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  • Why Can't You Find A Game?

    Well OP there is a huge gap in what is available in the genre.  People that don't like linear quest hub themeparks are already forced to pick from maybe Eve and Archeage and BDO.  If you don't like Eve or Asian games you are screwed.

    Frankly, I'm really tired of OP's like yours telling people that want some freedom in a virtual world with risk vs reward and challenging tactical combat, that they should suck it up and play faceroll linear quest themeparks.   I know many other old school gamers are desperately looking for something.  I played Darkfall UW and BDO recently and they were ok as stop gaps.  I don't like PvP much and I played Darkfall for two years, if that tells you anything.

    Maybe if the Repopulation MMO, Pantheon...or some of these other tiny indie MMO's come out in playable shape there will be options, but they aren't close to out.  Save your OP for a time when some of these indie's have released.  Until then, you can shove it.
  • The Way Forward for a Genre

    Revolutionary game. Couldn't agree more with the review. However there are a great deal of people rushing to grind level and gear while ignoring all of the rest of the systems in the game. They then come to these forums and bitch about the game. That's a you problem.

    Complainers, have fun returning to your linear quest hub themeparks. Where all there is to do is quest, instance dungeon instance pvp with a shallow tacked crafting system.
  • Ten reasons why ESO is the best current MMORPG...

    I find the game mind numbingly boring.  A themepark quest grinder to the core.  Limited freedom, no free aim in combat, no auction house mechanic.  It is as if they did everything half way.  Well we like action combat but no way we can give them true free aim.  Dull itemization, no risk vs reward.  

    Now it is not the worst linear quest hub themepark out there, but damn is it a snoozefest.   
  • Are You Still Against Selling Pearl Items?

    I've not logged in since the announcement.  
  • Do you think we have real withdrawal rights as videogame players?

    With all the info available about games these days, I can say it is really is on the buyer if they get burned in a game purchase.  Now back in the 80's and 90's every other game I bought was a rip off (for both PC and console).  And with no way to know much about the game, it was a roll of the dice.  Hell, it was a true sense of joy if I got the PC game to work on my computer in the 80's.  

    I feel like some gamers are losing a bit of perspective. 
  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    I didn't enjoy the steep learning curve.  I watched hours of videos just to attempt to understand the basics.  The default keyboard controls are madenning.  Maybe I should not have tried to play the game with keyboard and mouse.
  • Thought about it...But no

    It boils down to if you can play the game without trying to "keep up".  I highly recommend the game for casual life skills players that are not focused on PvPing on an elite level.  If you can't let go of being the top 1% of the game and you only are playing for PvP, I would not recommend this.
  • Please explain the hype

    Because there is nothing interesting coming out in the near future.  And BDO offers a slight bit more freedom than the brain dead linear quest hub themeparks that we have been force fed for the last 12 years.  It's not tough to figure out why people are excited.
  • MMO PVP players do not like PVP

    WW4BW said:
    Its war.. not a duel or sport.
    This.  When I played Darkfall, we would sometimes hire to help protect if it was against and elite force or a force with more numbers.  We had to pay and play the political game.  The goal was to keep our city, I didn't care about "fairness" or "balance".  I find PvP with real consequences much more fun than PvP e- sport stuff.  I guess I do agree with OP that sometimes MMO PvPers are different types of players than the esport no consequences crowd.
  • Blizzard charging $39.99 to watch blizcon stream.

    I wasn't aware of this.  I think it is completely insane that people are willing to pay this much for essentially nothing (in my view).  Sigh, I really don't understand gamer nerds sometimes.  No fault to blizzard if people are this obsessed with their company.

    This goes on my list of things I just don't understand and probably never will.  Why is reddit popular etc.