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  • anyone want to help me make an mmo?

    Just jump on Kickstarter, share your idea, ask for money and the rest will fall in place. Its been working so far, why change the formula now?
  • Premium Currency to be Introduced in Early 2018 - Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    Not bad, on sale right now you can reserve a guild name for $40 then your guild can buy a palace for $7,000.

    I liked the sound of this game but all I see is cash shop crap everywhere, not saying its going to be bad cause I like the way it sounds but the signs for me are pointed straight to run away.
  • Reporting Black Desert Online Services to the Europen Comission

    these statements echo across all games. Each time a new class is released, each time a new patch is put out balancing a class or fixing a skill that was broken. There is always a vocal group that take their rage to the forums to protest getting destroyed. Most get irritated and log for some time then return, others rage in game. This group makes accounts across the gaming forumsphere to inform you about this unjustifiable ass kicking. This guy though is evolving! He is going to take this to the EU courts!!  
  • Pre-Alpha Equipment & Inventory Exploration - Chronicles of Elyria Videos - MMORPG.com

    Best part is that someone thought this would be good to show...

    Haha what do you know. In your other thread you said they didn't have anything to show! Well look at this will ya!! Next time keep your mouth shut!!

  • Is there a decent full loot PvP game currently?

    I love how every time someone asks for a pvp game we all get labeled as sociopaths, bullies, assholes and whatever else you can think of. Funny how it seems a little reversed to me.  I play pvp games because I enjoy the politics between the guilds/alliances. I play against other people who are active and want to fight, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. You are right there are people who like to pick of easy targets, you have guilds like goon squad who will zerg everyone to death. Most those players run off when people fight back, goons always leave once they cant zerg people down anymore.

    You cant get the rush of sieges from DF in a game like overwatch or pubg/fortnite. However you will get a better running game than you will ever find in DF :-)

  • Rumor: Daybreak Games in Talks for Possible Acquisition - MMORPG.com

    Tiller said:

    All I'm going to say is, Intrepid Kickstarted Ashes right? Buying the rights to the games and the IPs would be kinda expensive.  I mean, DC Universe alone... not even talking about it as a game but the IP, that could be a pretty penny. 

    Yeah, that's why I assume a bigger company may buy it up. Intrepid can't afford it, and since they have yet to publish Ashes, they aren't gonna get any investors on board.

    how do you kno what intrepid can and cannot afford? ? im confused.. if intrepid has enough to fund a 30million project (confirmed on ks) then why couldnt they afford to buy daybreak?  

    Because they could not afford a 30 mil project without a kickstarter? You cant exactly run a KS to buy a company, at least I don't think you can.

    Not saying they cant BUT...
  • What it means for virtual reality games to really arrive

    VR is being held back by devs right now. Its almost like the mmo market. Theres just a lot of reskins out there. VR hasn't changed much since I got the vive at launch. Sure there is one or 2 that stood out since but nothing really screams must have. There needs to be that blockbuster game that stands out. If there was a vive 2.0 that was released for 300 and had better features and whatnot I would not buy it simply because the games are really lacking.
    If gaming is all you were expecting to get out of VR then yes, I would understand this viewpoint (not all the games are really lacking by the way, as point out yourself) as money would be better spent on a gaming PC and plethora of AAA experiences. 

    What about the Go which is only $200 and just launched with over 1,000 apps?

    You can't get the kind of experience I mention in my first post ITT anywhere other than VR. Presence is the killer app. 
    Your right, presence is the X factor with VR. The experiences are really cool and interesting. However your point about a gaming pc is pretty off. If your using VR you are using a gaming pc. What is going to get people to buy VR? A really cool experience that last 3 minutes or a fantastic 60+ hour AAA game? 

    My point is VR really needs a big draw, not tech demos.

  • EverQuest II Review | Journeys Into Subterranean Norrath | MMORPG

    LOL! Lack of direction in a game where a glowing trail guides you right where you need to go and has everything marked for you. Sorry if you mean something else but if that doesn't direct you enough, I don't know what will.