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  • Horrible game/ 8.6 rating is fake > 3.8 would be appropriate

    i just played this stuttering , horrible looking game with the worst GUI possible for 1 whole day and just had the best feeling about this game when i removed it from my computer :dizzy:

    OMG! how can someone enjoy this ? truly ?

    I played a Tamer girly child character which i truly hated because there was no male version of this class to level 20 just to see how the pets are. Once i had this black animal i removed the game from my computer....

    Nothing in this game really works smooth. 

    The whole time i was playing i had a bad feeling about the stupid overbright and salad like grafic engine...

    run run run auto run.... from quest to quest.

    The Camera doest have a Auto-behind function which forced me to correct it manually all the time while running....

    Maybe Asians like this kind of game but i regret every second i wasted on this crap.

    48GB downloaded for nothing but a horrible experience.......

    (if there are some fanbois starting to bash me here,  please dont trust them if you havent played this game yet, they are fake like the 8.6 rating is)
  • Old TSW is way better than SWL.. sorry but thats a fact...

    >> The "new" updated so called "modern" Skill system is horrible
    >> 50% of powers and build flexibility just castrated (OMG!) 
    >> No loot on Kills is simply de-motivating.. its so stupid to get no loot of kills.. i cant find words for it
    >> no more reason to play for players that love to grind and collect loot

    The only good thing about SWL is Auto Targeting on HUD honestly...

    There is no reason for me to play SWL over TSW 

    I think Funcom hit the "kill" button for both versions with SWL since TSW players move to SWL , hate it and never go back.....

    Funcoms marketing people and leaders do everything wrong since Anarchy online and Age of Conan...  

    Its a pain to watch how they destroy the good work of the Grafic and Story designers over and over again on every game they have..

    No Thnx Funcom.... nice you tried but i go back to TSW until you shut it down then move on..
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  • "People are angry about what's at the center of No Man's Sky's galaxy"[SPOILER]

    best review on NMS
  • Worst release since Anarchy Online 2001.. Its a shame Hello Games

    DarLorkar said:
    Goromhir said:
    what a piece of impudence by Hello Games to release this unfinished beta game just to make some cash finally.

    They should be ashamed !

    Stutter, Memory leaks , Bugs Bugs , Crashes here and everywhere...

    obviously paid people to post positive reviews everywhere on the interenet..

    The truth is that only a few lucky persons can play this game without problems.

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is what these 15 developers wanted after creating Hype around this planet...
    Shame on you guys !

    you were lieing about Multiplayer too , other players wont be visible ? So whats the point ???

    This is really unbelievable....  this whole game release is a mess

    so glad i was smart enough and tested this game for "free" and saved my hard earned $60
    You obviously were not there at the launch of AO if you think this compares to that. There was NO playing AO for days, for anyone.

    This is a rough launch for some systems, but not all. It is just certain systems and vid cards that have the can not play at all.

    Myself, no issues at all. Lot of others it is the same play for hours and no problems. So it is for sure limited to certain PC builds/vid/cpu types that have bad issues.

    But i was there in AO at launch...i could not play at all for over a week. This is smooth as silk in comparison to that mess. I feel for those that are having issues...but really way over the top in your comparison here.:)  
    i am not sure what exactly you want to prove but, if you have no problems then my congratulations you are one of thousands. maybe your a employee of Hello Games.... i dont know if i can trust anyone that claims NMS is running on their computers....

    i was playing at AO launch and i think i never again had to reconnect to a game so often in one night.

    DAOC was almost a similar mess. And yes i was there too at release day..

    yea i think i dont trust people claiming this game is working perfect for them..... 

  • Horrible game/ 8.6 rating is fake > 3.8 would be appropriate

    About the 10 LOL´s on my OP. I feel sorry for you people :D 
    To like and even defend such a bad trashy game does not put you guys into shining light position
    Did you even try another game but Black Desert ever ?
    I cant explain how people can fight and defend this game.
    Maybe some are employee´s of the game company...
    i dont know..
  • Horrible game/ 8.6 rating is fake > 3.8 would be appropriate

    kitarad said:
    Did you try to do any of the trading between areas. Have you managed to hire any workers and started doing any of the crafting. Have you tried to breed horses. Have you started .... you know what I won't bother. 
    you must be kidding me right ??? Why should i try anything else ????
    This game is horrible
    I dont want to trade or hire anything :D

    The basic functions of this game like combat, movement, GUI and grafic settings are already so bad that i dont even want to spend 5 mins more on it.

  • Horrible game/ 8.6 rating is fake > 3.8 would be appropriate

    I am just mad about myself that i wasnt here on the forums before i downloaded 48GB....
    4 hours download and i expected an awesome game.....
    what i got was not even worth 5 mins of download.

    Even Drakensang online is better..

  • Simple Ideas to get SWTOR´s Combat System out of Stoneage >

    Setzer said:
    Uh...no thanks.

    If you want an MMO with twitch-based combat then go play Terra, Guild Wars 2 or ESO. Tab Targeting may be old but I think it works best for MMO's and it works well in SWTOR.
    Dont tell me where to go or what to play if i am a Star Wars fan and this is the only game for it, consider that.

    If there was a better more modern Star Wars game i would not be the only one that  moves to that.

    Instead of bringing more and more content and level cap increases BW could put some resources into modernizing their Combat System to a modern 2016 style game.

    I sadly expect nothing but the continuing "LETS MILK THIS COW" strategy......
  • Worst release since Anarchy Online 2001.. Its a shame Hello Games



    thats all you need to check before buying.

    mostly "Not recommended" by the people

    companies are sending out their employees to sites like this to do positive votes an give positive comments on their bad working games like for ex. NMS. it has always been like this.

    Also DAOC in 2001 had a bad launch, people went link dead every few minutes while playing for weeks after launch me and my friends included. The game was so addictive and fun that we just dealt with the link deads.
    Radar cheaters appeared and Mythic entertainment was clueless how to react and detect them.

    As i said, dont trust these super positive people here, they are possibly not normal players like you or me....

  • City of Heroes Statesman Lives Again & Closed Beta Dated - MXM: Master X Master - MMORPG.com

    Bring back City of Heroes and you have my wife, me and my 2 kids paying instantly....
    Anything else is nice but not COH
    This game doesnt bother any of us....