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  • anyone want to help me make an mmo?

    Just jump on Kickstarter, share your idea, ask for money and the rest will fall in place. Its been working so far, why change the formula now?
  • Vanguard

    VG audience left it in its prime because it was a buggy mess in its prime.
  • (updated!) Authorities looking at regulating RNG as gambling

    Do I think governments should step in? No. But at the same time companies like EA have become too freaking greedy and have brought the worst case on themselves(if this happens). This isn't a gamers fault or a group of naïve gamers that did this. Its the companies that have embraced this method that is to blame. If they have to pay extra, lose business or be heavily fined it is all on them. And rightfully deserved. 
  • Nintendo Awarded $12.76M in Copyright / Trademark Case - MMORPG.com News

    "King's company sold devices designed to circumvent Nintendo's console security to download and play unauthorized copies of its games."

    And Nintendo are the bad guys here? Am I missing something that Nintendo did to be at fault in this case?
  • The Lighthouse will be 'Discoverable' by All in Curse of Osiris - Destiny 2 News

    Breaking news, something is different in 2 than in 1! Sure to cause some random to complain that its not the same but if it was the same then they would complain anyways!
  • Like It or Not, Destiny 2 is Good for the MMO Genre - Bill Murphy at MMORPG.com

    Man people are getting way too technical.

    I wouldn't really call it a mmo either but lets face it, most mmos have gone the route of primarily single player quest line, group dungeons, 3-6 players, raids somewhere around 10ish. The list of games where the primary focus is group dungeons, large scale raids, group developed quest lines are slim to none. Sadly most MMOs operate the same way destiny does, just most are not shooters, story was just as lacking as most MMOs. So by todays standards based on what the majority of gamers wanted, destiny is a MMO.
  • Was all ready to pledge after the stream, then I looked at the pledge page...

    ragz45 said:

    I was ready to drop $100 after the stream today, thinking that it was a pretty decent pledge.  Then I look at the pledge page, and it's one of the lowest packages there is.  Packages range from 50, 100, 150, 250, 300, 500, 1k+.  This isn't really unusual among kickstarters, but what got me was what was offered at the different tiers, and then on top of that, what the most popular tier was.  $1,000 being the most popular pledge tier.

    For 1 grand or more, you don't even get a lifetime sub, you get 6 months.  Not only can I not help but wonder who's got a grand to drop on a game that's still in alpha, but I'm astounded by the fact that this is the most popular pledge tier.  Maybe I'm just old, but I can remember when you bought a game for $50-60  and then had a $15 sub on top of that, and that was all.  Now we're expected to drop a grand on a game that's still in development, in the hopes that we like the end product?

    I mean, assuming $15 a month for a sub, and a $60 box price.  It would take me 5 years to pay a grand in box+ sub fees.  And people are dropping a grand left and right on this game?  I really don't understand what gamer culture has come to if this is the case.  The microtransaction shops that infest games are bad enough (can remember when games supported themselves on subs alone), but this is just crazy.

    As much as I really enjoyed the stream, and really admire what Visionary Realms is doing, I would have to be insane to drop a grand on the game instead of putting that money in my child's college fund, or my own retirement fund.  I understand that VR is trying to make the game without having to cow down to suits telling them what to do, and that's why they are seeking crowdfunding, but at this point it just feels like rape.  Maybe if we got to see some dividend returns after the game is released and making money, making the pledges more of an investment in something you believe in.  But as it is now, it just feels like Brad and team are just going to be laughing all the way to the bank once the game is released.  

    And, yes I know, "If i don't like it, don't pledge".  But that's the real rub, I do like it, and I wanted to pledge something.  But at this point it feels like if i'm not pledging a grand, I may as well just not pledge at all.

    Sooo you like the game, want to pledge... But because other people are putting in more money you don't want to pledge anymore? Kind of confused by this really. If you like it, pledge what you want, if you don't, then you don't put money in. Ill be playing this at launch but wont pledge anything, just a personal choice, if I did decide to pledge I wouldn't be offended that someone else put up more money.
  • EverQuest II Review | Journeys Into Subterranean Norrath | MMORPG

    LOL! Lack of direction in a game where a glowing trail guides you right where you need to go and has everything marked for you. Sorry if you mean something else but if that doesn't direct you enough, I don't know what will.