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  • Star Citizen Wins Prestigious "Worst MMO Business Model Of 2017" Award

    Funny that by its own definition since the start of the project Star Citizen is NOT an MMO. Making that MMORPG vote somewhat futile. 

    Have fun
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  • Why Derek Smart is right about Star Citizen - His facts and why SC is likely to fail

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  • Star Citizen Wins Prestigious "Worst MMO Business Model Of 2017" Award

    sgel said:
    Erillion said:
    Funny that by its own definition since the start of the project Star Citizen is NOT an MMO. Making that MMORPG vote somewhat futile. 

    Have fun
    What a terrible attempt at mental gymnastics :)
    What a terrible attempt at clickbait by Massively.

    @rpmcmurphy >>> Clearly it now intends to be an MMO. >>

    No it does not. And has never claimed to be an MMO. A personal interpretation of yours.

    >>>>Just because the original intention was not for a full blown MMO does not mean the same is true today, as you well know. >>>

    It has never changed since Kickstarter. If it has, please point out the relevant links to official statements.  I think i have a somewhat good understanding of official announcements and cannot remember when Star Citizen has officially been named an MMO.

    As i know you (and I) also have an interest in Elite:Dangerous ... i would also not call E:D an MMO. There is nothing massively about E:D.  By its very design principle of peer-to-peer that limits the instance size. SC has the potential to one day become a massively multiplayer game, more so than E:D unless E:D has a monumental change in its underlying structure. But at the moment SC is not there yet.

    >>>> People vote about  >>>

    ... the choices that are given to them. And if you are offering them a game that is BOTH not an MMO and also a crowdfunding project that relies on voluntary pledges .... then add some BOOs and HISSes by the staff for clickbait value ... without explaining the underlying principles and differences of a crowdfunding project in contrast to normal MMO business models ....

    THEN you get a vote that i personally consider biased and futile.

    Have fun
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  • Chris Roberts Responds to Recent Allegations | Star Citizen | MMORPG.com

    Hmm, Escapist article:

    hired a linguist --> Stretch Goal (seems like Chris Roberts is doing what we pay him for)
    Grade A voice acting --> Stretch Goal
    Grade A mocap --> Strech Goal
    Celebrity voice acting --> Stretch Goal
    CIG Montreal --> Huh ? There is no CIG Montreal.
    Money for Mansion --> see Chris Roberts answer (IMHO since Wing Commander and selling gaming studios Chris Roberts has enough money to pay rent ;-)
    Turbulent --> see Chris Roberts answer
    Austin --> see Chris Roberts answer
    Last "ship commercial" --> a year ago
    Used company equipment for movie --> already explained in detail by Sandi Gardiner and not as described

    The HR stuff is a bit fishy, but its hard to access without data from primary sources.

    Judging from Chris Roberts answer the Escapist has done a bad job in giving both sides a chance to answer. Click-bait much ?

    Have fun
  • Wait what did he just say?

    Brenics said:
    Why I do believe he did!


    I think some people owe Derek Smart and apology!

    He just said DS was right all along!

    >>> "Wait, what did he just say ?" >>>

    THAT did he say:


    "....So that’s definitely the case. You can go around Covalex Shipping Hub now, there are definitely floating items that are all region entities that you can push around. There’s been some pretty cool videos made, but one video was taking the noodle dispenser machine and pushing it out loading it into a Constellation and flying back to Port Olisar which was pretty awesome! So essentially yes absolutely. We actually had more in Crusader originally when we were developing and we took some of them out. Mainly because we still got to work on the, now working for all these rigid entities to be efficient so they’re not always sending messages.

    Basically if a cup is sitting on this table and it’s not moving there’s no reason for it say “update” there’s no reason for it to do anything over the network. CryEngine doesn’t really work that way so we’ve been spending a lot of time and we still are spending a lot of time trying to fix and refactor that. You’re sort of seeing problems that come with the CryEngine old way of doing things. Cause really it was built as a single player game so a lot of the updating is player centric but the problem we have is so for instance if there’s sixteen players on the Crusader map and they all go to different comms arrays well they’re all triggering different AI in different spots on the server and it’s running all these AI and then it’s also telling every single client what all these AI are doing but i’m flying around and i’m at comm array A over here and someone’s at comm array B over there, I don’t really need to know what’s happening in comm array B, I just need to know what’s happening in my area.

