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    Does this game actually get interesting? Sure, the audiovisuals are breathtaking and the world building's amazing. Even the little stories are fun and interesting. BUT! The combat S.U.C.K.S. Really, it's one of the worst combat systems I ever saw. No impact, very spammy(this comes from someone who likes the likes of Arsenal Mercenary in SWTOR!), next to no sense of progression(yeah, thanks One Tamriel! I thought that we graduated this issue with Oblivion...guess not), too open zones...

    This is almost painful to play. Sure, visiting Hammerfell or Elsweyr or the like is always awesome, but...THAT COMBAT!

    Fuck this combat!
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda - 11 Things to Ease Your Way Into Andromeda - MMORPG.com

    Where's 12?

    12. A bottle of Romulan Ale(guess it's strong enough) to make you forget / adapt to those horrible, uncanny valley facial animations. Come on! SWTOR does a better job of that!
  • Five Reasons Why MMOs Are Making a Comeback - The List at MMORPG.com

    mmoRPGs are not in fact making a comeback:

    5 + 4: Relies on a small subset that likes old school MMOs. Remember, MMOs before WoW used to be happy if they had 250k players, not sev. millions like post WoW(ergo, niche)

    3: Is not an MMORPG

    2: Is more popular due to its IP than due to its genre(kinda like SWTOR). ESPECIALLY in this case, when it relates to Morrowind

    1: Is not an mmoRPG.

    What's clear as a summer day is that MMORPGs are reverting back to its natural niche form. Nothing bad with it.
  • Resurrecting Warhammer Online - General Columns

    Just take care with these devs. They can be rather scathing. But it IS a pvt server after all. And I'd sacrifice thousand WARs if I got Warhammer Fantasy themed Dragon Age: Origins. Just saying...
  • Resurrecting Warhammer Online - General Columns

    Yoofaloof said:
    Loved this MMO and the public quests. I was sad to see it go.

    I am glad it died. It was sick, bloated and otherwise very mishandled. Painted the wrong picture of the IP and...

    ...With it around, EA'd would STRANGLE the LIFE OUT OF WARHAMMER(just like it does currently with Star Wars) and we wouldn't get these nifty little games(most likely):

    -> Vermintide
    -> Mordheim

    Oh and a pair of very insignificant tiny games:

    -> Total Warhammer 1+ 2

    (tbh TWs are kinda unnecessary due to presence of Rage of Dark Gods mod for M:TW 2. But I guess GRAPHICS!)

    And a potential for EVEN MORE AWESOME Fantasy games in the future. So yeah, rot for all I care WAR. The price is next to insignificant next to what we received. Just like I said in 2012 / 13.

    Side note: Eat your hearts out Fail Workshop! You were 2 months too impatient(couldn't Age of Sigmar wait a BIT more?). Now...I can have my satisfaction and glee in seeing them react to such a fantastic reception of Warhammer: Fantasy on PC. Fucking, impatient pricks! HAHA! >:)
  • Resurrecting Warhammer Online - General Columns

    I can vouch for this server, have a 40 runepriest, though I haven't played it in awhile. My only recommendation to anyone planning to play there, don't mouth off to, or around the staff, they are ruthless and take absolutely no shit from anyone, which isn't really a bad thing. Don't run your mouth in open warbands, because sometimes you don't know who is a staff member, you talk shit to other players and you'll face the banhammer quickly for stupidity.

    In other words: "Don't speak, don't suggest, don't criticize, don't complain or there is a HIGH CHANCE of a BAN. Sometimes really long lasting". These devs are HIGHLY authoritarian, don't give them your time. This is one of those Pvt Servers which give them ALL a bad rep. Where devs are literally god modding.

    Let WAR rest in peace. These so called do gooders and saviours are nothing more than power hungry necromancers.
    Gavyne said:
    WAR was fun, I really liked their class concepts, their introduction of public quests to the MMO genre, and the fact that we could level while doing PvP instances rather than be forced to grind PvE.  I played the game for 3 months and enjoyed it while it lasted.

    Unfortunately there were issues that caused the game to nosedive.

    1. -Lack of content past Tier 3 was evident, you really felt it and it was anticlimactic for you to progress through these levels only to find that the game wasn't finished towards the end.  Once the game lost its PvE endgame players, it lost half of its population.  Game launched in September, had 750k subscribers by October, but reduced to 300k players by end of December.

    2. -Public Quests were overused.  You had PQ's in PvE, you had PQ's in RvR, public quests were everywhere, forced onto you whether you liked it or not.  Because PQ was a random system, you could've played your hearts out and never got rewarded for it.  Both in PvE and RvR, if you were unlucky, you simply didn't get loot.  That was a fatal flaw with the design, and many got discouraged over-time due to public quests.

    3. -Because people were so starved of loot and rewards, RvR became musical keeps after awhile.  Realms started to avoid each other because the faster you took keeps, the more chances you had at getting a roll for something.  So it was more rewarding to take empty keeps and avoid having to fight.  We've seen these fatal design flaws in RvR games since DAOC introduced RvR.  Things were just worse in WAR.

    It was a fun game, but had issues that people just couldn't overlook.  But all in all it was a successful AAA title launch, with 1.2 mil copies sold within 2 weeks, 750k subscribers within 1 month.  Unfortunately it couldn't retain players due to the issues mentioned above.  Oh and the engine had issues handling large large scale RvR like city sieges, but what's new.

    I'm glad people are having fun with the emu.  I myself can't get motivated to play on emus of dead games.

    1. Yeah, true. One simply has to compare the layout of RvR lakes to notice this. One goes from very nicely designed Keeps and rolling hills etc to a basically flat panel where you run / ride from one side to the other. Also visible in other parts of t4.

    2. Sort of. What interests me, if someone implemented such a blatant in game gamble system TODAY, would there be or wouldn't there be ruckus over it?

    3. True. Keep / Zone trades were very normal thing to notice. 0 fights only chasing rewards. And rewards were TOO POWERFUL in WAR. They put some PvE progression systems to shame lol(in power creep / acquired sort of way)!

    Mikeha said:
    Just another boring WoW clone. Nothing to see here. :(
    Another boring troll posting one liners without any argumentation. Nothing to see here. :(
    That really deserved Picard Facepalm did it not? Perhaps even that Riker Picard double facepalm.
  • Cant recommend ESO

    It's simply kinda weird and boring to me. Not a good thing for a game.
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Review in Progress #1 - The RPG Files - MMORPG.com

    Xasapis said:
    Any books suggestions that would go well with the Vermintide setting/time period?
    Best not to mention those. Those are really horrible and equally barf inducing as the whole End Times mess. If you want to read something nice about Warhammer, choose between history books(aka Time of Legends stuff...The Sundering, Sigmar, Nagash etc), Brunner the Bounty Hunter, Matthias Thulmann the Witch Hunter and Gotrek the Slayer. Those should tide you over for quite some time.
    Given my sporadic playtimes I've always preferred to play with bots. Unfortunately, the AI bots are horrendous and I'll need to wait until some player mods in a decent team for me :)
    What's so horrible about them? Besides not picking up pinged Tomes and having wrong priorities when it comes to revive(revive ALWAYS comes first), they're quite alright. Better and more reliable than most players at any rate.
  • SWTOR is Alive & Kicking - Updated Roadmap Coming in February - Star Wars: The Old Republic - MMORPG

    prizm1234 said:
    anthem will put bioware in the grave and along with it, SWTOR and the next dragon age game.
    No doubt about that.