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  • Nostalgia for Vanilla - Will Blizzard Give In?

    WoW sub numbers are in a very significant decline.

    Imagine if Vanilla WoW proves to be more popular than the current version. It would be a major embarrassment for Blizzard.

    All the talk about lost code and crap is just bullshit. If 30 volunteers can get a high quality Vanilla  server running, Blizzard sure in the hell could
  • Old man: I won't play an RPG without permanent death

    Every RPG can have permadeath

    Just delete you character when you die
  • Star Wars Offers Fans a Platinum Light Saber for About $60 - Star Wars: The Old Republic -

    I'm hoping for Funcom to offer a Platinum Long Dong for Conan Exiles

    Phallus size means everything.

    No moralistic busybody'ing here.  
  • Shadow Of War: microtransactions!

    I was really looking forward to this game. It was a day one purchase for me, now... not so much. I might pick it up when its on a Steam sale, I might not. Will just have to wait and see.

    Now this crap is creeping into single player games. You can get everything through game play today... probably not so much tomorrow.

    Not really the type of business model I want to support.
  • (updated!) Authorities looking at regulating RNG as gambling

    laserit said:
    Sovrath said:
    laserit said:
    Gdemami said:
    MaxBacon said:
    Says who? 
    Any economics lesson taught at secondary school.... Heck, I bet some decent elementary school teach you that...

    MaxBacon said:
    All the items you get from a loot box are "legally" worth the money you spent so you **haven't** lost any money?
    You purchase a loot box at $5.
    Anything that is in the loot box has precisely same cost $5.
    Not all items in the loot box will have same value.

    Therefore no gambling.
    Economics 101 teaches me that pixel pants ain't worth jack shit.

    At least I can wipe my ass with the lottery ticket. 
    This is always a ridiculous argument.

    Pixels? really? What about the music you listen to? That's sound waves. Or a concert? You aren't really taking much home other than the experience. Maybe a shirt if you splurge.

    I streamed several movies last night. Paid for them. They were pixels.

    Anything that gives someone some sort of experience can be considered something that is worth money.

    So pixel pants are worth what someone is willing to pay for them or at least pay for the chance to get them.
    Nobody can take my music away.
    Just to add Sovrath

    It's the $RNG$ I have the problem with. If the item is 4sale I have no problem, not even with the price.

    When you buy a concert ticket you not buying a chance to see band A, B or C
  • Assassin's Creed Origins - The Rebirth of Assassin's Creed - The RPG Files -

    I've got a 4770k at stock speed with a gtx1080 running origins @ 2k with high+ settings.

    Rig doesn't break a sweat running over 60 frames.

    Beautiful game, definitely best in the series since AC2/Brotherhood. I'm really enjoying my time with it, could become my favorite in the series, love the changes.

    Ubisoft is also pawning the microtransaction crap but like most games of late, its easy enough to ignore.

    I'd give it a 8.5-9.0  I have a love for Open Worlds and the Ancient Egyptian setting. 
  • : General : MMOFTW - The Return! We're back!

    I hope there's many more to come :smile:
  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed.

    I spent $60 on SC back in 2013

    I've played around with v3.0 for about 6 hours in total.

    I'm heavy into flight sims.

    My rig used is an I7 7700k @4.96ghz, HT_on, GTX-1080TI, 64gigs of hi end Gskill ram Asus Maximus mb, SSD drives etc. etc.

    I've had very fluid and responsive frame rates with hiccups here and there, nothing game killing.

    Flight feels really good. Had to stop thinking like an airplane. Being able to exit my ship anywhere and float around in space is pretty cool. You can float onto asteroids, grab interactive objects and bring them back into your ship. Graphics are absolutely gorgeous.

    Have I ran into bugs? you bet. One of the biggest ones so far seems to be that I can't seem to find a way to enter my Hornet. My freelancer is just fine and very fun to fly.

    My thoughts

    I hope the road blocks are pretty much taken care of. There is a hell of a lot of work left to do. Developing moons is very easy compared to developing whole planets with live weather and atmosphere's.

    What I did experience was very good.

    There is definitely a fun game/sim in the making here.

    Having experienced the last almost 40 years of  desktop flight simulator evolution. I can appreciate the task and the time in development that SC has ahead of it.

    Do I regret spending the $60?


  • The Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars Collector’s Edition Review -

    Look what I got for christmas guys :)

    Eat your hearts out  >:)

  • The Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars Collector’s Edition Review -

    I'm still waiting for a limited edition Star Wars Soap on the Rope.