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To all developers of MMORPGs and anyone interested in developing a MMO/MOVW please that a moment to look this over. If you know someone that wants to make a game with a low budget like, free tools and free engine, let them know this one is available as an option. I been programming for 41 years and want a challenge since retiring in 2017. I decided to put some efforts into making the Multiverse engine a working model with today’s technology. Keep in mind this is not my work! It is the work of a professional team from Multiverse Software Foundation. I am just making improvements to it and streamlining it to make it a little better and easier to make it functional. I put together a few videos on how to use the Multiverse Engine and here is the link to the GitHub page to get yourself this unique engine if you want to make a massive world. I am going to step you through the process and explain how the engine works, make a massive sized game world, put in in the engine editor, set up a server so I can login and play a little demo. Future videos will explore the massive world a little and do some tasks I am designing. I am currently doing a higher detailed terrain which will take a while to get completed. https://github.com/dmacka/MultiverseClientServer It may surprise you at its capabilities even with DX9. I’m still active in reworking phase of the client but no real roadmap as it’s just my hobby game engine and game I am making for kicks and giggles. It’s not serious game just a few experiments I want to try out. My game code will not be made available just the engine and client.  I waited until I had the server and client completely functional from a scratch install because it has been a long time since I worked on this and had to do a lot of research on getting it to work correctly. (I changed the client to much at once and had to fix a lot of things I broke for one thing.) Also, had configuration mess up since I did the original in 2017. However, if there is interest I may be more active in getting the client up to modern day graphics like DX12. More editor and graphic capabilities and better terrain editing.  I don’t do any talking in these videos because I don’t have a microphone or camera since I am almost deaf. I can hear sound so my videos have music with subtitles. 😊 If you don’t like the music turn it off.  The tutorials are to help you if you decide to build a game.  In the first video I explain the uniqueness of the engine and cover a few features that make it unique to all game engines. Licensed under MIT it is 100% free open source.   In the second video I step you through making a massive world 524 KM square (16 giga-pixel) which is 1/8 the limitations of world size. I also cover making the smaller version (32 KM square) for Unreal Engine. It the third video I show you how to put the 16 giga-pixel terrain in the engine. In the fourth video I discuss terrain detail and LOD in relation to distance. In the fifth video I show you how to take the smaller terrain and expand it with more detail in which I take the 32KM model and expand it to 128KM model with 4 meter division. In the sixth video I show you how to install the server and get the basic system fired up. I will update more videos in the future on programming my game as it develops.  


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