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Current list of games I play daily: Trove Project 99 ArcheAge Minecraft *NDA* Games I dabble in weekly: Rift AoC Aion ESO Defiance TSW Terraria Dragonage Diablo3 PoE Random steam games


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  • Publishers Must Reveal Loot Box Odds in China - General News

    I think this should be a standard feature across the board and it should be shown in game.

    Each loot box should show all possible items with % chance listed next to them.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    For 100%

    Giving big corporations a green light to do whatever the F they want without any recourse for their actions is exactly what the problem is with the world today.

    Because without regulations on large corporations - the consumers are screwed, since the big corps don't operate from "whatever is best for the customer" - but "whatever is best for our bottom line" even if it screws over the customers

    Throttling down or downright blocking access to sites that belong to your competitor is an extremely shitty practice. Net neutrality is here to prevent that, without it - Comcast, Time Warner etc... they will have free reign of how they are going to control your internet access.

    I don't care about the politics behind it at all - just want to prevent my ISP from throttling or blocking content from me.

    I want to surf the web with complete freedom, to choose whatever sites I want to go to without my ISP meddling (as long as I am not breaking any laws obviously, I am not talking about illegal stuff, just web surfing).

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  • This game looks way too amateurish next to EQ.

    Pre alpha.

    You should have seen Rift, WoW, or any other game in pre-alpha.

    Animations and polish are not the focus of pre-alpha .

    But having said all that I would not expect an indie game to deliver AAA animations and polish.

    Even when it gets completed it will still be pretty rough as far as animations go.

    Players just got completely spoiled with AAA games and think thats the baseline. 

    Gotta lower standards for indies
  • This game used Steam greenlight, got greenlit but insults all steam users calling them immature?

    The reality is - there are steam users who are in fact immature at least if you judge them by the idiocy spewed in reviews and forums.

    Like slamming RTS games because they don't have the features of a FPS game.... I mean that is not even rational and still counts as a negative review.

    Or stuff like "it's not CoD" for a RPG - it's just pure trolling, and yes those shit post reviews count 

    I say it's deserved until Valve steps in and starts moderating completely irrelevant garbage.

  • The 10 Best MMOs of 2017 - The List - MMORPG.com

    “In no particular order, here are our 10 Best MMOs of 2017. Note, not all of these are MMORPG’s, but rather prime examples of the changing landscape of persistent online games.”

    Then just change the list to 10 best Multiplayer Online games.

    Sort of like making a list 10 best sports cars - but then saying "note not all of these are cars - some are bicycles and there's a pair of running shoes in the list too"

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  • Graphics Remastering Project Shown at GDC - Black Desert Online - MMORPG.com

    This should have literally been the bottom of the list thing to work on.

    The graphics are great as they are - what really needs dev attention are gameplay issues such as:

    Server performance

    52-60 PvE leveling basiclaly being Sausans and Pirates eventhough there is 99.9999% of landmass that could be used to spread grind spots around

    The cancerous gear upgrade process, at least have a way of locking down failstacks that alone would help a ton

    Making classes other than Warrior, Sorc, Ranger and Zerk and Wiz/Witch viable in PvP

    Removing restrictions on player trade

    Perhaps looking at some cash shop pricing - $30 for a costume is more than the game iteslf - heck you can buy real clothes for that much money.

    PvP needs actual meaning - node wars and castle sieges are a dud - look at the stats:

    Total players who died in a siege - 7K NA and 7K in EU, I mean that speaks volumes of actual participation


    But this is just VFX work- and IMO some examples look a lot better without the background blurring - so IMO this was a waste.
  • UPDATED: Nost Team Makes Good On Threat To Release The Server Code - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    Petulant kids, thats what these folks are.
  • $900k is Not Enough, $2-3M More Needed to Complete the Game - Chronicles of Elyria News

    If they want to hit every system promised it's going to take a LOT more than additional 2-3mil

    It's also going to take a lot more years

    But let's face it, delivering on all features promised is impossible
  • Puzzles in the Dark - Camelot Unchained Columns

    Its basically justification for how far behind they are on a playable game.

    It is all true about the complexity and difficulty of work done, but the average gamer doesnt give a crap about that.

    All that matters to vast majority is - where is the game, when can I play? Everything else is excuses (no matter how valid they are).

    thats game business
  • RUMOR - Reddit User Claims to Have Leaked the First New World Footage - New World - MMORPG.com

    My money is on the troll.

    Fake Trailer! Crooked Amazon would never have that thing leaked, trust me, I know.

    Addendum: This reminds me a bit about Leeroy Jenkins meme video back in the day and my guild-mates trying to convince themselves and others it was not staged.
    The "narrator" is following a script telling us the features of the game like it was a trailer, except that if this was actually the real first trailer we get, it doesn't look like Amazon's; in the sense that they know what they are doing when it comes to marketing, so even if it is their first time into gaming, they wouldn't put out footage that look so bland and with so little "fluff".
    If it was real game footage leaked, there would be no need for a narration and it would have been posted without sound, if non was available.

    This is the kind of internal trailer - done as a guide for external cinematography companies like Blur who make the actual rendered official trailer.

    Amazon doesnt have a cinematography group like Blizzard so that would explain this trailer.
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