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  • CoE plans to allow RMT(gold sellers) during the live game

    "they gain a little power". LOL

    Amazon is a little eCommerce company...

    that all you got for my entire post? Damn, I knew I was right... 
    That one snippet provides all the perspective that most people need to know about the rest of your post.  When one can claim that the ability to buy resources, skills, houses, transportation, population centers, nobility and even kingship is gaining "a little power" it explains the rest of your thoughts perfectly.  Coming from that perspective I am sure it all DOES make sense!


    But really you are right, it does.

    I see it as setting history for the game, setting up rules for the world setting, then playing out to see what happens,
    absolutely no different the any role playing game like, say Dungeon World.
    It's a collaboration. The truth is it's all transient illusion and fluid. 
    So you set yourself up as a king as part of the story? That has some power, for sure, but if the system itself allows the other players to do as they will, be the hero or villain they want to be, who cares?  It's a Game, and not some Life or Death Political Struggle. 
    The system/GM can set upon the "king" such burdens as to balance things.

    While this is different than most open ended leveling system MMOs, it doesn't make it bad. 

  • CoE plans to allow RMT(gold sellers) during the live game

    I read the first page, got to the second, LOLed, skipped to the 12th... and will say this, 

    The only thing you can buy For Your Character once the game goes live is Sparks of Life in the store, and most of the pre-buys have a shit tons already..... Really it is "game time" like PLEX in EVE...

    All "in game currency" will be Limited, there is a Set Amount, unlike most MMO "infinite" RNG mill mobs(that cause hyperdeflation).
    Mobs won't be dropping anything, you'll need to "use a tool and some skill"(=time) to even gain "a fur", et al, from whatever you can kill. 

    There probably will be farmers, but in all honesty it will dry up fast because there isn't an endless supply. Gold Farming requires that. A closed loop system means you have to work for it whether you want to or not. Even RAIDs get's you little gain for the effort. 

    As for pre-buy's advantage, they gain a little power and a lot of responsibility. The main thing is they start with housing and transportation. ALL of which they could lose to roaming band of griefers the first week without lots of planning... LOL
    (and they WILL lose the mounts over time anyhow, because they age...)

    In any event, it will be interesting. 

  • Griefers costing me rl money ?

    Yeah, it's no worse than EVE and PLEX... actually it's slightly better because the griefer only get partial "credit" for it, you keep most of it.  It's also been stated you will be able to earn sparks and or trade sparks... so I do think of it a lot like PLEX.