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Darkfall: Rise of Agon
  • New Dawn & Rise of Agon Side-By-Side Interview

    So glad Darkfall is coming back, Best mmorpg ever created.

    I do find it funny that the same people who complain about all the WoW clones and genre being limited to just that, Talk so much trash on games that are actually different.
    It blows my mind, and is hilarious.
    Make up your mind want something different? or more of the same?
  • MMO with procedurally generated world and healthy population

    jimMMO said:

    hello internet,

    i am looking for a game with procedurally generated worlds.


    • MMO with healthy pop / player base

    • big servers. not small player hosted servers.

    • pvp

    • you can actually play this game right now. so it is not in pre-alpha technical preview, concept letter written on a piece of paper - state.

    i tried elite dangerous about a year ago but this game was procedurally generated boredom. you also cannot have more than 31 players in your "multiplayer instance".

    the idea of no mans sky is great but this game is single player, sadly.

    i cannot stand the look of minecraft otherwise i would give this game a try.

    the game "Forsaken Legends" looks very promising but its in very early development.

    thanks guys!

    Pretty much your only option is https://darkfallriseofagon.com/
  • Darkfall online is coming abck. Are you coming back?

  • Darkfall: Rise of Agon Awarded Licensing for Development - MMORPG.com News

    Point blank, Darkfall is the only game on the market worth spending a penny on.
    Nothing on the market is different but Darkfall.
    Archage, Black Desert, Blade and Soul, Tera, Ect are just WoW with a altered targetting hub (Not really twitch) when you remove that "UI Effect/Graphic" you have just another WoW clone, Everything outside of that box are just direct WoW clones with no alteration.

    Bottom line Id rather dump cash into a maybe seeing as its the only unique game on the market (in the near future) so id rather "waste" money on a product i will enjoy that is different and cutting edge, rather then shoveling more cash to these games that are just blatant copys of WoW with no backbone, longevity, Inspiration, or soul at all.
  • Release Road Map And Pricing Structure Revealed

    alf2ooo said:

    Ikisis said:

    alf2ooo said:

    exile01 said:

    lel founder packs for a 3y old game.

    7 years old game to be fair

    Sad that in all these years there's still only Themepark/WoW Clone's to choose from.

    Yeah I agree, but it doesn't make a founding campaign of a 7 years game any less ridiculous.
    It really doesnt, it isnt like AV gave them a fully functioning game, they have them pieces they need to fix and rebuild major parts. Plus they will continue development of the 2012 content that was never released.
    (AV were a lazy company they made the only mmorpg worth paying for or playing on the market, then didnt support it/fix it at all) Now they handed off the rubble to 2 Development companys that are fully made up of Darkfall Online fan's.

    You name 1 other game that was so inspiring, addictive, and has such a massive cult following that even 1 group of fans got together to make a company to bring it back (Not a EMU)?

    Yeah you cant, because everything on the market is complete Trash and has been since before 2009.