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  • Early Monk Gameplay Stream w/ CohhCarnage Pt. 2 - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Videos - MMORPG.com

    Don't mind the haters, let them keep their spammy twitch action god mode games. Anyway the graphics and animations are coming along nicely. Really am liking the direction the development is going and also like that you can sell to npc's and they keep it so other players can buy it. :)
  • Pantheon: THE MOST WANTED MMO OF 2017, did you or want to pledge now?

    Yeah they half assed the kickstarter and deservedly fell short as a result. Everyone is peddling their hopes and dreams on there, all with less jaded pasts than Brad. This is the bed they made, they'll just have to lay in it for now.
    Indeed, however from what I have seen they are proving themselves with every passing month and it has been paying off.
  • PANTHEON Twitch Stream Review : Impressed

    I think this game will do better than what some people think it will. I mean it's not just EQ fans that are interested in playing Pantheon. As an FFXI fan I do and I know many in my gaming circle that never touched EQ but are looking forward to this because they played Vangaurd or FFXI. Also please stop with the " you only think you want to play nostalgia " bs. >.> 
  • Project Gorgon has launched on Steam for $40 ($30 on sale)

    Scorchien said:
               So , for all those wanting a Trial .. it is coming ... from the dev

    "We do plan on having a free trial, but I'm afraid I don't have a solid ETA for you on when that might be available."

      I dont think it would be to far out

    Who would be waiting for a trial... I mean it was literally free to download and play for years until a few days ago wasn't it?

    True but now that it hit steam you would be surprised how many people that haven't seen it.
  • Pantheon about todays live stream

    Lol, so let me get this straight a bunch of people who have been against this game and it’s designe for a while from what I have seen.When we all know that the core stuff the devs are making aren’t changing at this point. Come here Talking about how they hate how the games being designed for the upthteen time and when some body says don’t like it don’t play it. There like how dare you we are just trying to have a discussion? ... The core game isn’t changing and if I didn’t like I wouldn’t stick around trying to convince the fans of it that I know what entertains them.
  • Project Gorgon - Should You Buy It Now? - MMORPG.com

    Some things I didnt like about PG:
    1) The animal forms are a pain...They arent any fun and dont add to the enjoyment of the game
    2) Fishing is terrible...Click on a crab or fish and thats fishing? really?
    3) Worst game I ahve ever played for selling things...Instead of just putting one merchant in middle of town and letting you sell everything, you have to run to 20 different vendors trying to sell the specialty that only they will buy.
    4) Graphics are subpar no doubt, esp in 2018.
    5) Not enough content...The game has been in development for years and it hasnt added much content....It felt like if I played it hardcore I could get about a months worth of content out of it then Id be about done.
    ^) Overall its just not worth $40.

    I respect your opinion on some of those issue you have. However 1 and 3 are the way PG is and a matter of opinion. 4 and 5 will have a lot fixed in beta as devs have said in the past. 5 I don't agree with at all. Over the past 1 and 1/2 year they added:
    New Website and Forums;
    Multiple new zones;
    A completely new tutorial experience;
    Dozens of new skills;
    Increased skill levels;
    Complete overhaul of the power system;
    Complete overhaul of equipment bonuses;
    New Animal Forms;
    New Animal items;
    Created and implemented an Animal Town;
    Created new quest systems;
    Created New NPCS;
    Added Guilds;
    Added Guild Missions;
    Added Player Vendors;
    Added dispensers;
    Added Work Orders;
    Added the ability to drown;
    Updated many game systems and functions;
    Implemented and Updated the in-game day/night cycle.
    New UI and more
    There is well over a thousand hours to play in this game especially with no class system to hold you from learning new fighting skills.
  • Pre-Alpha 2 Gameplay - Take a Trip Through Halnir Cave - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Videos - MMORP

    mmrv said:

    Literally everything they are doing is simply EQ lol. Honestly if that does appeal to you just go play eq1 or eq2 and have immense polished content to play for years as well. The animations are horrible, the effects are horrible, the character models bad, the combat god awful, standing their watching paint dry as your character repeated the same animation over and over again boring. Its just fail at so many levels because like i said if you want that EQ1 is there for you. I don;t see the point of recreating eq1 literally exactly if you are not going to modernize the game.

    Each to their own but sorry spending 45 minutes killing trash humans with no shirts and spiders to get my self a piece of studded armor simply is about as uncreative and lazy retreading as it gets.

    Love the concepts but you goto make it fun, its a visual medium and game first.

    I think that is my biggest concern...TO people who never played EQ it would be a brand new experience but for many of us its a been there done that feeling......Also playing a new game that looks 20 years old is a hard sell in 2018 (or whatever year it releases.)

    Looks 20 years old? Um no maybe 8 or 10 sure but saying it looks pre 1999 is over the top. :/
  • How to Earn Your Own Anima Weapon in Heavensward

    neosparkk said:
    Square Enix needs to just go bankrupt and go away forever.
    No, just you friend.