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  • Why the outrage...I'll cover everything.

    Ok, thanks for your opinion. If, after 3800+ posts, you still don't know the difference between opinion and fact there's only one thing to say: bye!

    Jean-Luc_PicardkitaradEpicJohnsonGdemamiKyleranTorvalDburna86waynejr2MightyUncleanPhryand 7 others.
  • Five Things MMO Gamers Should Stop Complaining About - The List at MMORPG.com

    Couldn't agree more Bill, although you knew damn well how some on this site would react. It only validates your points more though. I especially love all the "corrupt, shill, opinion" blablabla of those who think their opinion is fact and do not want to tolerate anything else.

    Keep up the good work, if it keeps certain people out, please keep writing these articles so they might actually shut the door behind them, instead of just threatening to do so time and again.

  • Blizzard's Shooter Levels Up to 10M Players

    Katilla said:
    Keep drinking that Kool-Aid Blizzard is handing out.
    Maybe it is just a really good game? Keep drinking that anti Blizzard juice that the bitter people keep handing out, nothing more horrible then being succesful, right?

    Also, dissing Blizzard? I thought the edgy and cool people had become more original than that by now...

  • Can the newer generation handle a slow dungeon crawler ?

    Difficult and slow are not the same, Dark Souls is a perfect example of this. Difficult? Yes please, slow? No thanks.

  • State of the Studio

    So.... many..... feelings....

    What a thread, how could I have missed it? Seriously though, all points to this company going through a rough time and they have shown little to ease the concerns.

    To all who think this place is made out of bitter haters, this isn't the first company or (concept of) a game going through this. Saying release at all is highly unlikely isn't hating on the game, it is what had happened before. Unless you call a game like Pathfinder Online an actual release instead of a giant, horrible mess.

    Also Kudos to @Slapshot1188 , he actually knows what he is talking about and is always critical but fair. I also know he doesn't consider crowdfunding a dirty word and has donated to several projects. He might come across a bit blunt but I'll take his word over some angry fanboys'.

  • State of the Studio

    Gdemami said:
    frostymug said:
    Is there any progress that can be quantified by a layperson?
    That is the crux here, there isn't.

    They are in early development which means all the works goes towards backend - a part you, as a user don't see. The fact that the game is very different in design and thus in development terms does not help much either.

    And when you add lack of technical/management savvyness, you get plenty of fuel for trolling...therefore threads like this one.
    Right, because they already built so much "back end" on SpatialOS.........oh wait. No they didn't.
    Back end, isn't that the part they talk out of? Because it seems very much in use  ;)

  • MHW is Capcom's Biggest Title Ever - Over 7.5M Units Shipped - Monster Hunter World - MMORPG.com

    Renoaku said:
    Wonder if it will be Pay 2 Enjoy or like Black Desert which has the best cash shop of all Korean MMORPG's?
    Huh? You don't need to spend a dime besides the box price, you get the full game.

    Also well deserved, what a beastly game, unbelievably brilliant.

  • State of the Studio

    I never feel sorry for consumers who expect special treatment.  You bought something that said no refund.  If you weren't 100% sure about spending the money you shouldn't of done it.  Maybe it's from working in sales for years, but I just don't have sympathy for this sort of thing.  

    If you REALLY want your money back, like I said in other threads, sell it on a third party site.
    I don’t want to turn this into a refund thread. But my perspective is that the agreement has 2 sides. The customer pays money and agrees to no refund. The company agrees to deliver a specific product by a particular time.  If the product changes significantly or the timeline (if it’s sold as 18 months and turns out to be 42 months for instance) then IMHO the company hasn’t lived up to their end of the agreement.  One side can not unilaterally change an agreement.   That’s not expecting special treatment.  That’s just basic fairness to me. 
    But by the nature of kickstarter you are essentially agreeing to donate the money. You are paying money for someone to make a product, not buying a product.

    IMO looking at kickstarter as preordering the game is totally missing the whole concept of what kickstarter is.  It was never a place that advertised itself as a place to buy shit. Or even a place used to fully fund anything.  It is used to "kickstart" someone's company and/or product.

    I would understand people screaming unethical if they pocketed the money, canceled the project 6 months later.  Or if they sat there and said "we guarantee you this product no later than".  They gave you an estimated delivery date. Even in the FAQ they something to the effect of "right now we are aiming for December 2017".  That's not exactly guaranteeing your product. They missed it.  They're still using the money to make the game.  If you didn't know what you were getting into, when you pledged that money, then that's on YOU for not doing thorough research on what kickstarter is.

    Spot on and something a lot of crowdfunding haters seem to forget, you are not buying a product. Couldn't agree more and with this mindset I haven't made ONE donation where I have felt robbed and I've made dozens. Well okay, The Repopulation comes close.

  • Steam Launch Day Coming on March 13th - Project Gorgon News

    Sour pusses, all of you!

    I say finally, kick ass game from a kick ass developer. Supported them twice and will get it on Steam asap.

  • Beheading Lets You Take a Skull Trophy from Your Fallen Enemy (Eww...) - Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    Scorchien said:

    Torval said:

    I think it's tasteless too as I do for UO or D2. At least in LotRO you're the epitome of evil and they're barter currency, not trophies.

    I don't mind violence in video games, but there is a line for me where glorifying brutal actions like this goes too far. Is the point to be as violent and horrible as possible, or is it to have a game of competition on the battlefield. This is actually the senseless violence that video games, movies, tv, and media accept that I think contributes to desensitizing people, draining our ability to empathize.

    So let me get this right , its ok to Burn alive , Eviscreate , Electricute,Smash skull , Cut Tendon,Incapcitate, Paralyze,Mangle,Hypnotize,Pierce Gut, Puncture Windpipe ,Devastate ,Blackjack,Maul,Drain Life, Cripple Body,Break Leg,Devourer Essence,Inflict Suffering,Leg Twist,Uppercut,Smash Orbital,Blind..................etc etc etc ..

    All in hi res animations , but we want to draw the line at cutting off a pixel head ... umm i dont get it
    It's akin to the difference between a movie showing someone being beheaded, and simply showing someone getting shot.  One is much more graphic to view, though both can end with death.
    I think the beheading in Crowfall will be a LOT less visceral than your average FPS or Mortal Kombat game. In these games it is about the violence, the gruesome, here it is "just" a gameplay mechanic.