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Im computing since 1974 and there is still no end in sight.


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  • So i saw it for the very first time today.

    Beside of the technical issues, that are expected, i just found this game total ugly :/
    The animations look super asia, its a matter of taste i think.
    The colors are superpresent, there is colors everywhere lol.
    The UI is totally overcrowded with omg many crap.
    Mission dialogs take half a screen.
    Effects everywhere have hit me like a bat - bamm.

    The crumpy runnig game may be because of the high load and issues.

    Ill give it a second try tomorrow, but compared to my ArcheAge, BDO is a ugly mess of flashes and colors, lol ^^

    But nwm, have fun in the beta and enjoy the hype spike, thats always big fun :)

    Cheers ^^

  • Try again or it's going to be the same as before

    Bonejoker said:

    Hi. I was thinking about replaying AA on new servers.
    My question is on the subject of p2w. Does the game continue with the p2w system to be competitive? Can a player take more than 3 land to resell? .

    Those who play now have been affected because someone has lots of land and you do not find a place to be able to your first farm.
    Being level 55 fights of gvg, pvp or faction always dominate those who abuse by selling apex.

    I currently play Gw2 but I like archeage for the variety of things you can do. Fishing, trade, crafting has no comparison with Black desert which is the most similar to AA

    The game is over.
    Head on, even if there is nothing comparable out there.
    The damage that ArcheAge did to me, was far bigger then i thought.
    I literally stopped playing any mmorpg.
    On the one hand all other games are trash related to ArchAge, on the other they all focus milking instead of entertaining the player.

    The mmorpg industrie is broken by greed.

  • It's a bad game

    You dont do MMORPGs with the Hero engine.
  • Poll Now is the time to choose the best mmorpg right now.

    No idea why you people hate ArcheAge so mutch.

    To me it has still best grafix, works like a charm, and it has omfg everything.
    Housing and land ownage, borderless huge world, underwaterworld, endless crafting and questing and PvP'ing, raiding, fighting, fishing, growing, pets, mounts, flowers.
    I even have a skateboard and going towards my car :)
    You can fly Gliders, be a good or a bad charackter.
    It has a huge metagame due to politics, alliances, brotherhoods.
    There is even the church of RNGesus and its followers, so there is even ingame cults.
    Claim a Castle in a mass siege, or lose one.
    Make your guild a powerhouse, a farmers heaven, a RP tea-drinker carebear central - up2u ^^

    The only downer is, its not for the weak.
    Nontheless, even a squishy mind can survive in save zones.
    There is risk and lose and win and whine, hate, rage, crying, unity, community, there is the people.

    All the games you mention above have totally no freedom or maps full of zoning.
    There is no open world, no real second live.
    In ArcheAge you have more players on the map, then the client can render, whats 150 atm i think.

    We have Galleons, Tradeships, Fishingboats and Clippers, full equipable/twinkable, same with our pets, mounts, houses, lands and toons ofc.

    You all know, we can creststamp a lot of items in, on and around our houses/lands, giving it endless possibilities to style your character, your house, your ships and whatnot.

    Everything in the game can be bought by golds.
    We have the f2p, p2w, subscribtion, griefers and donators, all is here and you can manage to get  everything in the game for free.
    When you are on the sea, you never saw a more beautiful sunraise in any game, else tell me wich.

    I think you are all to squishy minded to stand in the archeaic age xD
    Why else would you hate it so mutch ?

    Archeage is the best game we have atm.
    It will be the best MMORPG until Star Citizen is going to come together.

    peace \m/

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    Im still mad that Trion/XL ruined ArcheAge, it was such a cool thing at Alpha ^^
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    We had that hope with ArcheAge, with Black Dessert and now this.
    Tell me, is there RNG ?
    If you answer with "yes, but.." then you accept that some other player is just better then you by luck, not by skill.
    Trion gave us a total different ArcheAge in the alpha and made us all hype apeshit.
    On release they had a game, that was the total opposite.

    Why should i ever trust a company again, putting my virtual fate and real lifetime into some greedy monsters hands again ?
    I dont care for some Euros here and there, but i want a sandboxgame without RNG in combat, in crafting or whatever, beside of lootrotation and a little RNG in the loot.
    RNG is a Troll, its evil and it only need is to make the gamecompany even more rich.

    Will there be a ingame shop ?
    Ofcause, and it will only have things to improve "quality of life" in the game.
    Sure, i belive in the sacred yellow strawberry ...