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  • First Impressions - TheHiveLeader - Divinity Original Sin 2 Videos - MMORPG.com

    I could not get past the terrible camera looking down on hollow looking characters with some line drawn around our character,i guess we need to know what player is our character...sigh.
    If this was 1990,i could see some interest but in 2017 it just looks like a cheap game.It looks more like a arpg setting and all the models look small to puny,barely visible overhead looks.

    To me this is something that belongs in the archives,an old game perhaps some play time if nothing better out there but luckily we have tons better out there.
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  • Kaplan Snarks Back at IGN Commentators - Overwatch Videos - MMORPG.com

    Makes me wonder why Kaplan actually thinks he is popular enough that we want to listen to him try to be smart?

    As to the OW game,Epic already did this whole idea 20 years ago "a little late there blizz" only OW is like the half assed effort.Difference being NO TOOLS,NO modding community,NO game engine editor,NO single player game,yeah a half assed effort.

    So they added heroes, a way over used theme by Blizzard but it supports a cash shop nicely.

    NOBODY at Blizzard seems to know how to generate really good pvp maps,like pro rated maps nor do they have the proper ful array in the design to support the best possible pvp,just heroes and average maps.

    IF OW allowed all skills to be available to each player,it would have improved the game 25% but you can't support a cash shop that way,,good job Blizzard,marketing 101,hope you pay your marketing team big dollars to do the obvious lol, but your game is sub par.

    Bottom line,good thing they pay you the big bucks Kaplan because w/o the Blizzard brand behind you,you would be seeking employment elsewhere.
  • Half a Million Plus Copies Sold

    Geesh i had a brain cramp for about 15 seconds,forgot what the term ARPG stood for ,then as i was loading up some you tube  vids i remembered "oh yeah SPAM gaming" and quickly turned it off.

    This type of game imo is just super cheap crap gaming and has NO EXCUSE for not adding more to it's game.There is no reason they can't change up the spammy combat,no reason they can't add new types of content rather than just a BUILD game full of spam.

    It is like this genre took FFX's sphere grid and removed the entire rest of the game for a few maps of meaningless wandering just looking for things to spam kill.

    The "interest" which is the build,also gets old rather fast,at least for me,i can't imagine how people can play this over and over or for more than say a few weeks.It is also unlike the mmorpg genre a genre that is basically locked into it's simple design,not likely to see anyone else do anyting different,so EVERY single game becomes same old new skin,the same complaint we have for Wow clones.
  • Alleged Perpetrator of Call of Duty WWII 'Swatting' Death Indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter - M

    So what about the cop who did not follow orders and shot the guy?Like that cop pulled his gun and killed a guy for NO REASON,he should be in jail more so than the guy who faked the call.

    The last poster "emergency situations"there was NO Emergency and it was apparently NOT assessed on the scene either,this cop obviously assessed it BEFORE he knew anything and had already drawn a conclusion before he got there that he would pull his gun in rogue fashion.

    Also obvious is that no,not every cop who shoots someone is guilty or a bad cop,in this case,100% he is a bad cop,i would not want a cop in my neighborhood that pulls his gun that easily.I know cops personally,i have 3 family members who are cops,my grandfather was the chief of police,i also played hockey with them for 5 years and drank at the bar with them afterwards.What i saw,learned is that cops are not special ,there are some really good people and some really bad apples and hiring is NOT done with any realistic criteria and most often just family and friends get hired.
    If i was to pull out a number based on the cops i know/knew,i would say about 10-15% should no way in hell ever be allowed to carry a gun,extremely violent people who would beat you to a pulp just for looking at them wrong.So there is obviously terrible systems in place in monitoring cops and their behavior and the unions that stand behind them are basically above the law.
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  • Epic to Close Paragon on April 26th - Paragon - MMORPG.com

    Well i can see anger towards Epic,Paragon is a better game than the rest of it's competitor's but people go for the popularity vote.
    So you can thank all those people playing the lesser quality ones for ruining any chance Paragon had.

