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  • First-Ever Level 999 Player to Claim History-Making Find

    A life to replace the one he has so poorly wasted I hope
  • Game On #87 - Is No Man's Sky a Disappointment? - MMORPG.com News

    I really wish people would stop with the negativity and stop judging the game on what its not, and start judging on what it is. I am loving the game and am not alone.  I've been playing almost non stop since midnight on the 8th and am barely scratching the surface of the game so people that play it maybe an hour and feel they are qualified to pass any kind of judgement on the game are total and complete ignorant assholes. I can assure you I have more hours in game than any of the people reviewing this game and I am still finding new and interesting things every few hours. Maybe in a year or so I will feel qualified to actually review this game for its true value, but what I know for sure is that NONE of you will ever be qualified. 
  • The Division is Already Better Than Destiny - MMORPG.com News

    Disagree 100% Destiny at release is 10X the game Division is at release. At least Destiny gave me a month of content. Division gave me a week if even.
  • EverQuest "Next" = CANCELED. Bless Online = CANCELED. Lineage Eternal = Dev Team Replaced. COME ON!

    See that is the difference between AAA developers and kickstarter developers, when legitimate developers realize they can not deliver the game they promised they cancel the project and take the hit. When kickstarter developers realize, they lie, manipulate, and keep dragging it out to steal all the money they can. 

  • Big Changes Coming in 2.0.1 for Patrons, New Players & More - Secret World Legends - MMORPG.com

    The changes to fusion making it 1000-1500 aurum to do a fusion made me uninstall. I have spent $150 on it already and hope they choke to death on their greed.
  • Nice changes coming next patch (July 5th)

    Too late they had their chance, uninstalled and won't be back, You can't slap people with the outrageous blatant criminal greed they hit people with then suddenly be like ok all the whales are pissed and quitting so we will be reasonable now. So what just fuck the people who paid $20 each for epic fusions, now that we are changing the price? Yes so screw Funcom hope they all choke to death on their own disgusting greed.
  • Weekend DDoS & 'Ransom' Attack Shuts Down Servers - Albion Online - MMORPG.com

    More like we are CHEAP LYING SACKS like most game developers and did not buy enough hardware to support all of our sales and this weekend when EVERYONE logged to play at the same time our CHEAP as DIRT server farm collapsed under the load so like EVERY game developer that is a CHEAP POS LIAR we used the same old excuse as always we didn't poop in our pants someone else did. OMG we got DDOS attacked poor us feel sorry for us don't demand your money back because we are cheap lying sacks that should put out of business.

  • For the Un-hyped, A Wonderful Exploratory Experience - No Man's Sky Review

    I think what people seem to me overlooking is the sheer brilliance of the engine and coding.. A seamless nearly infinite universe in less than 6 GBs people!! That fact they have created something so expansive and massive in such a tiny package of code is the real success here. Stop and consider for a moment where these tools could lead. Seamless TRUE worlds to explore for traditional MMO's, picture this universe with Mass Effect story telling and graphics. You are not giving these guys credit for the sheer brilliance of the coding and that is the real story here.
  • Old EQ1 players, trace the decline of MMOs as you see it

    All the fault of World of Warcraft, before WoW, the gamer was generally the smartest person in the room every time. Geeks, nerds, the math and science wizards. Blizzard made gaming mainstream blitzkrieg marketing it to all walks of life, especially the stay at home mom's. Little known fact but WoW actually had a direct negative effect on daytime programming ratings, women turned off Oprah and their soap opera's and started buying computers and video games, Blizzard is directly responsible for women now being a larger market share of the video game industry than men. I will never forget my wife opening her Cosmopolitan magazine and WoW having a 4 page center spread, right there between make-up for date night, and how to tell if your man is cheating. Blizzard literately had WoW on EVERY talk show, late night show, sitcom, in every publication, on every prime-time network ad block. Blizzard were masters of promotion and marketing and flooded the industry with 30-40 year old stay at home mom's that were suddenly the center of attention of a crap ton of horny young 20-40 year old geeks, WoW was responsible for TONS of affairs and divorces, word quickly spread that online gaming was the place to meet guys that fawn over women. It was insane, the fights between friends over women was epic, it was definitely ho's before bros for those first few years as guys that had never had a girl even look at them before were suddenly in deep online relationships with hot horny milf's. That was the beginning of the end. 
  • Daybreak Games: Bring back Vanguard

    Bring back SWG