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  • Free Trial to Run From August 9- 30th - Shroud of the Avatar - MMORPG.com

    Who knows, maybe they'll harpoon another couple of whales.
    NildenblorpykinsaustinmawConvaelLeFantome3domxyzercrimeStoneRoseshasho83Talonsinand 3 others.
  • Blizzard is Censoring Professionally Written Critiques of the new Expan.

    It's OK, at over $5,000, they already got their money out of you and then some.

    You played HS for over a year against your better judgement?  Sounds like you're a pretty slow learner.  Who's really to blame here?
  • Game dead before it even started?

    Gruug said:
    I don't own the game so I have no inside information here. What I have seen in the YouTube vids I have been watching of the game (since the "final wipe") is that people don't understand the game. Seems that many people give up because they cannot figure out how to do things in game. Example, they can't figure out how to advance their skills or simple things like how to find quests. And I have to admit that the game does not hold a players hand in directing them to do anything. 

    On the other hand, there seems to be a good deal of content once you figure out how to get to it. I am still on the fence with purchasing the game but only because I am not currently buying any more alphas or early access games. 

    By the way, one of the reasons that this game does not appear to be doing well on Steam is because it looks like most people purchasing the game aren't doing it through Steam. One reason I have heard is that since the game does not allow more then one character per account, that Steam does not allow multiple accounts of the game. Therefore, many people are buying from other sources. At least that is what I have been told by non-Steam players.

    I'm a low-cost backer.  Trust me when I say, don't waste your money on this one.  It's an empty husk of a game.  Lord British lost his magic touch years ago, sadly.
  • Shockingly Awful Community And Community Management

    I hear you, man, but listen:  This game isn't worth getting upset over.  It's worth a laugh and a sigh, that's about it.
  • Shadow of War: WB games profiting from a dead developer?

    I mean, they could have done nothing at all.  How much are you guys sending to his family?
  • Dead and Gone: What shuttered MMO did you want to succeed the most?

    City of Heroes.  Nothing else as good as that for a superhero fix.  I didn't play it continuously during its lifetime, but I played it from launch and went back to it many times.  Just good, simple fun and a friendly player base.
  • Really quiet here, is this game stalled?

    Kyleran said:
    bentrim said:
    Its not stalled, just ANOTHER PVP game with a VERY limited audience. Keep making games for that 8% demographic you are targeting devs. Smart...since ALL of the same types of these games are doing SOOOO well.
    Er, perhaps you got lost? Saga of Lucima and Pantheon forums can be found --> for those more inclined to PVE.

    You are correct, this is an extraordinarily PVP focused MMO and always has been.

    In fact the narrow focus was supposed to help ensure a more rapid delivery cycle, but clearly that hasn't been the result.


    Oh man, can you imagine if they'd tried developing a full PvE game along with it, like DAoC had?  Beta 1 by 2027, maybe, if they'd gotten the funding to begin with.
  • Closed Beta 1 Finally Arrives on Monday, January 29th - Legends of Aria - MMORPG.com

    OhhPaigey said:
    I am totally uninterested in this game. We already seen Albion Online fail.

    Totally uninterested...Still takes the time to read and reply to posts about it!
  • Woah. / Quick Thoughts

    Play for six weeks, get back to us.
    Thats one thing I don't do , I tend to cycle through games, hence why I am putting BDO away cause I could feel the hook starting.  I want to do other things  like play disc golf and what not, and when I get hooked its literally gaine 50 pounds and feel like shit. 

    knowing how to manage an online game is essential to having fun with it. When the fun ends and it becomes work, that when it is time to take a break. 

    @Wizzy I disagree, the game is trying to build revenue for development without the backing of a big industry suit. I applaud  SotA for coming up with monetization that can fit various types of people. We ar enot all created equal in our wealth, so why would a singular revenue package (for a niche audeience) be the ideal way to maximize the totality of what the team can offer ? People need to get over pay to win mentality. It is a redundant arguemnt that really has no weight anymore in the current way indie devs are able to generate revenue. 

    Without the items that SoTA have, it would be stick figures and sprites. 

    in other news :D ,

    I put the game on my SSD and set the graphics to "good" and it is running pretty well now.

    Why even play an MMORPG, then?  They're games that tend to be long-term in scope.  How long do you play them, two weeks?  To each their own, I guess...
  • Kickstarter keeps being a poor fit for mmorpg development

    Axamander said:
    gervaise1 said:
    Kickstarters may be a bad fit - or not.

    However e.g. NCSoft with Carbine / Wildstar show that "big company" investment may not be the right fit either.
    At least Wildstar launched...How many kickstarter MMOs have even reached that point?
    Albion launched.  Shroud of the Avatar is advertising a launch date in 2 months.  

    I think you lack perspective.  Carbine started developing Wildstar's engine back in 2005 before they went with NCSoft for funding in 2007.  It did not launch until 2014.

    The posterchild for crowdfunding time to release complaints, Star Citizen, started in 2012.   CU started the same year but the others are all more recent.

    UO came out in 1997 starting the VC model MMO track record.  That is over 20 years ago.  WoW came out in 2004 and you can count the model's successes since then on one hand.   

    If crowdfunding is dead then publishers have decomposed completely.

    Albion launched, and is soulless shit.  SotA will probably launch soon, and is soulless shit.  Is that the best the Kickstarter MMOs have to offer so far?