    Even Fortnite is not Fortnite anymore,it has become just a PUBG,same thing H1Z1 became,very low end shallow gaming.IDk the lure to these crappier games,i truly believe being able to find cheats so easily is driving a lot of these games.
    Pvp is a lot like real life sports,a long lost art,now a days everyone is looking to cheat some system instead of earning their way.
  • Chris Metzen Publishes Children's Book Called 'Snow Fight: A WarCraft Tale' - World of Warcraft - MM

    He is so good he needs to pay a license fee to Blizzard to use their IP.This is typical of gaming now a days ,using popular IP brands to make sales and not on merit of the product.Also aiming for that all elusive kids market is also weak,kids are not buying this so foolish spending parents are buying it why?Do they really feel there is a need,their child should really have this Warcraft book?

    But this is what Blizzard and businesses do,they market their products the best way they can and aim for a market they feel they can easily target.

    Metzen's portfolio..Warcraft,yeah aside from bad game design the universe is pretty good.
    Diablo..nope total trash,just an overall very cheap game design.However cheap the entire product is i will admit some of the atmosphere in the zones is well done.
    Starcraft really bad,nothing there at all for universe/scripts.

    So this guy did a good job on 1/3,nothing to brag about and if not being part of Blizzard nobody would care.

    Is it NEWS worthy,well if you think some guy selling a book,targeting the kids market is good,then perhaps,personally not news worthy on a gaming site but yeah he is exploiting the Warcraft brand so it needs to be out there in the Blizzard community.

  • SWTOR is Alive & Kicking - Updated Roadmap Coming in February - Star Wars: The Old Republic - MMORPG

    I would say the charts are showing the game is doing badly,like worth shutting down kind of badly.

    So this is just an advertising push and whatever 6.0 is,likely very meaningless content or effort.

    Even when they spent the 200mil ,i thought the game showed a big time lack of effort and whomever was in charge of the combat systems,knows nothing about good combat.

    They first need to understand how to make an MMO,instead of a single player game with a login screen.
  • Cook, Kill, Craft, Repeat - Monster Hunter World Review - MMORPG.com

    There is a certain simplistic beauty to the game that lends a charm rarely found in games today.
    Awesome game.
    No i feel it is just like the Dinosaur intrigue,people see a large creature and get all excited.The game is imo severely lacking,all i keep seeing in twitch is people talking about the RANK of monsters they are fighting and that is typically the shallow lure i see in most games and gamer's the past few years.

    Gaming should be first and foremost FUN,i should NEVER see or talk about my level or rank,if i am ,then the game is taking a backseat.
    Besides,any game that uses somersaults is so far off my list ,i would launch it to the moon wrapped in 2 nuclear warheads.I don't want to see gymnastics in my games it looks very silly.

  • Four Cards to be Nerfed Heavily in Next Month's Update - Hearthstone News

    I really am sick of Blizzard and the many fanbois who kiss Blizzard's ass because they are brainwashed by Esport streamers who are profiting from the game.

    99% of the player base cannot think for themselves,if some streamer says something,they all buy into it.
    Do you honestly think some streamer that is making a living off of Heartshtone is ever going to say anything bad about it?This would be like assuming Bill or any other employee here would openly say anything bad about their employer,NOT happening ever.

    Blizzard often doesn't NERF,they make some cards so bad they are completely removed from game play.

    I just talked about this nerfing a couple days ago,people spend loads of money to attain complete meta decks so they can compete then the nerfs come in and all that money is wasted.

    Well i am not supporting Blizzard anymore,i tire of their lazy approach to NOT fix the game or add anything meaningful to the game,instead they add cards for sale and a few Avatar pictures for sale.
    get the picture??>>$$$$ they care very little about quality of their games and more about ways to lure in spending.

    For those that don't "get it"it's not the cards that are the problem,it's the game design>>NON interactive.
  • Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Nearing According to Brief Post - MMORPG.com News

    You can't simply flag players to group after designing the entire game for single player.So unless they are rebuilding the entire game which i highly doubt,this is a dumb idea.Then again 90% of the MMOS are solo games with nothing more than a login screen and FAKE grouping so not like i expect a low budget game to figure it out either.
    I have long stated that login screens are only there to support cash shops,so let's see,i expect cash shops incoming.