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  • I really wish more people understand whats going on.

    There is no problem.
    You are just creating one thread like this after the other.

    You are like one of those insane preachers in parks who try to convince the audience that their insane view on the world is the only right one.
  • Costume Prices to Be Reduced from $32 to $29

    Let's be honest...
    At least we are all getting a good laugh from this.
  • Gaming Without Women - Your Day May Be a Bit Quieter Today - General News

    So it's women's day and to teach us a lesson someone created a "movement" where women will stay away today and that... includes games..

    All my games today were empty and I felt seriously humbled and realized that I took my female gamer friends for granted.

    But no seriously it's hard to take modern feminism serious if that's what they come up with.
    I don't care if my gamer friends are male or female as long as I like their characters.

    Why do feminists try so hard to create "us vs them" scenarios?
  • Blizzard Takes Aim, Closes Newly Opened TBC Private Server - World of Warcraft News

    I have been here long enough to know how this will end.
    A 20 page thread divided into:

    40% Blizzard sucks
    40% Blizzard is right
    20% All Games suck in general
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  • Chronciles of Elyria - Not Pay to Win

    Back in my first MMO days the definition for pay to win was to buy that weapon with epic stats to kill other players to conquer areas.

    Nowadays you skip the fighting part and buy the area directly.
  • Servers Taken Down to Roll Back to Pre-Update Status

    gw2fool said:
    This is no surprise to me I have been saying for years that they are a pack of imbeciles.
    So you have been saying it for years and now after the game is about to turn 4 years old they screwed up in a patch.

    The long wait is over. Your moment has finally come!
  • God-Mode Hack Possible, Daum and Pearl Abyss Reacting

    'We are aware of the situation and we will work hard to make things better.'

    I'm too old to believe this standard reply has any meaning.
  • Mom Claims Teen is a 'Scapegoat' When Sued by Epic Games for Cheating - Fortnite - MMORPG.com

    DMKano said:
    I hope Epic loses their ass on this.

    Going after cheater 3rd party sites like Blizzard did is the way to go.

    Going after end users - nope. Just ban them, legal action against users - especially minors is not ok with me.

    This is one reason why I dont support Epic and dont play their games - I will gladly spend my money elsewhere.

    Every game has cheaters, ban the cheaters, sue the cheater software makers.

    Picking a few users to sue "to set an exmple" and meanwhile there are 1000s of other people cheating on Fortnite who will nevef get sued - shitty publicity stunt.

    Epic - why not sue all cheaters? Like 1000s of em - at least do that and then I will take you seriously, because cherry picking a few is just cheap PR stunt.
    Then you also didn't read what happened.
    They banned him and his cheater videos and he in response sued them.

    If someone played my game and sued me cause I wouldn't let them cheat I would make their names public.

    And this is why they didn't "sue 1000s of em" - normal cheaters are at least smart enough to know when they got caught and lost.
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  • Legendary Drops Explained - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    Let's be honest... it's still better than the grind to get a Legendary in GW2. Though, I envy those who have done it there.
    But legendaries on GW2 are just optional prestige grind.
    The gear on WoW actually changes your performance a lot.
  • Shroud of the Avatar strikes again!!

    angus858 said:

    Such rage over a game.  I don't understand why it is so difficult to accept that others like something which you don't.  SotA has problems, to be sure.  Some are fixable, some might not be (like the constant loading screens).  Bottom line is that I play it because I enjoy it.  Having spent a grand total of $45 on SotA, I got my money's worth months ago.  People can try the next free trial and see for themselves.

    You managed to completely omit the problem that was being discussed here.

    Only the hardest and most dedicated fans can channel the tunnel view like this.