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  • Secret World Legends - A Peek Behind the Curtain – Beta Preview - MMORPG.com

    "The Secret World is staying put, as is." This month, sure. There are pretty high chances for the same till the steamy launch as well. But after that... even the most optimistic fanboys estimate the closure somewhere along the year.

    "progression is deep but simplified" nope, just simplified :lol: 
    "many zones and quests have been reworked to give a more natural flow.",  "now you’ll actually pick a starting class",  "the 500+ abilities have been reduced to a modest but still beefy several 100+",  "you’ll also gain levels, ...  to help people feel a more constant sense of progression",  "Romain and Funcom want the game’s content to be more accessible" in short, it is dumbed down. Severely.

    "Dungeons for leveling have been reworked to be 3-player dungeons, and no set healer/dps/tank mechanics are necessarily forced anymore either."
    Remember all those polls and threads about dungeons, with comments about with all their faults on elsewhere, FC is really good with dungeons? Well, you can flush down 1/3 of those dungeons... at least they don't mess with AoC since years, maintenance mode has its perks apparently :lol: 

    "They were spending money on cosmetic items like crazy, but not on the content. So why should we keep charging for it?"
    The above are just remarks, this part is which I wanted to comment mainly, because I literally laughed out when saw it... PR and TiltySpeak on full momentum :smiley:
    Those ungrateful basterds, not spending money on content... hmm, what could be the reason for that, lemme think a bit.. oh yeah, because you haven't done barely any content since years?  Lol.
    Just check all those threads begging for more content and complaints that people can't spend their points on anything besides cosmetics.
    So when you (Tilty, not Bill :smiley: ) finally added the cobbled up Issue14 with refurbished animations, and the sales didn't cover the costs - because there were not enough players left after the content draught - you decided no more Issues to these ungrateful f.cks, let's kill off the game and relaunch it for those other guys who always badmouthed TSW over the years. Clever move, FC.

    "all content we’ve already made and all content going forward will be free for everyone"
    Translation, we barely made anything since 1.5 years, and we acknowledged multiple times that we haven't even started to work on Season 2. You will get the base game now, and then we slowly add the other half of the content into the game later.
    IF you will be good kids (i.e. will spend a lot), we will start to work on new content, maybe around Fall. But only if Legends won't be a massive flop. In that case you can screw yourself just like our former playerbase did. No content then, but that will be free.

    But hey, I'm glad you like it Bill. Honest. Maybe you can set up the Lawbreakers cabal there as well - at least when there will be cabals... Since not all cosmetics will transfer, maybe you could start to work on new mmorpg.com t-shirts, and also reinstate the Bill Murphy No Bad Pug trenchcoat too. Heck, that trenchcoat would be even more awesome in Legends, since there won't be any pugs at all, with the singleplayer focus :lol:
  • The 10 Best MMOs of 2017 - The List - MMORPG.com

    Rhygarth said:
    Lol the first 4 are not even MMO's :P
    Look from the other side, 4 on the list (out of 10) are at least MMOs, that's a good ratio to the genre for this year :smiley:
  • It IS a Survival Game -- It ISN'T an MMORPG - Conan Exiles - MMORPG.com

    Asm0deus said:
    Pve servers,,,great news! I am in.
    Bellomo said:
    PVP servers.. I'm in !!
    Ok, just to complete and finish the sequence:
    Solo mode on local, great news! I'm in!
    (I mean, will be in, right after they announce the non-steamy version)
  • MMORPG.com's Best of 2017 Awards - General Awards

    :+1:  to @cameltosis ; (except the Wildstar part, while may not be the most underrated, it surely has a rep far worse than it would deserve)

    Destiny 2 is NOT a hybrid mmo, neither a quasi mmo, nor an mmofps or any other made-up terms its fans try to staple onto it. Even if the list... errr and in here I'd :+1:  @Scot too, a "list" of 5, on 3 pages? :wink:  so even if the list is "General awards", and you really want to put it on there somewhere, then say the best pew pew (there were betters imo), or the best console port (no console ports are good), or anything you want, just not this hybrid mmo bullpoo. Thx. :smiley:
  • The 10 Best Story-Driven MMOs of All Time - The List - MMORPG.com

    Sure, different strokes to each... still, it's a very odd list, Bill :wink:
    GW2's living story is meh at most, ESO is just a watered down Skyrim (and mind you, Skyrim was the shittiest ES...), FF is nice but not as good as it was before (I'd put it somewhere in the middle, definitely not onto the 2nd place).

