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  • UPDATED - Layoffs Confirmed at Perfect World & Trion- MMORPG.com News

    Leiloni said:

    That sucks, but since both companies are very anti-customer and also have terrible P2W games, I can only hope that this might make them realize they should change their stance on both of those.

    Lets be real, the people that get the punishment here arent the people that do consumers dirty. Usually the hard working people at these companies are the sacrifices. The greedy corrupt people on top that treat consumers like shit, are still going to keep their job. I hate that
  • Level Grind: can we finally admit that this turns off most players in New MMOs?

    When it comes to "Level Grind" in new released MMOs, can we finally admit that this turns off most players in New MMOs?

    Especially when your game is marketed as a huge PvP game with off the chart Faction vs Faction wars, yet its totally locked behind a Level gate that say 

    "Sorry, but you can not play this Faction vs Faction battle until you are level XYZ"....

    Now you start to look at each level as a force of labor , rather than a fun journey. Hence why this is the age of Power Grinding. 

    I will admit, when I was new to MMOs, and didnt know how the system of MMOs work, and all the Filler illusions, I thought levels were the coolest element. Then one day I reached the level I wanted, which was max, and played all the features I wanted to play, and realized that all that leveling and false pride of being a higher level than my friends, was just an illusion of filler, to keep me busy while developers make content.

    that may be a legit reason, but at max level I still enjoyed long periods of gameplay even though I wasnt leveling. So its not like Levels are the only way to do filler. 
  • what is the excitement in this?

    Spool1 said:
    Luckily New Dawn is going to change a lot of things from vanilla Darkfall. Basically this is how it goes. Ub3rGames is taking Darkfall 2012, and going back and making the changes Aventurine always made from the get go back in 07' when it was released. There will be proper territorial control through the new mechanics of Watchtowers throughout the entire map. Wars will be fought over these Watchtowers before cities and hamlets can be sieged, thus front lines will be formed and easily visible from the map. They are setting up the game to be a proper MMO again to which it will appeal to people other than just PVPers. They will be expanding vastly on their crafting and harvesting systems allowing for people to specialize heavily in them. The are expanding the economy of the game by giving regional goods, trading caravans and reason to move actual assets from one place to another other than simple "Trade Run" quests, so that  being a trader will be a profitable profession.There are some spectacular changes lined up for their new vision of Darkfall and you can read up on their overall roadmap of changes here,


    While on the other hand Darkfall: Rise of Agon (RoA) will be taking Darkfall 2012 as it was when the game was closed down and making minor changes to lesson the grind but overall keeping it a free for all arena without any fundamental changes. Basically they are just reviving the game for the few PvPers that stayed around prior to the shutdown of the original Darkfall servers. They are not really offering anything other than to get that nostalgia feeling back which is mainly what their community wants anyway.
    So New Dawn sounds a bit more interesting between the two choices. 
  • EmpireMUD - Why Can't MMOs Do Stuff Like This?

    Codician said:
    Link to EmpireMUD

    EmpireMUD's a MUD (text-based predecessor to MMO) based around founding and conquering an empire. It doesn't have a huge amount of players (because it's a MUD) but the feature set is very solid and it's pretty fun to play.

    Seriously, it's crazy how a single lone developer can make a huge empire building MUD in his spare time but MMO companies can't put together that isn't a pathetic rehash of decade old mechanics.

    Is it poor project management, lack of originality or just budget constraints? Why can't MMOs do anything along these lines?
    Because Books can do stuff that cant be done in Movies without looking choppy and just plain old shitty. 

    Tech gap dude. 
  • VR obsolete already?

    I want AR on Smartphones. Leave the VR to the home. 
  • World of Warcraft: SPECULATION: Wording Hints at F2P Future for Azeroth?

    WoW need a new life. They should make WoW 2, or at least start working on the next MMO project.
  • It's Time for the Souls Games to Take a Break - The RPG Files at MMORPG.com

    I believe the Souls genre is overhyped, and just overblown fad of sorts similar to Action Combat and Anti-Trinity has been in the MMO genre these last few years.
  • I have a question: How to certain games (wont say any names) get away with legally copying other gam

    I have a question: How to certain games get away with legally copying other game.

    Isnt there a level of Copyright protection and Trademark protection at play? So how do these other developers get away with copying without legal actions stopping them?