    So we have to refactor the updating of the object and also the network messaging to it’s more specific to what people’s view is and that’s ongoing sort of network task we have and part of that is going to have a more efficient network version for simple rigid bodies so you can have the cups on the table and you can have more props around. The idea would be to physicalise chairs, props like that so you can push them around or whatever. If you’re flying in your ship and the gravity goes off and you haven’t bolted things down they could float and all the rest of the stuff. That is definitely our goal and you will see more of that as time goes on.  "

    By your timp stamp you are referring to this :
    "You’re sort of seeing problems that come with the CryEngine ...."

    But you seem to forget about the second part of the sentence
    "...old way of doing things."
    Operative word here being "OLD". The stock unmodified old version of the CryEngine.

    >>>> He just said DS was right all along! >>>>
    Selective perception is one way of seeing the universe. You seem to have an interesting augmented reality filter in place.

    Have fun

  • PcInvasion chimes in about the removal of production schedule dates

    >>> As for Squadron 42? Well, that could be next year, in two years time, or when we’re flying our own real spaceships. >>>

    Yep, a true journalistic masterpiece.

    Have fun
  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    "....However, the game is in alpha, and the only sin the team behind it has committed is being overzealous when it comes to giving projected release dates. Star Citizen hasn't ever claimed to be anything but an alpha, and anyone expecting more than that is setting themselves up for failure. ..."

    "....Expecting a full, bug-free version of a game that purports itself as a work-in-progress is preposterous, and I'm not sure what people are expecting out of it...."

    "....Well, games take time to develop, and you can bet that if you tried to play a game that took a while to produce, like Final Fantasy XV, at the halfway mark, it would be a stuttery, broken mess....."

    "... keep in mind this is an unfinished alpha and temper your expectations accordingly. .."

    Have fun

  • Backers got a tech demo and cake

    Backers got much much more.

    Read the convention thread. Watch the video as soon as they upload it on YouTube.

    What @TalulaRose completely forgets to mention is all the tools they have shown. These tools will speed up the creative process by magnitudes.

    Imagine you use a developer tool that looks like SimCity 1 for C64. And 4 minutes later you get a Bladerunner 1 style movie moment as you cruise through the city you just created, in high visual detail, with lots of particle effects, traffic, industry at work etc.

    Have fun
  • New Program Lets You Buy Land to do with 'As You See Fit' - Star Citizen News

    Just a reality check :

    First - no one forces anyone to get a Land Claim NOW for real world money unless you want to support the crowdfunding. They will be available in game for in game money too. Like everything else.

    Second - no, the prime building spots will NOT be gone in a second once the game launches. Just do the math ! Areas around POIs will be no build zones, like in SWG.

    You consider a 4x4 km or 8 x 8 km area large compared to the size of a planet or moon ?

    Let me help you.

    Earth .. diameter 12756 km ... Surface Area of Earth ... pi times Diameter squared ... You could have 7.983.231 such 8 x 8 km land claims ... on ONE planet alone.

    About 8 million possible spaces on one planet alone. The plan is for 100 systems with XX planets and YYY moons (in total : hundreds of planetary bodies). So we are looking at 1 billion+ possible land claims.

    Third - player owned spaces in orbit and on the ground is one of the stretch goals.

    Fourth - land claims per account is limited to 10

    See FAQ

    There is also a video explaining it.

    As the "Pioneer" is able to build player bases and a lot of (modular) bases have already been shown, they DO sell houses.
    And they have been selling furniture ever since the Hangar module was released e.g. the Workbench https://robertsspaceindustries.com/voyager-direct/Hangar-Decorations/Workbench In a way the Hangar IS a kind of player housing already.

    One thing is sure - it got SC again quite a bit of online visbility (and a big boost in funding).

    Have fun
  • Another lawsuit but this time it is personal

    I now had time to watch the video more closely.

    My personal assessment:

    following a pre-written script
    using a lot of little rhetorical tricks, like intermissions and way of speaking
    using trigger words (coffee machine, space door, sports car etc.) and phrases from well known internet figures for recognition value

    The intentionally controversial video title (chosen by himself BTW) is another not so subtle psyops attempt to gain clicks and extreme reactions.

    Have fun 

    And can someone PLEASE show the guy behind the camera how to bring something into focus ?!! Something that every cheap camera automatically can do these days.