn't have done that."
  • State of the Studio

    What professional title is missing from this Kickstarter roster?

    If you guessed CFO / Accountant, you're a winner!
  • Mules permitted?

    Amathe said:
    Until you have put your stuff on the ground in the farthest corner of some forest, tried to log back on with your alt for retrieval and have your shitty dial up dc, and then find someone ganked your stuff, you haven't entirely lived "old school" lol. 

    Also, finding someone to help transfer your stuff. You hand it over, log off, log back in with your alt...

    /tell Sono "Hey, this is my alt."
    -Sono is not online-


  • EA Confirms 'Early 2019' Release, Claims It's Not a Delay, Also Posts Nearly $200M Loss in Q3 2017 -

    See the source image
  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed.

    Someone is disappointed in Star Citizen? This story is older than the one about Jesus.