    Can only repeat what I said in the countless story-themed threads over the years, for me the first place is LotRO and TSW shared (LotRO for lore and writing, TSW for narrative and building).
    The rest without any particular order:
    some classes of the original SW:TOR (KotFE can go and jump into a sarlacc's pit),
    STO's main storyline episodes,
    AoC (a bit of a guilty pleasure, but the world building and NPC conversations are great, just as the ties to the lore),
    DCUO's main storyline, backed up with the one season of DCUO Legends comics,
    AO (what can I say, I'm a sucker for Ragnar's writing... :wink: )

    Edit: My bad, you had it as SWL :|
    Yeah... except they've wrecked it so much in Legends, that it's now filled with loopholes and stupidity. Sure, the source was so amazing that even with their fuck-up Legends could be on a list like this, somewhere at the back. Still better than GW2 for example :smiley:
  • Star Trek Online Questions

    Moirae said:
    And Eve and STO don't HAVE PvE (or rather, have it as an afterthought so it's not done nearly as well as their pvp).
    I know Gdemami is dishing out LOLs like there's no tomorrow ( :wink: ) but in this case I have to agree... afterthought? STO is all about PvE, at launch you couldn't even roll a Klingon before finishing the story with your SF... and Klingons were an afterthought for years, a smaller sector, much less story, starting at level 20, etc. They only got their level 1-20 content when Cryptic added Romulans into the mix.

    Funny thing is, with all modes counted, your precious TOR has more pvp than STO :smiley:
  • GOG Winter Sale

    Just a bump, there's a new giveaway during the sales, so go and grab your free Oxen.
    Or maybe Oxenfree.
    One of those two :sunglasses:
  • The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition - $19.99 on Steam

    Can't? Maybe you can, at least a little :wink:
    GoG has now (till Feb.20) a flash sale, accompanied with discounts all through the weekend. One of those discounted games is W3 GOTY.

    So, why would you "anchor" to gabe one of the flagships of drm-free games when you can buy it from GoG as well? :smiley:
  • What are the best movies/shows with good magic in them?

    I contrast this to LOTRO, where Gandalf pretty much sucks. I mean if he's such a wizard, why is he fighting with a sword. Yeah, he can stop that Balrog, but in other cases, the magic just sucks. He runs a lot for someone who is one of the most powerful wizards ever. I envision a wizard just kicking ass with impunity. Half the time, Gandalf just runs away. 
    As @Sovrath said above, magic in LotR is not working that way. Istari are not you cardboard-cutout, fireball juggling weirdos :wink:  That's why there was no "classic" magic class in LotRO (until they bowed to the demand, and added the widely hated lore-breaking rune-keepers).

    But those (both the LotR and the LotRO versions) would be off-topic, and a much lengthier discussion, so, for the question:

    Long ago, when there was still TSW and its community, there was a thread on its forum about less-known books, movies and tv series, which are great and suggested to those in love with TSW, the setting, the mood, etc.  Without that thread I'd have surely missed this following one (it was mainly mentioned due to Bertie Calver, as he is one of the voice actors in TSW):
    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.
    Really fun, and an interesting portrayal of magic. Plus a nice alternative version of the 19th century England, and TSW was all about the hidden things behind historical events :smiley:
  • Daddy of Light Coming to Netflix on September 1st - Final Fantasy XIV - MMORPG.com

    So it's something like https://youtu.be/WgvTgV5EoGY?t=1m21s ?